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  1. Just to break up the virus monotony. Also it was one of the top 10 forensic evidence dogs in the world that the FBI also used...
  2. How long after the epidemic is over will he unleash his Eckidemic on the Scottish government?
  3. Little bit surprised that this guy has not been mentioned. You might not be a fan of his songs but he was extremely prolific. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Martin_(songwriter)
  4. These conferences are getting more and more like a Formula One commentary. One or two bits of information and the rest is massively padded out with the same old, same old.
  5. Posters of a certain vintage will know this guy who has trotted his last and curled up and died. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curly_Neal
  6. Someone once said that a lack of sex can seriously affect your memory. Can’t remember who said it though.
  7. Had gid old fashioned sausage egg and chips for my dinner. Laid the plate down to go and get something, as soon as I turned around the plate was on the floor and the dogs were on it like flies to shite. Ended up having a kebab as that was the only place open 🙁
  8. Heard my neighbor was expecting a cheese delivery!
  9. Just a little bit of perspective here. Weekly deaths reported in England and Wales this year.
  10. Woke up to this today. Either a cracking sunrise or the local crematorium working overtime.
  12. There is a plane just approaching Nice in France just now. It was travelling from Heathrow to Ghana. It is now heading back to Britain for some reason. It is showing as red on the flight radar site. edit. Just noticed that it was delayed for about 5 hours and now cancelled. Don’t know why it is showing up on the map!
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