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  1. We still haven't replaced him with anyone half as effective, and our fans said exactly the same about him being easily replaceable when he left. He's awkward and ungainly to watch. But he's a very consistent goalscorer at this level. You'd be mad to let him go imo.
  2. Carlo should be a pretty solid signing. He was absolutely out best player last season, and that's despite the fact he played a host of different positions. One of these 7/10 every week types. He's deceptively skilful and decent at creating space. He's got a good eye for a pass, he works hard, he's pretty reliable defensively and he's a threat going forward. The only thing that's really lacking from his game is a goal threat. But I get the feeling that it wouldn't take much coaching for that to come too. He looked good at RB and in CM for us. I reckon he's probably at his best as a full-back though. I hope he does well at Cappielow. As Moonster said I'm not surprised at all to see him stepping up to a lower mid table Championship side. I reckon that's about his level at the moment, but certainly not his ceiling.
  3. Aye I think all three look like fairly decent additions. We don't need a Ross Davidson type, but he's a good League One player when he's injury free. The same goes for Dunsmore, who I thought was absolutely superb a couple of years back in League One. He was a constant threat against us battering forward from full-back. Danny Denholm's maybe not as effective as he once was up there, but I'd have been perfectly happy if we signed him too for this season. He's always a player I've liked. You and East Fife are rapidly heading towards the cycle that we seem to have with Stranraer, where we just take a handful of their players and managers every few years. It felt like Albion Rovers' signing policy about a decade or so ago was just to look at our released list and then offer everyone a deal too.
  4. Stirling Albion now have a third sticker on their East Fife loyalty card - Danny Denholm. I believe that qualifies them for a free Ross Dunlop or Kevin Smith on their next visit.
  5. I think that's probably very fair. Not that it would necessarily work, but Arbroath have shown this season that they could potentially sustain a full-time team too. If you guys could get crowds of around the 2k-2.5k mark regularly and switched to full-time then I reckon you'd be up there towards the top of the smaller full-time clubs; the likes of Ayr, Morton, Accies, QOS and so on (and I'd include Livingston in that list too, although they are obviously having a fantastic time of it at the moment). I guess the only issue is when form dips how sustainable the crowds are. But there must be a very decent number of people in the town who have now been bitten by the Arbroath bug and will hopefully carry on supporting the club now, even when things fall away a bit. It's one of my biggest regrets from our time in the Championship - we didn't manage to build any sort of boost to our following off it. We took 2500 to Perth for the Challenge Cup final - and now our average home support is probably about the 300 mark. Massive opportunity missed.
  6. Just out of interest, where would you say Arbroath's natural place would be these days? I'd previously have said Sons' would probably be mid-table in League One. Occasionally flirting with promotion and relegation. We obviously had six seasons in the Championship too, but that was against clubs far bigger than us. Now with the likes of Cove, QP and Kelty all arriving on the scene with huge budgets I reckon we're probably somewhere between fourth in League Two and 7th in League One. Interchangeable with the likes of Stenny, Stirling Albion, Peterhead and Clyde. A mixture of the pyramid and clubs being bankrolled generously has really shaken things up.
  7. It was actually the week before that, in the 3-2 eight men Airdrie game that he got injured. I genuinely believe if we'd kept him on the park then we wouldn't have lost that game. In the East Fife game we started that weird 3-3-2-2 formation with Boyle, Lynch and Muir (iirc) in defence
  8. It's not the name iv heard. The one iv heard is a bit more familiar to sons fans. My stab in the dark guess on this would be Sparky. He played under Aitken and Faz and Stranraer and I'm sure he's big pals with Frank McKeown.
  9. That's a cracking signing. Brett Long has been a very solid League One keeper for a good four seasons or so. Really pleased with that, and getting him on a two year deal looks a nice bit of business. Fair play.
  10. Faz saying on Facebook that our first two new signings will be announced on Saturday. A proven League Two player and a guy who has hit double figures across League One and Two for the last four years. The first one could be anybody. And I'm struggling with the second. Dale Carrick has hit 13/9/11 in his past three seasons, but is under contract at Stirling Albion. Which is about as close I can find from current L2 players. So I've no idea who that is.
  11. From what I remember of PJ, I would say that is fairly accurate. Duthie is a lot more physical and I'd fancy him to be a better player for you. But looking far more of a threat than they are in reality is probably true for both of them.
  12. Joshua Oyinsan the latest to leave Dumbarton - leaving only Kristoffer Syvertsen's future to be decided from last year's squad.
  13. I think the original Tweet about Josh signing said he was only on loan, but he was definitely a signed Sons player. I got that clarified by DFC at the time.
  14. I've no idea. It was just mentioned by a Bully Wee fan, and I'd say that top half League Two/bottom half League One is about his level, so it would make sense. Conner Duthie is probably the definition of 'lively'. He'll work his arse off, he'll take players on all day, he's pretty decent in the air, he'll never hide or shirk a challenge and he's absolutely rapid. He just has very little by the way of end product. And by that I mean he'll do everything right, getting into excellent positions in front of goal especially, and then he'll finish like he's taking a goal kick, or he'll run out of play, or he'll slice a cross out for a throw in. Think of a League One Oli Burke and you've pretty much got Conner Duthie.
  15. Conner Duthie turns down a new deal at Dumbarton. Rumoured to be Clyde bound. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=5328
  16. That's Conner Duthie turned down a new deal with us, so he could be heading your way.
  17. Duthie's work rate was superb and he improved massively over his time with us. His end product is lacking 95% of the time, but I hope he gets himself a decent move and does well wherever he ends up. He never hid and showed plenty of fight. It was just a wee bit of quality that was lacking.
  18. Turned down a new deal to be more accurate. But that's far too long to put in a post, so I just class it as released.
  19. For some reason I had it in my head that you guys had been relegated already. Think it was our own relegation being confirmed that did it! Every confidence you guys can pull of the great escape trick again (please...I can't face the Bonnyrigg PTSD).
  20. I've always thought Paddy would make a pretty decent coach to be fair. I've watched him quite closely in recent weeks too and it looked fairly obvious he was being gently nudged into that role. He's a good guy and I reckon he'd be quite popular with players. Although his legs were clearly gone as a full-back he also looked pretty decent as a centre-half too I thought. I'm not averse to having him as a back up CB and coach. I'd be chuffed if we could sign Stanger permanently. Although how we fit him, McGeever and Buchanan into a team I don't know. Personally I'd be keen to see him and McGeever together, but with Bucky tied down for next season I can't see him going anywhere.
  21. Hopefully I'm not standing on anyone's toes here by starting this thread. I've ran these in the Championship and League One for the last few seasons just to keep a track of who is going where. Let me know what I've missed so far from your clubs and I'll aim to keep the OP as updated as possible. Albion Rovers In: Out: Harry Stone (Hearts, loan expired), Josh Jack (St Mirren, loan expired), David Wilson (Dumbarton), Lewis Wilson (Released) Annan Athletic In: Out: Scott Hooper (Kelty Hearts, loan expired), Michael Garrity (Morton, loan expired) Bonnyrigg Rose Athletic In: Out: Sean Brown (East Fife, loan expired) Dumbarton In: David Wilson (Albion Rovers), Ally Love (Clyde), Brett Long (Peterhead), Martin McNiff (Stirling Albion) Out: Kieran Wright (Rangers, loan expired), Carlo Pignatiello (Livingston, loan expired), George Stanger (University of Stirling, loan expired), Adam Hutchinson (Dundee United, loan expired), Sam Ramsbottom (Released), Eoghan Stokes (Released), Stephen Bronsky (Released), Paul Paton (Released), Sam Muir (Released), Patrick O'Neil (Released), Mark Lamont (Retired), David Hopkirk (Released), Conner Duthie (Clyde), Joshua Oyinsan (Released), Paddy Boyle (Released), Kristoffer Syvertsen (Released) East Fife In: Scott Shepherd (Forfar Athletic) Out: Ross Davidson (Stirling Albion), Aaron Dunsmore (Stirling Albion), Ross Dunlop (Released), Dan Higgins (Stenhousemuir), Danny Swanson (Released), Jamie Semple (Open Goal Broomhill FC), Ryan Blair (Released), Sean Brown (Released), Finlay Pollock (Hearts, loan expired), Leo Watson (Hearts, loan expired), Darren Watson (Dundee United, loan expired), Kevin Smith (Released), Danny Denholm (Stirling Albion), Chris Higgins (Retired) Elgin City In: Out: Evan Towler (Aberdeen, loan expired), Ross Draper (Cove Rangers, loan expired), Jevan Anderson (Cove Rangers, loan expired), Euan Spark (Brechin City), Conor O'Keefe (Peterhead) Forfar Athletic In: Out: Luke Strachan (Dundee, loan expired), Sam Fisher (Dundee, loan expired), Tomas Brindley (Kilmarnock, loan expired), Steven Warnock (Kilmarnock, loan expired), Steven Anderson (Berwick Rangers), Grant Anderson (St Cadoc's), Archie Thomas (Released), Scott Shepherd (East Fife) Stenhousemuir In: Conor Brennan (East Kilbride), Daniel Higgins (East Fife) Out: Robert Thomson (Stirling Albion), James Lyon (Partick Thistle, loan expired), Spencer Moreland (St Johnstone, loan expired), Peter Urminsky (St Mirren, loan expired), Callum Yeats (Queen's Park, loan expired), Darren Christie (Released), Cammy Graham (Released), Ross Lyon (Released), Ryan Marshall (Released), Graeme Smith (Released), Jordan Tapping (Released), David Wilson (Released) Stirling Albion In: Robert Thomson (Stenhousemuir), Ross Davidson (East Fife), Aaron Dunsmore (East Fife), Danny Denholm (East Fife) Out: Mason Hancock (Aberdeen loan expired), Dylan Paterson (Arbroath, loan expired), Akeel Francis (Released), James Grant (Open Goal Broomhill FC), Raymond Grant (Clyde), Marc Laird (Released), Dylan Mackin (Released), Kurtis Roberts (Clyde), Nathan Flanagan (Released), Martin McNiff (Dumbarton) Stranraer In: Out: Jamie Walker (Released), Jack Baker (Released), Ruaridh Langan (Released), Emile Ngoy (Released), Broque Watson (Released), Tommy Muir (Released), Ayrton Sonkur (Released), Ross Irving (Released), Sam Ellis (St Mirren, loan expired), Michael Mullen (Kilmarnock, loan expired), Ross Smith (Kilmarnock, loan expired)
  22. Sam, Eoghan Stokes, Stephen Bronsky, Paul Paton, Sam Muir and Paddy O'Neil all away. Joined by Mark Lamont and David Hopkirk who weren't really here anyway. Paddy Boyle offered a player/coach deal, Conner Duthie offered a new deal and George Stanger offered a permanent deal. Syvertsen and Oyinsan couldn't make it last night, so their future is still to be discussed. Personally I'd be very tempted to keep Syvertsen after his showings towards the end of the season, but Faz will need to have a long chat with the physio on that. Not overly fussed either way on Josh. I probably would've kept Sam Muir for League Two, and possibly Paul Paton. Although he was injury prone and isn't getting any younger. Aside from that no real surprises there. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=5327
  23. Purely speculating to take my mind off our current situation, but I remember reading when I was doing my notes for the playoffs last year that Faz had chased Sonkur for about 18 months before signing him for you guys. Any word on where he's going? We currently have Gregor Buchanan and Ryan McGeever both under contract for next season mind you, so a centre-half might not be top of his wish list.
  24. Without wanting to go all Falkirk here, I was really surprised at how quiet the away end was. I can’t say I really gave Edinburgh City’s support any thought at all, but I assumed they’d bring 200 or so yesterday given the situation they were in. But the away end had 59 in it. That being said there was a good turnout at Ainslie Park midweek. So I don’t know if, akin to Cove, they have a good home support when the bigger clubs in the City aren’t playing, but don’t travel well. I don’t think they’re a cash rich ego trip though. Certainly not to Cove or Kelty levels anyway.
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