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  1. That Tweet is from Sunday afternoon to be fair. I'd imagine most fans' emotions would still be running high 24 hours after a game like that.
  2. Rico signed for Airdrie around June 4/5 I think. His big thing was moving into full-time football, so I don't think he would be one.
  3. That's old Liz decided she won't bother with this charade. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-59056725
  4. 20 percent of people support 'Only allowing people to leave their homes for essential shopping, exercise and work'. Jesus Christ.
  5. That's a shame. But I'm glad he's felt comfortable enough to make that decision rather than continue to play when his heart isn't in it - just as Sam Wardrop and Ryan Wallace have done this season. He looked excellent at the start of the season but his form trailed off a fair bit. I hope he gets all the support he needs and is back producing performances like he did on the opening day at Broadwood when the time is right.
  6. That was the most game of two halves game I've seen in a while. Clydebank couldn't get near Elgin in the first-half but then totally bullied Elgin and bossed the second. A draw was about fair in the end. Although with a decent goalscorer Bankies would've won.
  7. I thought Schiavone was our best player. He lead the line exceptionally well for an 18-year-old making his first senior start. He's impressed me a few times off the bench too. Orsi has blown hot and cold so far, but Schiavone's showing on Saturday was every bit as good as the best Orsi has played for us (in the 5-0 v East Fife). He was strong, intelligent, unselfish and showed a few great turns of pace. I also thought Carlo Pignatiello made a big different at right-back. His delivery into the box was a big step up on Edin Lynch's. I've been thinking a bit about Saturday and (assuming everyone is fit who should be fit) then I'd like to see us go for something like this. Ramsbottom Pignatiello Lynch Carswell Boyle McKee Paton Duthie Stokes Wilson Schiavone I'm a wee bit concerned about the centre-halves. But that aside that team doesn't look horrendously weak given we're without one of our best players in MacLean and both first choice centre-halves. I'll be praying to the footballing gods that Ryan McGeever's knee can be healed this week. Leaves us with O'Neil, Orsi, McKnight, Muir and Hopkirk on the bench. Assuming that the permanently injured Maley, Syvertsen and the non-existent Lamont don't reaapear.
  8. To be fair, it's a hell of a trek for a Monday night. Especially for a game live on the BBC. I'll have nothing but admiration for any Elgin fans there* tonight. A day off work, a seven hour round trip and probably not getting in until about 2 in the morning. *Unless they are based in Glasgow/central belt. In which case, no admiration from me! I'm relieved I didn't just pull the 1100ish out of thing air!
  9. I think it's about 1100. Although I may have totally made that up I can't remember where I heard it!
  10. I know I'm his biggest fan, but I think Ian Murray gets a tough time off Diamonds fans. Both our clubs were in the same position (roughly) when we sacked our respective Stevies in October 2018. And both clubs appointed their new managers (Murray and Duffy) at around the same time. Now I know Airdrie have a bigger budget than us (and have the full-time element), but there's no question that Murray was a vastly superior appointment to Duffy. He took an Airdrie team languishing in the lower reaches of League One to second last season. This season they look even stronger. Especially going forward with the likes of Smith, Salim and Easton. Duffy took over a Sons side in the same position and left us ninth having stayed up by the skin of our teeth last season. Airdrie have consistently improved under Murray. It might've been slow progress - but it's definite progress nonetheless. I have nothing but admiration for how balls out he went on Saturday. But it also didn't surprise me. It looks like he's getting the mojo back he had with us and, to be totally honest, I'm really pleased for him. He gave me some of my best memories supporting Sons and I really enjoy speaking to him after games. We always said he needed the right assistant, and I think that Scott Agnew might just be the ideal person to fill the Jack Ross-role.
  11. Sam's at fault for the winner. No doubt. But I also don't think we concede that goal with McGeever and Buchanan on the park. Having no recognised centre-backs against an Airdrie side with five (?) strikers attacking the ball was always going to be a mismatch.
  12. If that is the case then it's absolutely mortifying for the club. Especially given this was one of his (now deleted) responses. The guy is nothing more than an arrogant snob who is certainly not owed an apology for choosing to kick off about a Tweet.
  13. It was me who spoke to him for that, but I didn't think he came across as arrogant. I actually half expected him to be given the sort of player he is, and his background at Leeds, but he surprised me. He was a really nice lad, and very chatty. He's got confidence in himself and he backs his own ability. No question. But find me a player who doesn't. He was, by all accounts, playing well for Leeds academy team at the time and - with them thin on the ground numbers wise and having just made his debut - he expected to be in and around the first team. They sold Wood for £15m and panic bought guys like Jay-Roy Grot, Paweł Cibicki, Hugo Diaz and Ousama Siddiki. All of whom punted him down the pecking order and so he never really got a chance. Which I think is a fair comment to make. Would he be good enough for Leeds United now? Of course not. But back then as a promising youth team player I can understand his frustration. If performing for the youth team doesn't get you any sort of first team chance at all because the manager has signed a host of average jobbers in your position then you would be left wondering what the point was.
  14. I could be wrong here, but I believe emergency loans are now only for goalkeepers. So your only option would be to sign a free agent. I'm glad big BerbaThom has got his mojo back at the Warriors. He was an excellent player for us, and someone I would've taken back at the Rock in a heartbeat.
  15. Faz said he should be. But if I had a tenner for every time I had been told Paton should be fit then I'd have enough to buy us a goalscoring striker.
  16. I'm actually really concerned by both McGeever and Buchanan at the moment. The amount of individual mistakes they are making that lead directly to a goal is seriously hurting us. Bucky was at fault for Alloa's opener a few weeks ago, McGeever had a shocker for quite a few up at Peterhead, with Bucky also at fault for the fourth (I think?). Neither covered themselves in glory against Queen's Park - but then again, who did? It will not happen, but I wouldn't be against moving Carsy into defence. I actually feel he's generally quite decent in there when he's filled in, and we're overflowing with midfielders. Carsy in at centre-half, a fit-again Paul Paton (if that's even possible) alongside McKee in central midfield, with MacLean in behind Orsi. Wilson and Duthie wide. It's harsh on Carlo, but I've liked what I've seen from Paton and he would do the dirty work to allow McKee to do the ball-playing. I wouldn't mind Carlo going in at right-back in place of Edin Lynch mind you. I think Faz wants a settled defence. Which is understandable. I just don't feel the settled defence we have at the moment are justifying their places each week.
  17. It's very difficult to see us winning this one. Defensively we've been a shambles in the last two games, and the goals have dried right up. I hope Faz puts McKee in central midfield and starts Callum Wilson out wide. That aside he can do whatever the heck he likes with the team. I'd be pleased with Duffyballing our way to a 0-0 just to get another point on the board and then building from there.
  18. Three primary schools, one secondary and three nurseries around Finnieston to be closed on November 1 and 2 because of the expected traffic chaos. Clicky
  19. You can pretty freely take pictures of public in a public place (which I assume public transport would come under) as long as they aren't indecent. It could possibly considered harassment mind you. https://www.blpawards.org/competition/photo-rights
  20. You can rent my living room for £8k a night? That's going to be absolutely brutal though - if it's even possible.
  21. How's big Kyle Hutton doing these days? He left us after having his best season as a Dumbarton player and joined East Kilbride because "he wanted to be challenging for trophies" but seemed to jack that in for a move to Central Park quite quickly. He always divided our fans a fair bit.
  22. I live near Victoria Park and use the expressway near enough every day. Thankfully I'm WFH, but the road closures, trains being off, additional traffic being punted onto the already gridlocked Dumbarton Road and prospect of protests is making me absolutely resent this whole thing. If I had money I'd fly somewhere sunny for about three weeks and just work from there. It's going to be brutal.
  23. I stumbled across the fact that James Keatings has a better goals to game ratio against us than pretty much any other active player in Scottish football. So if you stick with him until December, he'll eventually break his duck then. 11 goals in 14 games against Dumbarton.
  24. That was a bitterly disappointing second-half performance. Our reaction to falling a goal behind was absolutely abject and, with the goals now not flowing, our rocky looking defence is starting to cost us games. I enjoyed the first-half. There might not have been many clearcut chances, but it was a closely fought, very competitive, even encounter. And it felt like only a matter of time before there was a goal. Queen's Park came out flying in the second-half, and from the moment they took the lead absolutely dominated things. They could (and should) have scored a few more and we really couldn't have complained about things if we'd been on the end of another 5-0. Given it was very even at half time that shows the scale of the collapse. I wouldn't be against giving Ryan Schiavone a run in the team ahead of Kalvin Orsi who, after Falkirk, hasn't really been in a game for weeks now. Despite us firing two blanks in a row now, the issues are clearly defensive. The penalty was clumsy (for a second week in a row from Carsy) and the defending for the second and third goals, although very well worked, was far too weak. I've expected more from Buchanan and McGeever in recent weeks, and we have toiled a bit at full-back all season. Fair play to Queen's Park though. They were fantastic against us at Firhill, and I thought they were near enough flawless in the second half today. They created chances, kept things tight at the back, moved the ball well and managed the game really professionally. Given they still have Luca Connell and Simon Murray on the sidelines, I'd put decent money on them lifting the league this season. Laurie Ellis is a really impressive manager as well. So far he looks like a very shrewd appointment.
  25. I would like to provide an almighty bump to this thread. My view on Lyndon Dykes is that he's the greatest talent Scotland has produced. And I now want to be him. Not just have his boots (which I did end up buying). Quite enjoyed reading this thread back. A few weeks after that game we would sign Kevin Nisbet on loan from Partick Thistle. He would do little, other than spectacularly miss a penalty against a Queen of the South side featuring Lyndon Dykes in March.
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