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  1. Sons' sorrow

    I wouldn't be surprised if he did leave. I can't really put my finger on why, it's just a gut feeling. Could be miles off it though. He strikes me as the sort of guy who would be open with the board about his future though, which is positive, because the last thing we need is to spend a few weeks trying to get a manager in when we've got no players signed up. Especially with a full-time team likely coming down, and the potential of Peterhead and Clyde (both with healthy budgets you'd imagine) coming up.
  2. The League 1 Squeaky Bum Battle

    I honestly think Stenhousemuir are far from gone. They did a really good job on us a few weeks back, and their form recently has been good. Combine that with the fact they have an excellent goalkeeper, two solid centre-backs, the energy of Conor McBrearty in midfield and one of the division's better strike partnerships, I don't see any reason why they can't stay up. In fact if they end up ninth I'll really fancy them in the playoffs. At risk of dooming the Warriors (and being awarded the freedom of Brechin) they looked far better against us than Brechin did, and the whole feeling around Ochilview just seems to be a bit more positive than it is at Glebe Park. Tl;dr version: I disagree
  3. Keep/punt/undecided

    As a back up keeper?Already have a good Goalkeeper in the sticks at the minute. Hopefully we'll get a wee swap deal sorted in that case.
  4. Next Scotland Manager

    I know I'm late to the party here, but Jesus Christ. Hope that guy has been found and locked away. An absolute danger. Edit: Obviously hope the guy who posted the tweet is too.
  5. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Better response than I was expecting tbh.
  6. Alex McLeish Is Sacked.

    Genuine suggestion here, and one that I know will be ridiculed, but I couldn't help but put it out there. Mark Warburton. Did a decent job in the Championship, plays decent football, seems to be the sort of analytical type that we need after the old school jobbers McLeish and Strachan - and said in his Si Ferry interview that he'd be interested in international management. He's not a massive racist either - which is another positive. Tell me he isn't a better option than everyone on that Coral list (barring Moyes, who would be ok imho). *takes cover*
  7. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Gregor Buchanan was a very good player for us but he always needed to be partnered with an experienced centre-half. He looked shaky when he didn't have Frazer Wright or Darren Barr alongside him. I think he likes to be the aggressive one - going for aerial balls, throwing himself at challenges,that kind of stuff, and needs someone to act as more of a sweeper behind him if he doesn't make it. Johansson likes a back three, doesn't he? I'm not surprised he's struggling if it's him, Kilday and Waddell. Nothing against either player, but they aren't the kind of old head he was at his best for us alongside.
  8. Sons' sorrow

    The white, the white, the white and a million times the white. I'm actually probably a wee bit too passionate about it That white kit with the black and gold band is pretty iconic. Most Scottish football fans would look at it and instantly recognise it as a Dumbarton kit - just as people look at the Diamond and instantly recognise an Airdrie kit. I love that. It's unique to us and has a great retro feel to it. I'll be pretty gutted if/when we move away from a white home kit and back to the generic yellow/orange/gold kits we had for most of my childhood
  9. Your sporting ability out of 50.

    Football - 2.5 Rugby - 0 Tennis - 1 Table Tennis - 2 Snooker - 1 Golf - 0 Basketball - 0 Darts - 1 Pool - 2.5 Badminton - 3.5 12.5/50 Needs hockey added. I was the Inzaghi of hockey at school
  10. It says an awful lot about Colin McMenamin or just Stenhousemuir as a club that you've got guys like McGuigan, Marsh, Hurst and Munro signing deals when you don't know what division you'll be in next season. I'd have been quite happy with any of them at the Rock, and there probably isn't a part-time club in the country who wouldn't take McGuigan. In fact with the exception of maybe Alloa, you could probably argue that he'd be in the starting eleven for every part-time club in the SPFL.
  11. Sons' sorrow

    Big fan of the fact we're now selling off old kit, makes far more sense than it just taking up space at the stadium.
  12. Keep/punt/undecided

    This has been discussed loads on our thread, but here goes anyway. Keep Cammy Ballantyne - Excellent player, he'll be away though imo. Far too good for us. Stuart Carswell - Has been consistently quietly effective since he came in, but kicked up a gear this season in terms of his overall game. Now not bad going forward and really adds balance to our midfield. We aren't the same team without him. Calum Gallagher - Play him up front and he scores goals. Sure he runs funny, sure his first touch isn't great and sure he looks all ungainly, but he's a solid, hardworking League One player and I really like him. Ross Forbes - Probably has the best left foot in the lower leagues. 12 goals and 9 assists in a dire team where he's spent time at left-back, centre-mid and (under Aitken) on the bench. Bobby Barr - Since Duffy came in I've noticed a massive improvement, and he's worth keeping alone for what he does to opposition fans. Maybe not the gamechanger he was at Livingston or Albion Rovers in his younger days, but a good wee player nonetheless. Undecided Brian McLean - Looked shaky at first, but was solid enough at the weekend. Meh. Not bothered either way. Kyle Hutton - A lot of the time he seems to be a guy who stands about pointing, getting outpaced and trying audacious crossfielders. But every so often he turns in a real belter of a performance that leaves you wondering why he can't be like that every week. Duffy's a big fan though, so if he stays then Kyle stays. Gains points for playing through injury all season - though God knows how long he could be out for when he finally gets things sorted. Craig Barr - Brilliant player: Brave, strong, handsome. Everything you're wanting in a defender. But he's only played more than 20 games in one season once since 2012-13, so is a bit of a risk. Punt Grant Adam - Absolutely off his head. A goalkeeper who doesn't seem to make very many saves. His distribution is woeful too. Willie Dyer - Right up there with worst players I've seen play for us. Since he vanished in January we've lost just three times... Ross Perry - A likeable big lump of a defender who'll throw himself at anything. He's been injured for most of the season though. Boris Melingui - Part of me was tempted to keep him as an impact sub, but (excellent debut and decent cameo against Airdrie aside) I've not seen very much to suggest we can't get someone better in. Iain Russell - A couple of lively showings aside he's spent the entire season injured, or looking like a guy who retired a couple of seasons ago. Great guy, great player, but unfortunately I don't think he's up to this level anymore. Michael Paton - Looks absolutely done to be honest. I don't know if it is his injuries catching up with him, his general fitness, his attitude or what. But it really, really hasn't worked for him at the Rock. Conor Brennan - I would've been fine keeping him as backup, but the fact he missed a few games through work kind of put me off that. Ryan Thomson - We've played him at right-back, centre-back, centre-mid and up front and he's looked pretty poor in all of those positions. Loves a clumsy foul and seems to pick up loads of bookings. Duffy's clearly not a fan either. Loanees David Ferguson - Solid, dependable, reliable. Would be happy to keep him, but I suspect he'll be Ayr's first choice next year with Liam Smith away. Ben Armour - On paper it doesn't look great, only a handful of starts and no goals. But I like him. He's got a wee spark about him that suggests he could be a good player at this level, if Morton let him go I'd be happy to see us fire a deal his way. Henk van Schaik - I think it was 'Cameron2000' who said that he wouldn't be surprised to see big Henk either playing first team football for Livi next season, or vanishing never to be seen again. Can flick between strolling a game and looking like a total bombscare. Would I have him back? Meh. Possibly. Dom Thomas - Should be granted the freedom of G82 if we stay up
  13. Raith Rovers v Stranraer

    My God. You had Willie Dyer for a few seasons too.
  14. Forfar v Dumbarton 13/4/19

    Meh. It was difficult to tell from the opposite end where they looked like decent enough stops - but ones where you'd question him if they went in. They came at crucial times though, and given his form this season I'll bump him up to a 6.5. That could touch 7 once I've seen the highlights.
  15. Forfar v Dumbarton 13/4/19

    I've been writing match reports for the past five seasons, and yesterday was the first time I was genuinely struggling to hit my word count. Basically nothing happened at all. It was like that football match in The Simpsons where they just bounce the ball around dead slowly. Both teams seemed pretty happy to take a clean sheet and a point (which I was to be fair) and get back down the road. That was actually our first league 0-0 since last February against Falkirk. We played Calum Gallagher in midfield yesterday, whilst Spencer has slotted comfortably into the midfield of the 3rd best team in the division. I don't think there's any question as to whether or not we should've got rid of him. Especially with Carsy struggling to shake off this injury. Ballantyne aside I'm not sure any player on either team deserved above a six. It's not that anyone was bad, it's just that nobody really did anything - for either side. The match sponsor could've put 11 balls in a hat, drawn one out, and I doubt anyone would've been overly surprised.