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  1. Not having people in Brussels (including British politicians) dictating to them on important issues like vacuum cleaner efficiency.
  2. Last night is one of those results where a lot of Scottish people previously uncertain about independence go "f**k this". The worry is, like the initial reaction to Brexit, the current initial reaction will abate somewhat with time and people getting used to the shitshow.
  3. I hate it when people move to England without learning basic English. If yer wanna live in the country learn the facking language.
  4. Clearly you've been on a lot of terraces and are familiar with the popular chants.
  5. For anyone who automatically concludes “A vote for anyone but SNP = a no vote” I voted Labour and will be voting YES in indyref2.
  6. I’m not usually one to judge people by their grasp of the English language but I’m going to presume that @Malky3‘s basic errors indicate he is an immigrant for whom English is not his first language.
  7. Aberdeenshire and the Borders are infuriating. I can make my peace with Scottish Lib Dems but Scottish Tories...
  8. I remember liking these comedy candidates as a child until my Dad pointed out the deposit could be used for anything more worthwhile and now I hope Elmo and his selfies are destroyed in a fire.
  9. Aye Swinson once spilled Sturgeon’s pint of Export and wee Nic challenged her to a Ruel Street duel but Jo never turned up and it has spiralled fae there.
  10. It mildly annoys me that the Tories win the empty parts of Scotland so it looks bigger on a map.
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