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  1. Nope but I could think of far better, more useful languages to learn.
  2. If nippy is pushing this, is she fluent?
  3. Every time I go out jogging wearing my long, baggy shorts I end up with bruises just like that..
  4. Very good win. Wilder was a bit like Nigel Benn at times though, quite easy to hit but also very able to land a knockout shot at any point.
  5. Time for Falkirk fans to Lament Lamont. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Billy_Lamont
  6. Now that my dogs are getting a bit older these things are a godsend. Highly recommend them.
  7. Gandhi statue in Parliament Square. Why? He only made one movie!!
  8. That 17th hole needs Desmond Doss to help out over that ridge.
  9. I have to admit it, I get a major stiffy when I see an overhead shot of that course. It looks incredible.
  10. What a great fight that was. AJ proved to be a legend in his own lunchbox. Nice to see a decision in Britain that was not a farce for a change.
  11. Hatton was poor. He tried to say that he was disappointed with his performance but I think that was his limit. P
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