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  1. He's fourth official at the Rangers game tonight, then fourth official at Hearts v Motherwell on Saturday. At least he can't ruin a match with a baffling decision from the technical area I suppose.
  2. 'Sons well Beaton - by the ref' was the Sunday Mail headline, after John Beaton turned down a stonewall penalty (and red card) in a 4-0 League Cup defeat in 2011 when the score was 0-0 too. I remember one of our first games involving Barry Cook was a controversial defeat to Dundee too. I'm fairly certain Jack Ross (or maybe Ian Murray) ended up being sent off in that one.
  3. I think, if it's anything like appeals I've been involved in with the SYFA at least(!) then we should get the money back. I'm glad Ross isn't missing any games, but it really was a shameful incident all round; both for Cammy Kerr and for Colin Steven. Kerr's reaction was absolutely mortifying, and having to cheat to gain an advantage over a struggling League One club as a Premiership player isn't a good look. Quite how Steven, or his assistant, thought it was a red card is totally beyond me. I'd be very interested to hear how their debrief with the observer went after he saw video footage of the incident. From our point-of-view, it denied us a very good chance of creating a big Scottish Cup upset. And that's extremely disappointing. Would we have beaten Dundee with 11 men? Who knows. But given there was very little between the teams when we were playing with 10 men, then we'd have had a damn good chance.
  4. I really hate the idea of a retrospective red card for what was, purely, a challenge. Fair enough if he's skelped someone around the head and the ref has missed it, but the referee has decided, in the moment, it's a yellow. The fact that there's still debate about it afterwards shows that it clearly wasn't a stick-on straight red. What does a retrospective ban achieve exactly? It doesn't help Celtic at all. It has no impact on a game that finished on Saturday night. It doesn't help Ideguchi. And it's not going to make Sena think about how he acted...because all he did was challenge for the ball and mistime it. As you say @Father Barrys Sign (Top Half) other challenges worse than this will go in and go unpunished because they weren't in as high profile games. And that's not how it should be.
  5. The sub-editors at Dumbarton's favourite local newspaper will be having a field day with that one...
  6. I didn't hear anything from Faz to suggest he won't be back this weekend. So, unless his groin flares up in training again, I'd imagine he should be fit for the Cove game.
  7. I've been really optimistic in that post. But I honestly don't think we're far away. Despite what feels like an endless run of poor form. In the first-half of the season the only team I've seen outclass us has been Queen's Park. Twice. Although Falkirk were also very good in the 3-0 game at the Rock in October. We could've taken something from both Cove games, should've taken something from Airdrie with eight men and have beaten Montrose (albeit I think they are a tremendous team, and at the level we should be aspiring to reach). Those will be your top five come May. We aren't getting near them, but we also aren't incapable of taking points off them. Around us, East Fife are in a really bad situation and we've beaten them twice. Based on the games so far I'd say there's very little between pre-January Sons and Peterhead/Alloa and Clyde. We've taken four points from Alloa and Clyde, and none from Peterhead. This month Peterhead have seen Josh Mulligan recalled, and Alloa have seen Euan Henderson recalled. Both could obviously return, but if they don't then that will weaken them. We've scored 29 goals this season. The same as Peterhead, one more than Alloa, and four more than Clyde. If we can keep scoring at that rate, but stop conceding Danny Baker Own Goals and Gaffe video-worthy efforts at the other end then I can't see there being much between any of those sides come May. Put it this way, I feel a lot better about our chances of avoiding the bottom two positions at this stage of this season than I did last year.
  8. Aside from all the fun and games about who did and didn't smile at who, I'd quite like a wee reflection on where we're heading for the rest of the season. I've been impressed by Faz this month. He's identified the areas where we've needed improvements (the defence, and a focal point striker) and he's addressed those issues. Will the players who he's brought in be good enough to fire us up the table? That remains to be seen. But I don't think one Sons fan would disagree with the positions he's recruited in. Especially with other clubs seemingly struggling a wee bit to add bodies this month (albeit with plenty of time remaining). It's probably easy to forget how quickly Faz assembled a squad. I know I'm certainly guilty of overlooking that fact. He was appointed on May 29 with just Ryan McGeever signed. We played our first friendly against East Kilbride on June 22, and in that time he released near enough an entire squad and signed a new one. It was never going to be perfect, but it feels like he's identified that and fine tuned the areas in need. Turning our season around is still a big ask. Joshua Oyinsan might flop, Stephen Bronsky might prove that League Two is his ceiling, Adam Hutchinson might be the new Kirk McKnight and Gregg Wylde might be the player he was for Clyde. Who knows. But I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about things now than I was at the end of December. In the last two games it's felt like we've had a much better balance between defence and attack. Carlo Pignatiello has been a big part of that, and Gregor Buchanan has looked much more like himself. In midfield Paul Paton has been superb, and Joshua has finally given us the focal point in attack we've needed. Ross MacLean benefitted from that against East Fife, and I thought Conner Duthie was tremendous yesterday. In fact I really don't have a bad word to say about Duthie at all this season. 10 months ago he was out of football entirely. A forgotten man serving the last few months of a ban. Now he's looking like a really good, direct League One attacker. If he could add a few more goals to his game (and he gets in terrific positions) then he could be vital between now and the end of the season. I've really liked what I've seen from him as he's gone from bench warmer to one of the first names on the teamsheet. I know the wee bams ruined things with their pyro and bricking of the bus. But it was superb to see the stadium with a bit of atmosphere about it yesterday too. I've missed that. Hopefully an upturn in form over the next few weeks can bring back a bit of noise to the place. Tl;dr version: Faz has signed players in important positions and hopefully they can be what is needed to turn our season around.
  9. Will it be an extended ban because it's his second straight red of the season? His first, for context, was for foul and abusive language.
  10. Aye, from watching it back I'm struggling to understand how he couldn't see it. Unless he's watched it, the linesman has radioed in his ear and he's assumed the linesman has seen something that's forced Kerr to ground. The fact it's Cammy Kerr might sway both of them too. I'm not speaking from a position of knowledge here, but he doesn't strike me as someone who playacts very often. So his reputation probably wouldn't be counting against him here. Ironically if that was MacLean who went down like that the referee probably wouldn't have been interested, and every single one of our fans would've assumed he was at it.
  11. Do red cards for violent conduct count for the League? If so we need to find the money to appeal that, because there’s no doubt at all in my mind that we’ll win it. The referee didn’t see it apparently, he made the decision based on his assistant telling him in his ear. So it won’t be a massive climbdown from him to admit his mistake. Although from that clip, I'm really not sure I believe that was the case. Really poor stuff from Cammy Kerr.
  12. It could be be built on. But it needs a lot of remedial work. It's an old dry dock, it's packed with God knows what. It's not worth half as much as it was hoped it could've been worth years ago. You said "How much did club pay fir her to do nothing but feed her ego" You then say "They are not paid a penny, correct." Kind of answered your own question there, no? So you might at least want to be consistent in what you're posting. As incoherent as it is. I'm not sure if you're half cut or what's going on really. But I'll leave you to it. Come on a forum full of fans who care about a club, tear into said club and fanbase and then start acting up. Your attitude towards woman involved in football is shining through big time too. You might want to tone that down a wee bit.
  13. Your post in response to Clarko is littered with errors which someone else will point out. But I'll keep this brief. Tell me, what can the Trust do to stop the majority shareholders selling their shareholding? As an aside the current land is not prime redevelopment site, and the Trust director on the board (as with the chairman and vice chair) is not paid a single penny.
  14. So you have a gripe about the club's customer service and, instead of emailing the club to complain, thought that some incoherent posts at 10pm on a fans forum were the way to highlight your concerns? Quite what the Trust has to do with any of this I'm not quite sure, either.
  15. If the fans weren't smiley enough for you then don't bother coming back. Seems simple enough. And not really worth getting your knickers in a twist on an online forum about.
  16. QP, Kilmarnock, Stranraer, Rangers* then ourselves isn't it? *Have your own debates about that. I'm taking no part in that
  17. Having watched you boys on Thursday night without a few key players, I genuinely think you'd have seen off Dundee relatively comfortably. They look like a side bereft of any confidence whatsoever...and with Cove flying, and having plenty of quality, I'd imagine you'd have had too much for them. Pleased with Bronsky's signing based on his showing against East Fife. After the Airdrie game on January 2 Faz said he was after a keeper, RB, LB, CB and striker. So he now appears to have ticked every box.
  18. We'd need two things for that. A guy. And a camera. We can't even get a person to help out with the technical side of the current stream, let alone get someone to man a camera for 90 minutes. Maybe there's someone out there, maybe the club need to be proactive and (if finances allowed) maybe the club should look into the financial viability of paying someone to do it professionally. But I've absolutely no clue how much that would cost or if it would make business sense. For a game like today then I'd imagine it would be a damn sight cheaper than the refunds we'd have to issue though.
  19. At least some of my patter got picked up. It's absolutely soul destroying when things like this happen. From our point-of-view me and Chris pile in a load of effort to prep, I've spent my own money on a stand for our notes to save us having to just stand and hold them and we've tried to make the best of the situation we're in. We can't see the stream, because we don't have a TV/laptop and we can't hear it because we don't have headphones we can listen to whilst stood in the stand. My heart absolutely sinks when I look at my phone at 10 past 3 almost every week to see that something has gone wrong. It's rarely the same thing twice either. Imo if we're going to be charging for a service (and charging a decent whack) then we need to use a bit of the money raised to have someone there with a bit of technical know how. Things will go wrong. It's live streaming. Of course they will. But we don't have anyone with the technical knowhow to sort things when that happens.
  20. I've absolutely no idea how many of you on the stream heard anything. Saw anything or what. But it sounds like it was an absolute shambles for the viewer, so for that I apologise. We ended up having to share a mic. We had no idea if (or when) anyone could hear us and basically were reliant on the guy selling 50/50s to turn everything off and back on again in the hope something would work. As I've said about a million times, we have no way of seeing or hearing what you guys can. The only way I know something's gone wrong is when someone DMs me. And even then I've no idea how to fix it, because nobody has ever taught us. As soon as Pixellot (which is ropey imqho) plays up then we're humped. Anyway. We probably deserved to take that to extra time. And if MacLean had been sent off for whatever needless elbow or punch or whatever he did then we probably would've done. The players, and the manager, can take plenty of heart from the performance though. It didn't really look like 10 v 11 at any stage, and it was nice to see us continue to go for it in the second half. Not just sit in. I've just came to the acceptance that we will simply never beat Dundee.
  21. Faz said last week that he hoped to tie off a deal for Bronsky, and that we'd be having a Premiership loanee as well. So I'd imagine his deal will still be on. With McGeever not looking like being back anytime soon we really need more than just Buchanan and this guy as our natural options in there imo.
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