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  1. Probably nobody on here will know her but probably everybody on here has seen her. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venetia_Stevenson
  2. When I got mine done, I watched it all on the monitor. They cut 4 things out that looked a bit suss. They marked 2 of the removal points with a tattoo dot so if they ever have to re examine me they will be able to reference where exactly they were. The doc said that after they had been removed they didn’t appear as bad as first thought. Of course, after I got home, the wife decided to Google the things that were removed. And, in the best tradition of Google, she then informed me that I was now facing a lingering and painful death which cheered me up no end. It took almost 10 weeks for the results to comeback. Everything was benign. f**k Google (and nosy wifes)
  3. Decent fight but the monster with the red top sitting at the corner keeps giving me the boak.
  4. Jim Sherigone! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Sheridan_(politician)
  5. Nurse Ratched has flown the nest. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louise_Fletcher
  6. Lucozade! Honourable mention goes to the much missed Pippen which I have not seen for many a year, if it even still exists.
  7. Whilst most flights are going up in Russia, this former Putin ally was going down flights. https://apple.news/AukuFwcEkT3KL-ziB-C5rAw
  8. Thought you were talking about Maw Kardashian for a moment there.
  9. Yes. If people like it or not, history is happening. Do you really want to say that you never saw it? There is not one person alive just now that will ever see another queen on the throne
  10. Just waiting for someone to superglue themselves to that big candlestick next to her coffin.
  11. What about Black Panthers in a pub! http://www.edinphoto.org.uk/1_edin/1_edinburgh_history_-_recollections_leith_wild_cat.htm
  12. Friend of mine is still gutted that Marks and Spencer’s knocked him back for a bra fitting job!
  13. Look at the line up of desperadoes waiting for Truss to arrive at Downing st. It’s like they are waiting to audition for MP Idol, pick me Liz, pick me Liz.
  14. Sky Sports News presenter and St Johnstone supporter Jo Wilson an early candidate for next years pool. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-11180673/Sky-Sports-News-presenter-Jo-Wilson-37-announces-stage-3-cervical-cancer.html
  15. Before he deid and after he was well known, in 1986, Neale Cooper offered my wife her weeks wages if she would miss her work and spend the night with him! She turned him down because she was a nice, honest person. We split a couple of years later, She did not regret turning him down. (We are still good friends, my present wife is also good friends with her)
  16. Heard his brother sectioned himself just after the murder. The day after he came back out, Luke was arrested. On a personal level I still find his conviction strange due to the lack of evidence tying him to the case. There must be other evidence that was withheld from the public domain that was strong enough to put him away. Also, is it still the case that you can only be considered for release if you admit to the crime? He might be in for a while if that is what happens.
  17. Yeah I know, but, her amazing tits are worth keeping her alive.
  18. Proper good Russkie. Not like the twats they’ve had since.
  19. I see that Rangers have Lovelace on the bench. I remember choking his maw back in the day…
  20. Had to take her, she is a permanent attachment to my wallet, it goes nowhere without her.
  21. 26th wedding anniversary today so it’s good or bad however you look at it. Aff to pub now.
  22. Guy I used to work with claimed I stole his tictacs.
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