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  1. Chris Turner Scott Agnew Paul McGinn Mark Gilhaney Steven McDougall (In no particular order to prevent arguments!)
  2. I love big Andy,sure he's not the quickest but he makes up for it with his desire and usually excellent tackling.
  3. I agree,we could also rent the pitch out as an extra source of income.
  4. Meant to add on our report it had a picture of Prunty with the caption "Prunty roars with delight after equalising" or something like that. The picture had Prunty in an away strip scoring against Morton at Cappielow not a home strip scoring against Falkirk at the rock. Least they got the right player I suppose.
  5. Think even the special son would struggle to turn around Hibs at the moment,an absolute mess. They would be better going for an older more experienced head to try and bring more stability to the club before letting Murrinho take them into Europe.
  6. Think we only need a cover defender now (possibly on loan).
  7. Jordan Kirkpatrick is signing this afternoon according to Andrew Clark. Sonsational you may leave now,please.
  8. Kyle Graham sounds suspiciously like a youth player on football manager.
  9. Neill is still there,think he might even be captain but im not sure.
  10. Should be an interesting signing,I wonder how much of a say Neil Collins had in his signing?. Certainly looks promising. Welcome to DFC Aaron!
  11. Remember that time your released this man and he went on to be top scorer for Scotland's best part time team?
  12. Andrew Clark saying on twitter that the game has been called off due to the rain......
  13. Scott Linton is a proven decent 1st division player. Martin McNiff is not good enough to play in the first division. I wouldn't be surprised to see McNiff loaned out again,but people saying we should loan out Linton after 1 competitive game is ludicrous.
  14. Although the man is undoubtedly a miracle worker I doubt he would miraculously become pacey, what we need is a quick centre back as McNiff,Linton,Scott Smith and Andy are not blessed with that gift and that leaves us every exposed a lot of the time.
  15. #Unawareofwhenitissociallyacceptabletousehashtagsandwhenitisnt
  16. You are correct,it is the worst record in the competition.
  17. 4 Wins and 21 Losses diddy cup anyway
  18. Boy do we need a centre back. Poor,poor stuff.
  19. Stranraer fans,never been to Stair Park before ,where's the best place to park?
  20. Jamie Lyden signed for Arthurlie yesterday as well.
  21. Marc retired at the end of the season,pretty sure he joined the police. Would love to see Paddy Boyle back though.
  22. Scott Robertson played for Arbroath last season,he left Thistle at the end of the 2011/12 season.
  23. Got this reply from the Dumbarton twitter,looks like the players are having allocated squad numbers but no names on the shirts.
  24. Owen Ronald loan to Berwick now confirmed on the os. Was a strange move re-signing him imo but maybe game time is what he needs,perhaps we will see a different player when he returns.
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