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  1. An early start in Salou this morning
  2. Doesn’t look like too bad a league to drop into. Could be a fair few decent games against most of them.
  3. Depends what you are looking for but I got a decent service from Macklin Motors.
  4. The original gang. Daisy with her brother Bear. Came from the same litter but Bear is twice the size. Maya, the latest addition.
  5. Mick McManus. Giant Haystacks. Big Daddy. Jackie Pallo. Catweazle.
  6. Robertson looks knackered. Long season has caught up with him.
  7. https://twitter.com/fucktherecord/status/1136183318419054592?s=20
  8. Just sent a watch to the repair shop for a new face and pressure test. £55. Sent another watch to a repair shop for a new battery and pressure test. £55. Should really just get a new strap for my old Seiko Sport, self winding and apart from the old bracelet strap, virtually indestructible.
  9. Should have got one of these. https://senturionkey.com/
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