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  1. One day after the clocks changed and the Met have asked for some more money in the pot. Holiday season is approaching fast.
  2. My old primary school used to make a few bob every winter selling luminous school bags and armbands to the pupils. No such thing as a school run in those days, almost every child walked unaccompanied to and from school.
  3. The whole card has been pretty underwhelming.
  4. Not YouTube but very cool. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYCqCkGE/
  5. Can’t find the clip where the soccerette stands up and accidentally flashes that she has no pants on.
  6. Looks like she might be up for grabs soon. Few of the fanboys on here might be looking to get their hole..
  7. Jail the pair of them.. (she can share a cell with miss Bryson).
  8. No wonder Paul McCartney is loaded when he keeps getting free handouts.
  9. Yoka is a joka. Utterly pathetic for a pro fighter. Get another job ya dumpling!
  10. Like I said Tam, never heard anything about it again. Guy that committed the crime is now long deid so think it might be a case closed situation now. (Was mental and totally unbelievable at the time)
  11. I was the only independent witness to an absolutely brutal assault on a police officer. I was listed as the main witness.I never went to court on the day of the trial. Never heard feck all about it again.#not a grass.
  12. For someone who never had a single booking in his football career, he will be looking for every booking going now.
  13. Used to call my old Mother in law Juanita as well. On account of her only having one tooth left..
  14. They were not a Cnut, but I was next to a Lamborghini today at some traffic lights. When I got home, I checked it’s reg plate to try and find out which model it was. Turns out it failed it’s mot today before passing a resit. It failed because its Tyre pressure monitoring system was defective. Thought that might have just been an advisory rather than the Major defect that it was classified as. It was a lovely looking Huracan but in a rather unappealing shade of Green.
  15. Jupiter and Venus are very prominent tonight.
  16. Back in my day, we had Wonder Woman. Kids today now Wonder if it is a Woman
  17. Was furious, turned into a cycle path.
  18. Agreed. But you have absolutely no reason to apologise.
  19. Wanderers was, to me, a bit meh, compared to the Warriors! The Warriors caused a load of friction around loads of cinemas when it was released. I remember some twat trying to smash the doors of the old ABC on Lothian Road as we were all leaving.
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