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  1. Oh, and when the police ask any questions,tell them that you heard nothing as the loud music from next door was drowning out any other noise..
  2. If you can find the folks playing the music, tell them to leave it on and invite them to your flat to hear how noisy it is. If they don’t agree with you then, you said that you are on the top floor, when they are leaving, throw them over the top of the staircase. Simples.
  3. On good authority that well known Irishman Neil McMurphy is in the running..
  4. Looks like Fulham are playing their mascot in central midfield.
  5. Goal kicks are like primary school fitba. Everybody all going to the same place.
  6. Not really a pair of teams that I would normally pay much attention to but must admit that I am quite enjoying this. Both teams are trying to pass it about and not the hoof and run that the pitch might suggest.
  7. Circus owner Gerry Cottle gone. No word yet if he Big Topped himself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerry_Cottle
  8. Anybody know what’s happened to sjc? Not posted in about 6 months. Hope his little girl and him are alright.
  9. Heard they had a shortage of second doses because the bottle holding the vaccine sprung a leek
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