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  1. It was not. Guy was ex Scunthorpe apparently. He didn't do a lot, but took the goal calmly.
  2. Callum Wilson is at RB and Lynas at LB. Anyway. This has been entertaining for a friendly. We look good going forward and the link up between Waldo and Byrne has been very promising. Wallace's goal was a beauty of a move and he's looked sharper than I expected. Unfortunately we still cannot defend and look like conceding everytime they get beyond the half way. David Wilson was robbed of possession on the edge of box for the opener and the second was an absolute screamer of a strike.
  3. Dumbarton sign goalkeeper Harry Broun from Kilmarnock
  4. We've signed goalkeeper Harry Broun, who was our trialist on Saturday. I saw him play for Kilwinning Rangers in the 'Kilmarnock Pie Cup' final a few weeks ago and thought he was absolutely excellent. He got Man of the Match that day. I looked him up afterwards and saw he was on loan from Kilmarnock and, based on that showing, I expected them to keep him and maybe loan him out to someone at our level. He was good at the weekend too. Based on those 180 minutes I'm pleased we've brought him in. Looks like, for the first time in a very long time, we have two strong options between the sticks.
  5. I couldn't believe how busy that was tonight. I've seen it quieter on match days (and I'm not talking about Covid ones before some smart arse pipes up). Absolutely brilliant to see. And folk weren't just buying one top. They were chucking in a hat, scarf and whatever else. Hopefully the club made a decent whack tonight, because the guys who have worked so hard on the DFC 150 merchandise deserve to have their efforts rewarded. Going to feel cool AF strutting round Milan in my Sons top in September I echo the comments about the training gear too. All the Macron stuff looks really top class. A massive step up from the Sunday League Joma efforts of recent seasons.
  6. The fact that Dom Thomas scored 14 goals and assisted nine in 26 appearances for us. Effectively saving us from relegation single handedly (whilst scoring some of the best goals I've ever seen and the best hat-trick I've seen live), yet didn't win POTY is one of the biggest mysteries of our time.
  7. Afraid I've had it confirmed numerous times by numerous folk that he was only training with us to get his fitness up after more than a year out. So he's all yours.
  8. Isaac/Carlos on trial with Forfar last night
  9. Aye I'm 99% sure that's Carlos Lyon himself (he changed his name by deed poll). He's been training with us.
  10. From the outside peering in, East Fife remind me a wee bit of us in 2019/20. We emptied our underperforming squad, and everyone backed the new manager in doing that, but then week after week passed without us signing A) Enough players or B) Players who, on paper, looked like quality additions. Duffy ended up at the exit trials and signed a host of guys from that; Conor Scullion, Mati Zata, Ryan Tierney, Jordan Pettigrew along with punts on the likes of Isaac Layne, Jordan McMillan and Ruaridh Langan. We cancelled our first friendly due to a lack of bodies, started our second with about eight trialists and the Betfred was a total disaster. We did end up with a few good players that window; namely Morgyn Neill, Ryan McGeever, Joe McKee and Rico Quitongo. But it wasn't until Duffy added some serious quality late on (Reghan Tumilty and Adam Frizzell) that we had anything remotely like a League One quality side. I wonder if Crawford is (for whatever reason, be that budget, the way he sells the club or whatever) just struggling to attract the players he targeted.
  11. At the start of this season I quite liked seeing him doing well given he was an underdog jobber who was getting the most out of a poor to average bike. But now I'm a fully fledged fan. I've even got myself an Aprilia keyring I thought he came across really well in MotoGP Unlimited and I absolutely love his hard charging style. Yesterday was, without doubt, his best ride in MotoGP. I still think Fabio will win the Championship. Despite finally deciding to have a Pecco of a round. But, based on his performances this season and that ride yesterday, Aleix would be a very deserving champion. You kind of get the feeling this is going to be his only chance too and he's either going to grab it. Or bottle it in spectacular - and typically Aleix degrees of emotional - fashion. Good to see Maverick finally looking a bit more like himself too. He could be a bit of a dark horse for next season imo.
  12. Winners - Stenhousemuir Playoffs - Forfar Athletic, Annan Athletic, Dumbarton. Hopefully. Bottom - I really fear for East Fife at the moment.
  13. Stranraer sign George O'Connor, formerly of Kilmarnock And Elgin sign Kenny MacInnes ex ICT
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