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  1. Racing driver Alain De Cadenet ‘s heart has crashed and he most likely burn next. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alain_de_Cadenet His daughter,Amanda, was possibly the original, so called, wild child when she was a youngster.
  2. My usual, go to chippy is closed for refurbishment. Ordered a freshly cooked chicken breast supper from their main rivals across the road. Barstewards gave me a chicken leg…. More meat on the flea of a butcher’s dog.
  3. Saw what looked like a female today sitting on the pavement just outside the Hilton hotel in the centre of Edinburgh. Thought she was necking a can of beer but on closer look it turned out to be a can of WD40. Her face honestly looked like this.
  4. Hilary Devey is out forever. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hilary_Devey
  5. Glad that Dubois got the win. Must admit though, when they first got in the ring, I was reminded of Bruno against Witherspoon, AJ against Ruiz. The chiselled Adonis against the Pilsbury dough boy but we all know how those fights turned out!
  6. Wallace Weir has passed away yesterday. Funeral private.
  7. Had a very closely related in law die this morning. The resulting fallout has sent Kyle and Springer running for cover
  8. Doubt if anyone had this guy bet he was a regular in the news a few years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruce_Kent
  9. Back in the 70’s, My local chippy used to sell singles for 3p. Only problem was, they were a brand called Corsair. They were the same length but only about half the thickness of a standard Regal.
  10. Do agree with this. Only thing is though, to me, I just think that all these supplied weapons have already been paid for by each individual country and they are all just desperate to see them deployed on a battlefield that does not involve them. If certain weapons are effective then the supplying countries will buy more but if they’re duffers then they won’t buy them.
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