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  1. Don’t believe that Not believing that either
  2. Wife’s Tucson is a 65 plate. 24k on clock! Don’t know the motor but, nowadays, anything with a Skoda badge is worth a look. Tried to get a regas on my aircon earlier, turns out that due to a Groupon offer, garage I went to is fully booked every hour until the middle of August!!
  3. Love this type of format. Gripping stuff at the end.
  4. She lost the plot earlier when I tried to give her a compliment. Told her that her hair was looking magnificent, thick and really glossy. She was readily agreeable to let me touch it but can’t for the life of me understand why she got so upset when I ran my fingers across her top lip!
  5. By order of facebook law that makes him guilty as charged, get him lynched If it’s Facebook rules then he would probably be safer if he was a child molester.
  6. Best wishes to everyone involved. My daughter had kidney problems as a young child. Turned out that her ureters between kidney and bladder were not properly connected so every time she done a pee, half of it just spilled out inside her. Spent almost 2 years in and out of the hospital until she was big enough for an operation. When they took her down I was convinced that I would not get her back. Her operation lasted for hours and she looked like she had a c-section. 24 hours later I was running down the ward pushing a drip trolley behind her whilst she was tearing about on a little tricycle, non the worse for what she had been through. Although her kidney function has been lessened, she has not had any problems since. She is now 27 with 2 kids of her own.
  7. Once worked with a guy who thought he would be smart and shout abuse out the window of my fully sign written works van at a couple of young girls walking along the road. Don't know where he works now.
  8. Hope he never gave them a dose of the Thunderclap!
  9. Darts player Andy Fordham has checked out for the last time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Fordham
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