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  1. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    "This simply cannot stand," the one-time moderniser told me. "The Irish really should know their place." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-46528952 Hopefully Varadkar has a wee read of this article before May turns up.
  2. Sons' sorrow

    I see that we're doing a deal where ST holders can bring a friend to the Stranraer game for half price. Good idea imo, especially given Stranraer will likely have one of the smaller away supports in the league. Hopefully a few extra folk come along - especially with it being a few days before Christmas, with hyper weans in the house.
  3. Rovers v Dumbo

    He ran down the wing against Kilmarnock in the League Cup once. I suppose Messi sometimes runs down the wing.
  4. Rovers v Dumbo

    It saddens me that Roberts' only action of note was curling in an absolute screamer against us in the Gary Locke days. Says a lot that, even with our love of a Rangers and Raith reject, we didn't sign him last season.
  5. Sons' sorrow

    We've got a decent page spread in today's Daily Record as part of Colin Paterson's 'Road Trip' series. Worth a read if anyone has a paper to hand. The lights went out after 40 minutes of training last week and didn't come back on. What. A. Season.
  6. Sons vs Diamonds

    I suspect the possession statistic was down to the fact we dominated possession, whilst Airdrie sat deep and tried to hold their one goal lead. Thomas was fouled twice in the whole game.
  7. Rovers v Dumbo

    Our away league form this calendar year makes for pathetic reading. Played: 18 Won: 2 (Brechin last season, East Fife this season) - 11% Drawn: 3 - 16% Lost: 13 - 72% Goals for: 15 (0.83 per game) Goals against: 41 (2.27 per game)
  8. I like to spend my Sunday making up my own Match of the Day with all the highlights I can find from the Lower Leagues, so one big thread for all the highlights seems a good idea. East Fife 0-2 Champions Elect
  9. League One Highlights 2018/19

    Rennie's goal is a superb hit, but I'm a massive fan of Kevin Nisbet's goal too - lovely touch, turn and finish. In terms of quality goals League One has been pretty good so far this season.
  10. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Paul McGowan's hair in the wind
  11. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Jack looked like he thought a booking was coming there.
  12. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Miles onside #StillStaunch #StJohnSons
  13. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    That's more appealing actually, so I'll go with that.
  14. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    Sons' staunchness under our previous manager must still be rubbing off on me.
  15. Dundee vs. Sevco - 9/12/18

    That was a stick-on red imo. He went in at some pace and caught Candeias high, the referee got it absolutely spot on.
  16. League One Highlights 2018/19

    That miss from Paton is absolutely criminal. I thought it looked bad at the time, but there's absolutely no excuse for not hitting the target there. It must've been harder to miss. Would've liked to see the one when Gallagher rounded McKenzie and squared to Spencer again too. Not quite sure what happened that resulted in his legs getting tangled up, but that looked like it should've been a goal too.
  17. Rovers v Dumbo

    Our away form is woeful, Rovers' home form is excellent. 0-1 (Perry, 90+2).
  18. Sons vs Diamonds

    We missed some amount of sitters. To argue otherwise would be daft. Michael Paton blazed over from about three yards, Calum Gallagher squared for Brad Spencer with an empty net after rounding McKenzie only for him to kick his own leg, Spencer missed a free header six yards out with an empty net in front of him, and McKenzie made a screamer of a save from Dowie when he looked certain to equalise. Only one of those counted towards our nine shots on target. McIntosh had a good first-half chance, which he headered at McGowan, and Carrick blazed wide after Willie Dyer forgot he was playing football. That was pretty much it from a Diamonds point-of-view. Kieran MacDonald whizzing one wide from range and Grant Gallagher having a deflected shot from 20 yards loop up and onto the crossbar aren't "clear cut chances".
  19. Sons vs Diamonds

    I actually said he was the best striker we have in the squad. With Beany (2 goals), Loy (0 goals) and Aitchison (MIA) all struggling in front of goal, Gallagher's return of 6 starts to look prolific. We really do need a clinical poacher type. I thought Loy would be that man (and maybe he will) but it's not worked so far, and then I thought Aitchison could be that man, but he vanished as quickly as he arrived. There are major issues with this squad - and major weak points. I'm not convinced Calum Gallagher is one of them.
  20. Sons vs Diamonds

    I really think Calum gets a hard time. He might not be the most naturally gifted guy to ever grace the Rock, but he works tirelessly, forces defenders into mistakes and (for my money at least) is the best striker we have in the squad at the moment. It's not a coincidence that our best performances this season have came with him in the side.
  21. Sons vs Diamonds

    @Old Scrotum would be proud. If you combined Gallagher's physicality and aggression with Hutton's passing you'd have a decent player. Just need to find a way to fuse them together into the ultimate lower league Frankenstein midfielder.
  22. Sons vs Diamonds

    First time for everything
  23. Sons vs Diamonds

    Bobby Barr drives me insane. He gets himself in decent positions and then either cannons the cross off the first man, or balloons it out of play, and his positioning today was bizarre. Ballantyne gets the ball and drives forward, Barr comes towards him and then goes wide - basically blocking off any route forward and letting Airdrie push-up. Duffy subbing him for Allardice looked weird on paper, but having Forbes out wide with Ballantyne overlapping made a huge difference. It clearly isn't working for Paton. He looked useful at the start of the season, got injured and hasn't looked anywhere near as good since. He's developing a habit of missing great chances from between four and 12 yards too. Agree on Carswell. Him or Dowie probably deserved it for me, they were solid defensively and really tidy on the ball. Carsy actually looks like a centre-back - not in the same way as Dowie, Mango or Ross Perry - but in a more modern (if that's the right way of putting it) sense. He's clever, good on the ball, reads the game well and doesn't fly into things. Honorable mention for Calum Gallagher too. He put in a really hardworking shift (as per) and possibly even created more than Dom Thomas.
  24. Sons vs Diamonds

    I can't ever remember us creating that many chances in a single game. If we hadn't taken at least a point from that it would've been a travesty. Airdrie became more and more Stevie Aitken as the game went on - falling deep, lumping it and trying to suffocate the game. When Spencer passed up his sitter, and then MacKenzie made a smashing save from Dowie's sitter I just resigned myself to defeat. Great to see the fight from the players and a quality ball in from Forbes right at the death. If we had a clinical type of striker we'd have won that by a similar margin to last week.