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  1. Sebastian Osei-Obengo. 1 week, 0 apps, 0 goals, gone but not forgotten

  2. He's Sebastian Osei-Obengo, he's better than you

  3. Another strikers plz

  4. 'Bout time I got round to updating this thing

    1. Stevie Aitken's Love Child

      Stevie Aitken's Love Child

      Shouldn't have bothered really

    2. Creepy Lurker

      Creepy Lurker

      Thanks for having done so, mate. Was a bit worried about you.

    3. Jan Vojáček

      Jan Vojáček

      Don't feel as if that was worth the effort, ach well.

  5. Fed up with Honduras's miserable footyball so I'm changing my WC allegiance. Forza Colombia!

  6. Should probably change this now seen as Tahiti couldn't quite make the WC (this time)....

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