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  1. Surprisingly I am not particularly raging in the week we went 2nd in our Europa group, won the League Cup and moved a point off first with two games in hand. I am just expressing my genuinely held opinions, one of which is that we should drop Brown against football teams of limited ability.
  2. Motherwell are hammer throwers. There might be perfectly good reasons why, but accept it and move on. I mean the post where I first used the phrase simply pointed out we don’t need Brown and his unimaginative style against teams like yours.
  3. No, I based my summation on tonight and previous Celtic games against Motherwell. I don’t even know what you’re talking about.
  4. Are you actually suggesting that describing Motherwell FC as hammer throwers is laughable?
  5. Thing is it has been a massive week and there are two big games coming up. Win on Saturday and I don’t really care if impostors like Gamboa and Hayes played tonight. Plus if we finish the penalty or Clancy awards the goal and the selection probably wouldn’t be a problem.
  6. Gordon went down in installments. Shouldn’t be beaten by that imo.
  7. Need rid of Brown, far more dynamic when he doesn’t play. Ntcham not really worth playing against hammer throwers either.
  8. Clear foul being ignored in the build up probably helped.
  9. Celtic have been dreadful this second half but Jesus f**k how many second yellows have Motherwell gotten away with?
  10. It’s all Ryan Christie’s fault. BOOOOO
  11. This is a great discussion and all, but I'm pretty sure Aberdeen supporters get into fights quite a lot on their travels whereas I never get the impression that opposition supporters from continental Europe are offended in any way by rebel tunes. In fact, it seems to me like Celtic Park is quite a popular away trip and the atmosphere is a factor in that. I for one am pretty glad Aberdeen get dumped out of Europe before they get more chances to punch stewards and throw objects. If someone thinks I'm Irish because they are unfamiliar with either the concept of immigrants or of national identity not equaling club identity I am pleased that will dissociate me from their notoriously bad behaviour.
  12. Hopefully Lewis Ferguson’s mum reassured him that he is worth 5 of Mikael Lustig.
  13. Aberdeen were so hard done by despite being dirty clogging b*****ds.
  14. To be honest Aberdeen supporters just ape Rangers supporters so I reckon they would be opposed to a BR knighthood.