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  1. Pretending that the Irish were the only thing that stood between the British and victory in the Atlantic (against historical consensus which says they were neutral and tended towards Britain) and pretending that no one else gave dodgy world leaders respect during the war. It reeks of Anti-Irish bigotry.
  2. It’s pretty fucking left field to the actual point. Both times you’ve brought it up.
  3. I don't understand a bit of what you're banging on about. Presumably the Vicoria Cross which I couldn't give a single f**k about. All I see is two colonial masters trying to spread disinformation and trying to dIscredit Irish self-determination so far as possible.
  4. Source? You bigoted weirdo. I think you'll find, despite their policy of neutrality and despite the fact Britain oppressed them for hundreds of years, the Irish tended towards the British in WW2. You are a swivel eyed 'Parkhead floodlights left on' loon.
  5. My God the two weirdo PULs trying to excuse their colonialism apropos of nothing is palpable. Mind that time the British Empire and her Allies teamed up with Stalin? Must negate the whole of British democracy.
  6. Martin Scorsese called them 'theme parks' so cartoons isn't too far fetched. Tbh though if you get Pixar with Disney+ that's not bad - they're generally far better than Marvel and recent Star Wars.
  7. Yes Friends managed to combine “animal ate the wedding ring” and “dead grandmother’s wedding ring”.
  8. Watching Still Game, in particular the episode where Tam is getting married. Sure I’ve probably seen it before but I can’t really remember it. Anyway, Jack just accidentally swallowed the wedding ring. I suspect that “person or animal swallows wedding ring” is perhaps the most played out trope in TV and Film. Gauntlet thrown. Over to you, PnB.
  9. Mispelling and confusion is more common with Scots and slang words because they’re not often written down except by dafties on social media. Part of the blame for this is the types on this thread who cringe and tell their children off for using useful and innocuous words like “yous”. This leads to mass confusion over whether (for example) it’s weans, weins or wains (it’s weans). However, I’m not sure it’d ever be a struggle to work out dillion or dullion was “dull yin” as that is exactly how it is pronounced. See me after class.
  10. Agreed, the 80s which gave us some of Mozart’s finest works or the 80s which gave us Bananarama? You do the math(s).
  11. I see you’re a bit behind on the boffin news there Einstein as a vaccine from Pfizer and BioNtech has shown positive results in early testing.
  12. I’m not saying having an armed response I’m talking about bitching and moaning and expressing outrage online.
  13. I like it but I suspect Inter supporters will be outraged. The timternet would spontaneously combust if we brought out zigzag hoops and I can’t imagine a famous Italian side’s supporters will be less precious than us.
  14. I’ve only really watched the Neil deGrasse Tyson, Louis Theroux and Leah Remini ones in spite of, rather than because of, Joe Rogan. Guarantees you get lots of recommendations saying (annoyingly voiced, meaningless buzzphrase spouting weirdo) “Jordan Peterson DESTROYS radical feminazi”. Although in his defence he doesn’t showboat like your traditional talk show host and just lets smart/interesting people talk. The flip side of this is he seems quite gullible and open to believing quite a lot of nonsense.
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