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  1. Having googled him, Stewart Lee’s let himself go.
  2. Would be some laugh if Detournement died.
  3. Those bananas look fine which makes me wonder if these are staged.
  4. Watched Celtic 5-0 Rangers* Worthless after about 55mins, aside from fast forwarding to around 83 minutes to see Halliday get raging as supporters wind him up down my end. Got a belter of a t-shirt suntan that day.
  5. I work for quite a small company. (Roughly) 50 staff with two partners at the top taking personal responsibility. They both know all of their employees personally. Although they are not perfect, they appear quite willing to risk quite a lot to make sure we’re still employed at the end of this. Tim Martin runs a large company, and separate legal personality keeps him protected from real risk. He has got where he is by paying his staff below the living wage. He is willing to rehire them if they make it through the current crisis rather than risk any of his £500m wealth and £1.8bn turnover. c**t.
  6. I can see why people would be confused as f**k about what your position is here. You lead out with a big clickbaity statement - “they’re just doing their jobs”. You ended up with an empathetic point about less clapping, more money and I am sorry for the offence I have caused. In between I think you declared yourself society’s true hero for travelling by helicopter and not blowing up your workplace, but it is difficult to follow.
  7. For all I think he’s an absolute clown I can see how you can justify the PM being a key figure in the coordinated approach to tackling the crisis. f**k knows what the excuse for the unelected heir to an unelected figurehead is though.
  8. Awesome memories, an unbelievable match. Although I realised today I totally misremembered it as I had the scoreline wrong before I watched it. ETA - just realised already posted.
  9. 5. Nicola 4. Sarah 3. Nadine 2. Cheryl 1. Kimberley Top 2 are interchangeable but I’ve gone with the one who seems less of a thuggish, disingenuous arsehole with stupid tattoos. Kimberley is the thinking man’s Girls Aloud member.
  10. I spose with death rate it’s less easy to be fooled by statistics. ”You can’t hide the bodies” - Lt Daniels, The Wire* * Probably, not sure but it sounds about right** **Although Chris and Snoop did
  11. Have had a look and I appear to be smiling.
  12. Seems like the Brixton videos are fake news, showing a recent tube strike or tube closure of some kind. It was sunny today in Brixton and it’s rainy in the videos.
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