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  1. You face The Binos next weekend with one defeat in 10. 1-0 Brechin.
  2. dave_binos

    FIFA 20

    Lads I got a rare Messi 94 rw by scoring two goals with Ndombele in div rivals in a two player pack. Is something like this quite common or incredible luck? He’s untradeable. I’ve got an English premier league team but may need to build another to accommodate.
  3. When we were bottom, not many folk were saying we were doomed. We're only 3 points ahead, Albion Rovers 4 and Stenny 5. It's a long season with many twists and turns to come.
  4. We need to get our act together and start scoring goals or we will be the team rooted to the bottom.
  5. Heard Jocky Scott was in for an interview today.
  6. Would nobody select Ryan Jack? He has been brilliant recently.
  7. Two of our better signings. Currie has to be one of the best 'keepers at this level. Nicoll is the kind of player we've needed since Andy Black left. It's no surprise our midfield fell apart last Saturday when he got shifted to centre-half in the second half.
  8. Haven’t a lot of the Clyde players signed two year contracts? Seems excessive at this level although easy to dish them out after having a good year last year.
  9. Barely a peep from you until you scored. Then around 15 singing. You did bring through decent numbers though and deserved the win.
  10. How much to get in tomorrow night?
  11. I don't think you have picked him up too late. The great thing about Smith is his ability to play up front and on the wing. One of his assets is not only scoring goals and taking players on but the ability to track back as well. There will be times where he is completely anonymous, things aren't going his way and he may look disinterested (don't believe that's the case either) but will then pop up with a match winner. If Clyde's forward players are as good as a lot of you are saying, Smith will help contribute throughout the season. In other news, thank you for Blair Currie. He looked brilliant against Hibs and in the matches I saw him last season. Lowdon and Nichol also look like decent signings once fully fit.
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