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  1. Morelos to get red carded by the 60 minute mark hopefully
  2. Wtf is an “intelligent looking ball”? It’s a bloody ball.
  3. Not to rain on our parade but we’re still stuck with levein as manager.
  4. I think we should be allowed to take LSD before watching the next hearts game. That was brutal on my eyes
  5. Fair play hibs. Well deserved win. Sooner levien goes the better
  6. I’d love to see a pineapple thrown on next
  7. Watching Foster shouting at the ball attendant in the dying minute of the game like a wanna be hard man made me laugh and even more so as he couldn’t get off the pitch quick enough at the final whistle. Oh and what’s happened to st Johnstone they used to be our bogey team .
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