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  1. f**k off Macklin. Khan and Brook are yesterday’s fish supper paper. Benn deserves much better than them.
  2. Brilliant fight that. Right decision. Looking forward to a possible rematch.
  3. Just tell the council that you are a one legged, cross dressing, gender neutral asylum seeker and they will probably have you sorted out within a week free gratis. 😂 what a bunch of humourless fannies..
  4. They take their Green Cross Code shit serious over there.
  5. First need to change your team to one of the arse cheeks.
  6. I got my Frenchie from a couple of breeders. As it had had two litters, it was worthless to them anymore as only 2 litters can be KC registered. Her puppies were for sale at £3,700! She had 8 puppies in total. I got her for £250.
  7. Don’t think that there is a high enough number in the universe that equates to the number of Fuchs that I give to this news.
  8. Sells a brand new unworn dress online. her. Oh there’s somebody bought that dress. me. Sold for a big loss no doubt. her. That’s no matter. me. Fukin is to me, My money paid for it in the first place.
  9. One Shot is absolutely lethal and it should not be sold to the general public. Take note b&q.
  10. I remember years ago seeing boys throwing stuff onto the road from the same place. It was probably the dads of the latest little buggers.
  11. Wife sent her watch back to Raymond Weil for a service and clean. £142 all in. They have done an excellent job, it looks like a brand new watch.
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