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  1. The inverted commas around 'good day at the office' imply that it wasn't
  2. A draw was probably a fair result there. Although the more the game went on, the more likely we looked to get a winner. It was almost like a cup tie towards the end as we chucked bodies forward, and Forfar tried to hit on the break. In the first-half I thought we were really poor. We weren't playing with any confidence or flair, and all too often it was a long ball to Ryan Wallace or a cross-fielder to Ross MacLean. Forfar were the better side for the first 45, I don't think there can be an argument of that fact, but some wayward finishing meant that Brett Long only really had one serious save to make - a one-on-one from a really neatly taken quick free-kick that sent Sparky in on goal. The second-half was an improvement from our point of view. We started to take a bit more control of the game and, crucially, create a few chances. Finlay Gray should've scored after being played in by Ryan Wallace, and Ryan Blair's corners caused a few issues in the Loons' box. The more the half went on, the worse Forfar seemed to get. In the first-half their wide players caused us a few issues and they looked a bit of a threat when they attacked. But that totally fizzled out in the second-half. It was like roles reversed and they became fairly one dimensional and predictable. Faz got his subs spot on imo, even though I was desperate for us to bring on Declan Byrne. Michael Garrity looked a real livewire in place of the ineffective Ally Love (who I'm increasingly conviced isn't a winger), whilst John Gemmell had his best cameo so far. He caused big Andy Munro no end of issues - he just didn't know what to do with the big man. A wee tactical tweak saw Ryan Wallace drop in to the #10 behind Gemmell, and he looked a million times better there than as a striker. He actually did ok with the limited service he got up top, but he was looking utterly disgusted with some of the balls fired his direction. Getting the ball into his feet made a world of difference to our attacking play, and I was impressed with the quality of his touch, passing, vision. The lot. It's given Faz something to think about for next week; would he be tempted to play Wallace in behind Byrne? That could be interesting. As frustrating as it was to see Marc McCallum pulling off some cracking saves, I don't think anyone could argue we really deserved all three points over the piece. A draw, and a scoreless one at that, was probably the right outcome for both sides. The biggest frustration is that we didn't play like we did for the last 20 minutes for the full 90, because if we had then we'd have left with three points. In terms of us, there are two ways to look at it. It's either dropped points against a struggling side, or it's a reasonable response to the Stranraer game. After that I had the fear for us defensively - but Carsy being back in- resulted in another solid showing, and another clean sheet. I also wonder if keeping it tight early on is what led to our poor first-half. Overall though, 22 points, five clean sheets and seven wins from our first quarter is far better than any of us could've hoped for. Next week is a big game, but our better performances this season have been against the better teams. Hopefully we can up things a bit - and start scoring again from open play - at Forthbank.
  3. That's the best signing any club in L2 will make this season. An astounding bit of business from Stenny. There won't be a better player in the league than Liam Brown. I thought he was absolutely superb last season against us, like a ginger Iniesta.
  4. Cumnock game chosen for TV. Good move imo, if it was someone else from League Two heading down there then I'd want to watch it. Wee bit of a pain from a travel point-of-view mind you. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=5570
  5. Tax cuts for the richest followed by selling off the NHS is a very solid way for Liz to cement her support with Tory voters tbf.
  6. I'll need to have three in that case. Sake. Since I got this wee guy as a present a couple of years ago I've been somewhat off the bridie idea. He's basically turned me into bridie vegetarian.
  7. Are Forfar's pies still absolutely sensational? Between this and Cumnock coming up (where they did a glorious steak and haggis pie last season) I'm extremely excited for some quality away day food.
  8. Keep Irvine one more week lads, eh? Take it as payment for the Sam Ramsbottom/Ryan McGeever moment in the first game after lockdown V2.
  9. I saw a lot of anger from EF over this. But it seemed to miss a fairly blatant point. Playing part-time for EF and being assistant manager at full-time Raith Rovers are totally different. Aggy has a young family; so I can understand why he wouldn't want to be travelling from Ayrshire to Fife two nights a week. But doing it during the day just makes it like most other 'ordinary' jobs. And I imagine the pay at Stark's Park is a fair bit better too. Anyway. Don't appoint him. I'd absolutely love to see him as our next gaffer
  10. If, at this stage, Liz Truss was outed as an insider agent attempting to bring down the Tories then I wouldn't be surprised. Absolutely wild stuff. It's like she's just blatantly doing what previous Tory leaders have always tried to do subtly, whilst pretending they weren't.
  11. Orsi and Love worked hard. But had next to no impact on the game. Certainly compared to Stranraer's wingers, who were both a threat all night. I remember it being said on here by a Clyde fan, but I really think we need to play Love centrally to get the most out of him. Maybe even as a centre-forward when Byrne is hooked after 65 minutes. It's just not happening for Div Wilson this season. Admittedly the game bypassed the midfield, but he struggled to get a touch of the ball. You see flashes of quality - but I'd be starting McKee every day of the week over him. Tl;dr - Faz will probably be tempted to start McKee, MacLean and Garrity next weekend. Which probably answers your question.
  12. If they are willing to cement in fences nearer the pitch to stop Aron Lynas long throws (which we've scored once from all season) then fair play to them
  13. I think the issue with the long throws was the lack of space for a run up. There's loads of room at our place - and at a good few other grounds, like Ochilview. But at Stair Park the fence is so close to the pitch that he was basically having to chuck it at an angle, or with only a two step run-up.
  14. I see - courtesy of the near daily updates - that Alex Lowry (God rest his soul) is back in training. Rangers must have some medical team.
  15. Highlights really tell the story of the game. Interested in @pleslie99 thoughts on the first yellow for the full-back who was sent off. In real time I thought it looked a bad challenge, but watching it back I actually think he's unlucky to be booked.
  16. As I said last night, we can have no complaints at losing that. Stranraer were better all over the park, and looked like a team who had a point to prove. We, by contrast, looked to be playing with a bit of fear. And watching the sides in the first-half especially you'd never have guessed the run we were on. Stranraer carved us open a few times down both wings, with Paul Woods and Matty Grant both causing plenty of bother for our full-backs. If they'd had a natural striker then they would've been at least a goal ahead at half-time. We barely strung a handful of passes together, and barely threatened their goal. The game completely bypassed the midfield and Declan Byrne spent his night chasing balls into the corner or trying to win headers against a centre half about 5 inches taller than him. All three of Stranraer's goals started in wide positions. The first after a good interception on Finlay Gray and drive forward, the second after Matty Grant found acres of space after Jinky Hilton had drawn in a good few defenders, and the winner after a tired and clumsy foul from Aron Lynas. Who looked absolutely devastated. Faz has obviously been loyal to a side that's winning games. And that's understandable. But I think now he should stick with the shape, but freshen things up. Kalvin Orsi and Ally Love worked hard, but neither had any impact at all going forward. And we improved with Garrity and MacLean on the park. Likewise Div Wilson just isn't anywhere near as effective as Joe McKee. He's not as strong, he doesn't use the ball as well and his intelligence at dropping into wee pockets of space isn't as good. McKee was quietly vital to our start to the season, and we need to be getting him playing every week. Without Stuart Carswell at centre-half we struggled to play out, and that led to the midfield being bypassed and, effectively, us gifting Stranraer back possession and getting ourselves under more pressure. It wasn't that McGeever was bad. It's that he wasn't Carsy. And he's been pivotal for us this season. In terms of positives. Well fighting back from 2-0 down is a good sign. We only actually attacked the game when it got to 2-0, and we had Stranraer rocking a fair bit. After spending his first 10 minutes doing nothing but conceding fouls and shouting at people, Ryan Wallace really came onto a game. He used his arse well, he created chances and he looked very fired up. Finlay Gray did incredibly well chasing a lost cause to effectively win the penalty. And when McKee made it 2-2 we should've accepted it and got up the road. As it was, the red card probably made the players think we could've snatched a win. And whilst I wouldn't ever have a go at a team for trying to win a game...We lost our discipline, our shape and got too excited pushing for a winning goal. The run was always going to come to an end. And I'm glad it was a deserved defeat, rather than a fluke or a dodgy bit of refereeing. Hopefully it's a wee wake up call that you can't have off days in this division, and we see a reaction from the guys. In a way we seemed to be playing with fear of losing the run; today and on Saturday in the second-half. So it'll be interesting to see what the response is like.
  17. No complaints at all from me on that one. Stranraer were the better team for about 82 of the 90 minutes. Hungrier, braver and stronger all over the park. Duffing it up from 2-2 against ten men after 86 minutes is a pain though.
  18. We're lucky not to be a couple behind here. Stranraer are carving us open very easily.
  19. Scooby-Blu looks a handy player by the way. Doing keepie uppies in a mascot suit can't be easy. Fair play.
  20. It's impossible to gauge obviously, but I've always wondered what level he could've played it if he'd fancied turning pro. With his stature and size I reckon he could've had a decent career in League One/Two down south if he'd really gone for it. An absolutely superb player.
  21. By the law of averages we have to lose a game soon. And a Tuesday night away from home against a team struggling (and who lost heavily on Saturday) has banana skin written all over it I suppose.
  22. Not sure if it's one for this thread or the Axe the Monarchy thread. But is this really the turnout for the big screen of it in Edinburgh? I didn't think it would be busy. But I thought they might manage a bigger crowd than a Saturday morning amateur game.
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