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  1. I don't think it will be happening this week unfortunately. Something to do with Pixellot and geoblocking not being sorted yet. That's not fully confirmed yet though. On a totally unrelated note; I've got a full set of notes on Annan Athletic players if anyone wants to buy them from me
  2. Yeah this is kind of where I am on it. If he's coming in as an amateur then I see it being a pretty risk free move. If we're needing a goal in the last 10 minutes of the game then chucking the big man on wouldn't be the worst option imo. His signing would be more indicative of a wider problem at the moment though. There just aren't many strikers out there. Full stop. Stranraer have done something similar bringing back Craig Malcolm and he's really the only natural forward they have. Albion Rovers had been playing Michael Paton up top and stuck their tallest midfielder up there on Saturday. Where he struggled massively. Out and out strikers have just vanished completely across the leagues. If Faz has decided against a loan player or another forward to give the Beast a deal then questions can be asked. But I imagine that, with a budget of pennies and a total lack of strikers, he's maybe not seeing anyone out there within budget he fancies.
  3. That's one of those games that we'll only know the true value of in a few weeks. It was either a gritty victory when not playing our best against an Albion Rovers side who merited a point and therefore the sign of champions. Or it was a laboured performance against the bookies' favourites for relegation who spent most of the game with 10 men. I put the Wee Rovers eighth in my prediction thing in the paper though and, on what I saw of them today, I wouldn't have any concerns over them finishing bottom. They really did everything you'd want when your side are down to 10 men. They defended well, their keeper was solid and drama free and they looked a threat on the break. I was far more impressed with them than I was with Stirling Albion last week. My only concern would be their lack of anyone vaguely resembling a centre-forward. Get someone who can chip in with 12 goals or so this season in that team and I think they could be a real pain in the arse for a lot of sides. Better still, teach Charlie Reilly some composure in the final third and he might be that man. He looks quality in every way. Until he gets a chance to shoot. And then it's like watching a guy attempt to kick a ball as hard as he can with no regard for where he is on the park. Nice composure for the goal mind you, if he could show that more often then there won't be too many defenders who can handle him. As for us. Well it's a win. Brett Long only really had one serious save to make - and made it with aplomb - and we showed good character to nab a winner late on. That aside we were clearly getting frustrated in the second-half, we struggled to put together good passages of more than four or five passes at once and we didn't work Jack Leighfield anywhere near enough. That's not to say there weren't positives. Finlay Gray's energy made a difference and he stood up incredibly well to some pretty physical treatment. Ally Love was busy and industrious - but maybe just lacking a bit of sharpness. Gregor Buchanan and Stuart Carswell both played well and, for 60 minutes or so, I thought Ryan Blair was really tidy. He moved the ball about quickly and efficiently and was always dropping deep looking for it. Then he started trying to play far too many killer passes and lost possession far too often. But for that hour I was impressed again. I like the way he does the simple stuff. Div Wilson made a difference when he came on, and Ryan Wallace was a bit of handful. His goal was absolutely a cross - but ironically came from Lynas crossing wings only to take a quick short throw. All that being said though I think we'll play a whole lot better in games this season and not win them. Whilst Rovers will play worse and win. I won't complain about six points from six, four scored and only one conceded though. Especially when I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have won that game last season. This league is going to be incredibly tight, and the fact only ourselves and Bonnyrigg have still to drop points can only highlight that. Annan next week is going to give us a real indication of where we're at. Anyone finishing ahead of them this season will probably win the league I reckon.
  4. Feel a bit guilty after that. Wins a win though. Sign of champions etc etc.
  5. Any Pars fans fancy posting a picture of the view from behind the goals? I'm absolutely fascinated to see what you can actually see.
  6. Save for a wee spell around the red card where we hit the inside the post and had a couple of good chances we've been second best here. Not sure how much the wind is playing a part in that mind you. But Rovers have been the better team imo. Massive second-half coming up, no excuses against a side who'll be spending 70 minutes with 10 men.
  7. Just watched the really decent match preview on YouTube, and I see the Wee Rovers are trying to even up the former players curse by having Carlos Lyon training with them
  8. I agree. But I'm also not sure he'll be able to dislodge Carsy or Buchanan at the moment. Nice to have some competition in there. Hopefully keep everyone playing to a high level. I also wouldn't be against us loaning out Edin Lynch until January once he's shaken off his injury. He'll have missed a lot of football, and I don't see him getting much gametime unless Lynas gets injured.
  9. Aye, Faz said a couple of weeks ago that he was still getting up to speed - and that it would be another few weeks until he was ready to play 90 minutes. His goals at the weekend were a nice surprise. Up until then I thought he looked like a grafter, someone who could work defenders a wee bit - but not a goalscorer. But both on Saturday were good striker's goals. A tap in after the keeper spilled a shot and a really good first time finish. There have been a few wee flashes of him and (another ex-Rover) Ryan Wallace being on a similar wavelength too. Hopefully he can stay injury free and be the striker (note, striker. Not a number 10. Not a winger. Not a second striker. And actual, old-fashioned centre-forward...) we've been needing for quite a while.
  10. I wish 99% of people on the Lennox's Facebook would do the same
  11. From the article That's more ST sales than I expected. Good to see.
  12. Cliftonhill is quite possibly my favourite venue in Scottish football and usually one of my go-to grounds when we aren't playing. I'm far more excited than I should be for this.
  13. Really nicely made highlights up on the Binos' YouTube. Lynas must be made out of solid stuff to get up and walk off after that. Jesus Christ. Great finish from Byrne for the second goal.
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