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  1. Pretty sure they beat us 4-2 at Forthbank under Wilson. We were horrid that day but Brechin looked decent. Felt like they could kick on and that result would have given them some confidence but didn’t materialise.
  2. Elgin had the same issues a couple of weeks ago.
  3. No worries champ. You both did a great job.
  4. Enjoyed the commentary although the camera angles were absolutely dreadful. Missed a chunk of the action and the play was behind the commentators by around 5 seconds. Good commentating although surprised it took the co-commentator 37 minutes to correct his colleague for mistaking Ryan for Leitch. Felt like a draw was a fair result. We were the better team in the first half. Stenny looked a different team in the 2nd half and if you ended up winning 2-1, I'd have had few complaints. We only really started playing after going 2-1 down which is disappointing but Stenny are a decent side and would have taken a point before 3pm. Blair and Tapping are also cracking players at this level. Stenny will deffo be contending for top 4. Hope Stenny can sort out the camera stuff. You have a decent side but it will stop your own fans signing up for future games.
  5. Thought they did really well considering there really wasn’t anything to commentate about in relation to the game in the first half. One was making his commentating debut and the other making his second appearance. Great efforts all round. A point was fair. Both teams had a couple of decent chances. Queens really only attacked in the final 10-15 minutes - not sure why with the players you have in your side. Ray does love a clean sheet.
  6. Decent enough game but Elgin deserved the win. Elgin will be absolutely fine this season and won’t be short on goals with Hester in the side. Well done Elgin on getting a stream together. The picture quality was brilliant. Unfortunately, a lot of folk (including myself) didn’t get access until 15 minutes into the game and I signed up around 2pm. The camera angles weren’t great at times - often focusing on a keeper when the ball was up the other end of the pitch and often not seeing near side throw-ins and corner kicks being taken. Having no sound was rubbish as well. Well done though and I’m sure it will be better next time out.
  7. A brilliant product all round. Loved the coverage, the different camera angles and liked how they interacted with the twitter comments and read some tweets out. Ben does indeed have a bright future but I thought both did brilliant. Considering it was their commentating debut, both still very young would have been nervous with so much going on, I thought both were brilliant and as you said, it will only improve. Probably good pals and felt they bounced off each other well. Positive performance. Defending could have been sharper at times but that will improve with more fitness and games. Very impressed by Ryan and Leitch - could be very important players this season.
  8. He has cut down and not great for the body but definitely helped his performance levels.
  9. Jamie Vardy was on 3 cans of red bull before a game during the title winning season. Didn't do him any harm.
  10. They would know it would cause a storm but highly doubt Mcburnie and Clarke give a toss what journalists or posters say on the Scotland v Israel topic on p&b. I certainly wouldn't. After watching the open goal interview with Mcburnie, it seemed like he was extremely committed to Scotland. His only frustration/opinion on style of play was not getting the same level of support as he is used to playing with another striker for Sheff Utd. It was also quite clear from that interview he has always wanted to play for Scotland. If his club wanted him to play in a friendly and Clarke was ok with it, absolutely no problem. Call him up for the next squad. This last chance saloon is utter nonsense.
  11. Love this game but very frustrating. Agree with others, the slime mountain one is solid. 0 wins so far but have come close on a couple of occasions. If anyone watches on Twitch, give Bateson a watch. The guy has won around 150 times - brilliant at the game. Also, how frustrating is it being in the yellow team? At times they have been brilliant but 7/10, you will be defeated. Stuck with the dregs.
  12. I totally agree. Everyone is different. You didn't want to go away aged 19 because you needed your hole. I had a pal at Uni studying who went away aged 19-20 but he was fine without the lass for a few months. He had a very basic grasp of French as well. It's up to Hickey. At Celtic he has an opportunity to play games. Bologna as others have pointed out he will improve defensively and an opportunity to play games. Bayern - joining the best team in Europe and a top academy. The boy needs to do what's best for his career.
  13. None taken. Is he good enough for League 1? Pleased with this signing. Vaguely remember his two goals against us a couple years back and seemed like a good player. Players good enough for the Championship and League 1 will drop to league 2/Lowland league for a contract in these uncertain times.
  14. Fair one. I would say 3 wide players would be the minimum requirement. We need competition but manager might have other ideas, go with the two signings and possibly have Heaver and Bikey (if he returns) as alternative options.
  15. If a player such as Morrison is available and there’s money within the budget, you make him an offer. Brilliant player for this level and competition is healthy.
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