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  1. Duffy loves signing players from clubs like that tbf.
  2. Goal chalked off, two off the line, two scored, liquid soccer on display. This is only going to end one way. 3-2 Clyde (AET).
  3. He has the look of a man who has had countless affairs.
  4. Iran and Qatar both looked really stodgy sides. Slow and not particularly fit. Just a second off the pace of this level. Can't say that about this Saudi team. They have been superb. Pressing really aggressively, chucking themselves at things. Being brave with their high line. They look like pretty effective.
  5. You simply have to say fair play to Saudi Arabia for their high line here
  6. VAR is garbage, eh. Daft, soft penalty. And then disallowing two very tidy goals for really tight offsides.
  7. Iran very much giving me Jim Duffy's Dumbarton 2020/21 vibes. As soon as they went a goal down then it was just a matter of how many.
  8. Jenas getting himself very wound up over a couple of fouls. He really is unbearable.
  9. As long as we make it through the game without any injuries I'll be happy. A win would be nice mind you to keep our recent momentum going. Hopefully we'll see Wallace get a start. I really fancy him to be a big player for us in the second-half of the season if we can get him sharp and firing a bit.
  10. Alex Scott relishing bodying Qatar here
  11. That's an absolute brilliant header. I love goals like that. Great leap, direction, power. The lot. Hopefully Valencia can get a hat-trick here.
  12. Genuinely wouldn't let this keeper near Sons' squad.
  13. He was poor against Annan and Stranraer I thought. But given it was touch and go whether he played at Annan because of injury that probably explain it. I thought yesterday he looked like the one who was prepared to play a risky pass to cut Forfar open. And it almost worked a few times. Quite a few players were content to just keep possession ticking over, but was trying to thread the needle a wee bit. Speaking of thread the needle, that's exactly how Wylde's goal looked. It was so delicately struck I didn't think it had a chance of getting beyond all the legs and McCallum without getting a touch but - as you say - it was perfectly in the bottom corner. I watched it back a few times to check it hadn't got a deflection or something on the way through, but nope. He just caressed it into the corner. I'm looking forward to seeing it on the GoPro. Edit: I should also say. A month or so ago Wylde and D.Wilson couldn't buy a game. Wylde's now scored three in four, Wilson was superb last week and scored a vital goal yesterday. Fair play to them. Maybe we have more strength in depth than was feared - although yesterday I felt like we looked like a team missing their best midfielder and their top scorer.
  14. Game of opinions and all that! I thought, for a team bottom of the league with 10 men, Forfar defended and managed the game really well. They basically played us at our own game - even before the red card - grabbing a goal, defending properly and looking dangerous on the break. They played a full half with 10 men and, aside from the goal and Love hitting the post, Marc McCallum really hasn't been in any bother at all. They weren't as easy on the eye as Stranraer (who I thought played some really nice stuff) but they were better in both boxes. Even if we gave them a massive helping hand in our own. Ryan Blair's absolutely my kind of player. I know he had a knock in the lead up to the Annan game and was a bit scrappier than normal against them and then the following week against Stranraer, but I think he's been absolutely vital for us this season. He'll take risks to keep the ball and does get caught in possession at least once or twice a week, but I love how disciplined he is positionally and his eye for a pass is superb imo. He can be frustrating as hell at times, of that there's no doubt, but there are things he does that make me realise why Swansea took a punt on him a few years ago. There was a high ball launched his way in the first-half and, without any effort at all, he pinged it down first time out to Martin McNiff in space with the perfect weight on it. I absolutely love things like that. I just wish we'd put him back on inswinging corners. We got a lot of joy from them earlier in the season, and his whipped left footed crosses are glorious.
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