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  1. I was flicking through the channels a few months ago and he was a guest on Soccer AM. Came across as a really sound bloke. I personally like it when he’s delighted at a 180
  2. Spot on mate. Ended up buying a couple of tickets. Looking forward to it.
  3. I have zero problem with Rydz joining in with the singing. He’s a young guy and as pointed out, if it was a Scottish player joining in with an England chant, we wouldn’t give two hoots. Loved watching him and hopefully he progresses next year. I know I’m in the minority but I quite like Price. A brilliant darts player who I believe comes across better away from the darts. Cheers to those who previously replied regarding their experience at different darts events. Is it worth getting tickets for the hydro Premier League? The only tickets left are right at the top. Would like to sample an event but not sure if best just leaving it for another time.
  4. What an outstanding game to finish off the evening. Shame those two didn’t meet further on in the tournament. Love how they both just got on with it and great sportsmanship showed. Has anyone on here ever been to the World Championship or any other event? What was the experience like? One of my mates went down a few years back to the Ally Pally. Said there were loads of fights but security were on them in a flash and loads of folk chucked out.
  5. It's a strange one. When we were winning games, some of the performances weren't great but we still found ourselves second in the league. When Kev resigned, I was slightly disappointed as would have liked him to have stayed in charge for another couple of games - may have been in the minority though. That being said and since he stepped down, Forfar fully deserved to win last Saturday and it sounds like Annan deserved the win yesterday. Mcniff and Mclean are huge losses to the defence. If Mcgregor gets injured, I fear for the back 4. I couldn't attend yesterday but I'm not sure I would have after Creaney's training interview. He didn't really seem confident or make me want to attend. The next appointment is crucial and could be the difference between a top 4 place (we have a good squad of players) or finish towards the bottom half of the table.
  6. I felt like Forfar were the better team. You had good chances in the first half and were very well organised throughout. Can see you finishing second comfortably. Munro and Anderson were brilliant at the back. Their communication skills are second to none. We improved in the second half. Be interesting to see if there was a hand ball but have zero complaints about the result. A slightly improved importance from us. We passed the ball better and the subs made a difference. Annan will be a big test next Saturday. Hopefully we can appoint a new manager quickly.
  7. There is no team in this division who will visit forthbank this season and I’ll think to myself “we should win this by a couple”. We have a good squad of players and are in a good position in the league. I just feel we have been rather fortunate in some games. Our defence is usually solid but went missing on Saturday. Paul McLean is a huge miss. I’d love to see Carrick, Grant and Heaver get more game time. To be fair Grant has been injured so hopefully starts this weekend.
  8. Absolute shambles on Saturday. Watching the highlights back only made it worse. Not a great first goal to concede. The second and third goals were extremely poor marking and the defending overall was horrendous. Second half wasn’t great. The manager said in his after match interview a few home truths were said at half time. It certainty didn’t make much of a difference. We were awful and apart from the goal and a wee spell for 5 minutes after, Stenny were in cruise control. This long ball to Mackin every time is getting very predictable and boring to watch. This result has been coming. The last few weeks haven’t been great. We need to pick ourselves up for Saturday. Well done Stenny. There was nothing between the sides at the start of the season and you have picked up three good results.
  9. dave_binos

    FIFA 22

    Is that on ultimate team division rivals? It would be insane if you get promoted into a division you struggle with and are stuck there for the remainder of the game.
  10. dave_binos

    FIFA 22

    Can you get relegated in division rivals anymore? I’m up to division 6 but when was in division 7 I lost 4-5 games on the bounce. A mate has managed to get promoted to division 5 but also said he is on a losing streak. Would hate to be stuck in a division where I get pumped regularly
  11. I was surprised when a Livi fan a few pages back found it "banterful" after his own clubs failings at board room level in previous years. The way Deans and Colburn treated the fans there last night was nothing short of a disgrace. Brilliant turn out on a champions league night. You could tell Holt was loving the dancing comment. If Carrie had asked him for a twirl he would 100% have obliged. The structure in place is great for a higher level but if you don't have the right personnel in position and have a poor product on the park, you are pissing money away.
  12. It’s Moldova we’ll be playing son -not Malta. I’ll keep you right.
  13. Another outsider who tuned into this meeting as a couple of pals support the bairns and keep an eye on my local club. What an absolute shit show. Colburn started off for a minute fairly well with a wee background on his family all being Falkirk fans. Then the negativity started - read the room you weapon. You are a full time team with the largest budget in the league - fans have every right to voice their opinion. Embarrassing moment getting the mic taken off him but Deans - what a tit with his reply to the opening question. Should firstly have thanked the boy for doing his homework and providing those statistics. Felt the Falkirk fans who attended on the night were excellent, voiced their displeasure and laughed at the board when they gave a shit answer - bravo ladies and gents. The point mentioned regarding ex players raising their game was completely absurd. All teams will come up against ex players so it's the same for everyone. I highly doubt Dylan Easton is extra motivated for a game against Clyde over the likes of a top of the league clash against Queens Park come spring time. Sheerin - felt like he started off ok but got more uncomfortable as the night went on. From an outsiders point of view I do like him. It can't be easy having Holt next to you and recruiting absolute shite for you to work with but he needs to do better himself. His answer regarding the Huddersfield player was dreadful. A better response would be "he's working hard in training and we hope to give him an opportunity in the near future", Not slate him. Hope he comes across better on the training pitch. Holt - absolute bell. I watched the previous meeting where Holt watched in the darkness before switching the light on when it was his moment. Arguing over 2 goals last season is like me arguing with a mate about getting a joiner for £5 cheaper. He'd have a point if a striker had banged in 20 goals. It was amusing how much Rollins wife looked completely bemused at Holt throughout the evening. Phil Rollins - came across well and seemed like a decent guy. Well done to the presenter as well. Thought he did a great job and stepped in when required.
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