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  1. Tierney Hendry Ajer and Ralston would do in a pinch. Espesh if Dembele’s hamstring injury is bad and we need to go 4-5-1.
  2. The Official President Trump thread

    Already undone the top button on my jeans m8.
  3. Apparently Compper is injured again. Don’t see why Boyata needs so much time off. He only played the three group games and the last 2 were cakewalks against Tunisia and England.
  4. The Official President Trump thread

    So today he said “No” to a completely different question to the one which was asked of him and he accused Montenegro of being in danger of starting World War 3. @banana any stock phrases you’ve seen smarter boys use which would help explain this behaviour?
  5. Is Mikey J not off to St Mirren? Edit - just read up on it, no (not yet anyway). I’m expecting and hoping for a relatively strong team. Looking forward to it, very pleasant evening.
  6. The Official President Trump thread

    That's a doozy of a deflection. Just wondered if you steadfastly supported his comments on Monday but now steadfastly support his comments saying the opposite thing. Unfortunately I think I'm going to get a couple of boring catchphrases and some made-up stuff about me being emotional about a buffoon being a buffoon.
  7. The Official President Trump thread

    As a Trump fan did you prefer his initial spinelessness or his pussified retraction?
  8. Grassing

    Would've dobbed in Anne Frank and Alan Turing type post imo.
  9. The Official President Trump thread

    This is hilarious, I'm just pointing out only two have had their brains blown out and I added tbf because I was just being pedantic. I would also agree with GD that the reference was probably to things done by (rather than to) US Presidents but in the interest of perspective certain presidents have extended the use of slavery, resegregated the federal government and sabotaged peace talks in Vietnam in case they would help their opponent.
  10. The Official President Trump thread

    Brains blown out doesn't mean assassinated. Brains blown out means having your brains blown out.
  11. The Official President Trump thread

    “Brains blown out”. Although Trump’s would be in his tiny penis LMFAO amirite?
  12. The Official President Trump thread

    Tbf I don’t think McKinley and the other one were shot in the head.
  13. Do you love Jesus?

    Choose your future choose life.
  14. Do you love Jesus?

    Well then they’re idiots.