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  1. The hands and lower arms of new weather girl Joy Dunlop.
  2. Is the cap on the brake fluid reservoir tight?
  3. Farewell to the king. Exit stage left.
  4. Joker - 20/10.. Late to the party here. Have seen literally thousands of films in my life and I have learned to ignore all the hyped up reviews that go along with so called blockbusters. Having seen original releases of Cuckoos nest, Deer hunter, Godfather and Goodfellas, I always rated DeNiro as the main man. Quite possibly THE greatest performance from an actor that I have ever seen. Take a bow. Jaoquin Pheonix.
  5. What? Do you think the whole world smells like fresh paint as well?
  6. Is it not standard procedure over there to approach these scenarios whilst carrying an AK47 and a big bag of bullets?
  7. Nah, watch the 3 episodes. You will not have a scooby. The word mental is not even close to being invented!
  8. This is the reason that Smart tvs were invented. This is a 3 part programme on My5. If you have not already seen this then prepare to have your mind absolutely shredded into tiny pieces. Possibly the most incredible, thought provoking thing ever produced. Who dunnit?
  9. Just lost my best friend and right hand man 😭
  10. Marshmallow will pick the songs for you.
  11. Thought it was one of the best ones for a few years. But if you didn’t like it.. big deal.
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