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  1. Lamont has a long-term injury apparently. I probably should've read his profile on the website this morning. I'll ask Faz a bit about it on Saturday if I remember. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/squad/?mode=squad&SquadID=55&id=1068
  2. I've just realised we signed Mark Lamont months ago. But he's not in the squad photo. I haven't missed that he's left or anything have I?
  3. Just back from a cracking weekend watching Superbikes at Oulton Park. It's fantastic how normal everything is in England. Walked into a pub for my tea, no mask, no test and trace, no pre-booking. Walked into Sainsbury's without a mask and, to be honest, totally forgot about Covid being a thing during the weekend. It was lovely. Oulton was busy, everyone acted like normal humans (or as normal as you can get in motorsport) and there wasn't a mask in sight. I don't think I really realised how much of a pain the masks were until I strolled into Sainsbury's for the first time without it on. Stopped at Gretna on the way home for a pee and it felt like a step back in time having to put on a mask with warning signs everywhere.
  4. James Keatings is, on paper, exactly what Montrose needed. Keep him fit and that should be an excellent bit of business.
  5. I won't be there on Saturday. And the last time I missed a home game with Alloa we won 5-0. Repeat plz.
  6. I was expecting (hoping) that it would be some sort of massive GIRFUY. But it wasn't. He posted the result with "actions speak louder than words" and then some action shots with "Another great 3 points for Dumbarton yesterday at Falkirk. I enjoyed that one for sure." His boy got punted by Falkirk after having a rubbish time there. It's not a massive shock he enjoyed watching his new team beating them, with his son being the best player on the park. I dare say he wasn't the only ex-Bairn who enjoyed Saturday's result either.
  7. The lesser spotted Rory Loy on co-commentary for the Berwick Gretna game on BBC Scotland tonight.
  8. Big teams don't enter until the next round Good luck against Elgin. It's a really tough tie, but also one that's winnable. Especially at Holm Park. I've a gut feeling we're going to draw each other in the Cup this year. So I've every confidence you'll brush aside the teuchters.
  9. I have a feeling, and it's nothing more than that (I've only spoken to him once, just after he signed) that he might've been a bit down in the dumps at being stuck on the bench again after last season. It sounds like he maybe asked Faz what he could do to force his way into the side, and he told him, which he's responded positively to. Hopefully the ankle roll isn't too bad and he can be back soon - he's definitely a decent option to have. As are most members of the squad to be fair. Which is a lovely feeling.
  10. "We had just got Stokesy to where we wanted him to be. He's been excellent in the past two weeks, and you saw again how sharp he was today when he came on. "He's rolled his ankle unfortunately, so that looks to be him out for a bit." That was Faz after Saturday. He had said he wanted him to work on his game without the ball, which is why he wasn't in the team for a good wee while. He said that he'd done that "taken his medicine" and had really caught his eye over the past few games. I definitely think there's a good player there. Especially if he can work a bit on his strength. His touch is gorgeous and he looks like he's got a decent knack of popping up with goals from midfield. It's just a shame for him that A) He's picked up this injury and B) We have a lot of quality in his position.
  11. I know McGuffie started a ridiculously low number of games at Ayr United, despite looking quite handy off the bench fairly often. There's a reason that a player is a sub every single week usually though. And he might be proving that this year.
  12. That was a really strange game yesterday. If absolutely predictable given what the Bairns fans had to say. Falkirk kept possession really well. But we were defensively better and showed more quality in the final third. That's what wins you games. Not just knocking the ball about harmlessly. I was amazed by how little a threat Falkirk posed. Nesbitt and Telfer aside there wasn't one player in navy who played well. Michael Ruth looks like the sort of striker we get on loan every season - he works hard, his touch is good, he links play quite nicely. But he doesn't really ever look like he's going to score. McGuffie absolutely stank the place out and I actually thought he had been hooked at half-time, McDaid didn't look on it and - without wanting to repeat what every Bairns fan had said - they looked a lot better with Aidan Keena on the park. Omperon looked okay in flashes I suppose, but no more than that. Hetherington was absolutely horrific. There was a massive gulf in physicality between the teams. I wouldn't go as far as saying we bullied Falkirk, but the physical disparity was a bit like playing Rangers 'Colts' again. Some technically decent, tricky players. But they were almost all easily bumped off the ball by guys like Carsy, McGeever and Buchanan. Listening to Sheerin's post-match would be a major red flag for me if I was a Bairn. He still talks like a development coach. Falkirk need someone to stand there with a bit of arrogance and hammer into players that they should be winning this league, and anything else is a failure. He didn't look to be that fussed because there were aspects of the performance he enjoyed. Can you imagine the likes of Ian McCall giving it that sort of patter after a home defeat to Sons? Anyway. Enough about them. Onto us. For the first 25 minutes or so we looked quite content to keep a solid shape and Falkirk seemed to have no real urgency about them to try and break it down. From about the half hour mark however they upped it and we became dreadful on the ball. Falkirk created a good few openings, although didn't really force Sam Ramsbottom into a major save - with Paddy Boyle's off the line clearance from Aidan Nesbitt the closest they came. The second-half started in the same way. Falkirk had plenty of the ball, we weren't great when we had it, and they created a few openings - but nothing too dangerous. Then one goal kick, one excellent flick from Conner Duthie and the world's slowest finish from Kalvin Orsi later we took the lead. Orsi's finish looks a whole lot better on the highlights than it did at the time. I actually think the criticism of Mutch is a bit harsh. There is barely any power on the shot, but it knocks the post on the way in. It's well placed. That looked to kick us on, and from that point onwards I thought we were good value for the victory. Callum Wilson's goal is superb, and credit to Carlo Pignatiello for the ball in to Wilson. It's very well weighted. The anger about a potential foul from the Bairns fans is mentioned in the highlights, but that's certainly not what I heard. The Falkirk fans around me were more seething at the ease at which we'd scored a second goal. After that we looked comfortable and, had there not been a wild amount of injury time after a really nasty looking head injury to Paul Dixon, would've more than merited the clean sheet. Performance wise Gregor Buchanan and Ryan McGeever were absolutely superb, and I thought Paddy Boyle had another very solid game. His positioning was excellent and he was dominant in the air. Edin Lynch looked decent enough - and offered a threat down the right. Ahead of them Stuart Carswell had another very solid game; and the introduction of all three subs made a difference at the right time. Ryan Schiavone especially stretched a tiring Bairns defence well. Further forward I've taken a real shine to Conner Duthie. He's just such a handful to play against, all full of aggressive running and pace. I wasn't sure why Duffy signed him, I wasn't totally sure why Faz kept him. But fair play. A pre-season and some gametime and he's been like a new signing. We've seen quite a few sides to this Dumbarton squad. We dominated Clyde and East Fife (two teams who we looked far stronger than). We were clinical and well organised against Montrose and Falkirk (two teams who, on paper, looked stronger than us). We showed a good fighting spirit against Airdrie, got punished for not being well organised or clinical against Cove and were played off the park by a far better Queen's Park team. I've no idea what that means for this season. The league is ridiculously tight. But it's night and day from turning in the same performance week-in week-out under Duffy last year. So massive kudos to Faz and Franko for that. I'm enjoying watching Sons again for the first time since the end of the 2018-19 season.
  13. I'm not sure how Callum Wilson was on trial with you guys. He played every one of our friendlies and signed for us on July 8. I think someone has heard Wilson + Dumbarton (as in Jaime, not Callum) and got their wires crossed there. Callum was released by Hibs at 16 and had been out of football for 16 months when he came to us on trial. I'd have been surprised if Falkirk were looking at him. Faz wasn't even planning on signing him, he just offered him the chance to train - but then realised quite quickly he was too good to let go.
  14. Eoghan Stokes. Rolled his ankle unfortunately. It’s a shame, he’s looked very handy in recent weeks.
  15. We have 19 in total. Of the team that played today only Ramsbottom, McGeever, Carsy and Duthie (although he barely featured) were with us last season.
  16. What a picture this is. Look at what that goal meant to him.
  17. Frightening to think what we'd have done to Falkirk with Chucky MacLean available. Anyway that was an excellent away performance. Came with a gameplan that highlighted Falkirk's weaknesses (e/g if they still had Declan McManus they'd have won 4-0, but they don't, so they won't hurt us much despite having all the ball) and be clinical when the chances come our way. I thought our defence and goalkeeper were superb. And I'm very confident in saying that Callum Wilson is a far, far better football player than Billy Gilmour.
  18. Nesbit at #10 looks dynamite. Nesbit wide looks bang average. If I can see that after 30 minutes why is Sheerin not playing him there every minute of every game?
  19. That could be a league winning signing. Queen's are looking terrific all over the park on paper, and I'm a big fan of what I've seen from Lawrie Ellis. A decent looking defence, a really strong midfield and plenty of goals from Simon Murray. If he stays fit then I'd feel confident sticking a fiver on Queen's for the title. Especially given Falkirk and Cove have hardly been flying so far.
  20. Strong contender for one of the worst posts I've ever seen on P&B. I hope Rico gets a cracking reception on Saturday. I hope Airdrie find the person responsible. I hope Rico has a stormer of a game. And I hope these three factors combine to make you absolutely furious. Although you seem to be pretty effective at working yourself into a lather without much help.
  21. I think there are two types to be fair. OFTW and high-functioning autism. There is a guy in Milngavie who is autistic and is clearly just mad for buses. I used to see him quite a lot photographing them at the station. Anyone without that excuse should probably be put on a little register of their own.
  22. When my dad was a bus mechanic they used to have bus spotters hovering round the workshop with their wee notebooks or whatever. They'd pop up at all times, early in the morning and late at night, presumably in case they'd manage to sneak in a special bus under the cover of darkness.
  23. I have a gut feeling that we'll play each other in the Scottish Cup this year. I've felt it since the Bankies secured their place in it. You'll be far too strong for Dalkeith. Should be a cracking atmosphere. It really feels like the town is getting behind the Bankies at the moment - something that hasn't felt the case for years in G82.
  24. Rico Quitongo was racially abused by an individual in the away end at Firhill on Saturday. I'm not quite sure what additional information is needed at this stage. Other than the identity of the individual responsible, which will (hopefully) come out in time.
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