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  1. Being our marquee signing last year did not say much, admittedly.
  2. Joe McKee is an absolutely class act, and I'd be really pleased to see him get back to full-time football at a club like Queen of the South. He was most definitely our marquee signing last summer, and came into a squad that was really short on both experience and (to be brutally honest) quality. Falkirk fans were quick to pile into our thread to tell us how awful he is, how much he'd shirk challenges and go hiding as soon as the going got tough. Let me tell you, the going was very tough at the start of last season and McKee didn't once hide on the pitch. In fact if anything, aside from the fact he's a very classy passer of a football, the way he was always willing to take the ball in really any situation and try and make something happen was evident from the his first minutes in a Sons shirt. When he came to us he was totally out of love with football, he admitted that himself on the Record Lower League podcast with myself and esteemed Doonhamer Colin Paterson. You could see pretty quickly that he was enjoying himself again and - more than that - relished the responsibility and pressure of being a key player. As a player he's very neat and tidy. Yes he clocked up a huge number of assists for us (which says all you need to know about his dead ball delivery) but I'd say his passing was definitely his main attribute. He's just a really nice player to watch. Danny Lennon always spoke very highly of him last season, and I think he's exactly his sort of player if that makes sense? Good on the ball, always looking to get on it, and usually keeping things relatively simple. As a professional (and as a guy) he's different class. All last year he trained full-time on his own on days where Sons weren't training. I spoke to him quite a few times for the paper (and obviously we had him on the podcast) and he would always make a point of saying hi or stopping for a quick chat if I saw him after a game. He also called me up to thank me for taking the time to speak to him, inviting him on the podcast and wished me and Sons all the best on the night where he officially left us. As someone who spends a large degree of his life feeling like an inconvenience to lower league footballers, that really meant a lot. In terms of weaknesses, I think he needs to add more goals to his game. He's a very good striker of the ball, but he really should've scored more than twice last season. If you want to get the most out of him then he probably needs a destroyer type alongside him too. That aside, and with the right coaching/management, I don't see any reason why he can't do a good job for you guys next season.
  3. Demanding blood, premier primadonnas, Halt in block capitals. You're good at this tabloid stuff I must say.
  4. "Furious Pie and Bovril member Lorenzo71 has slammed Celtic star Boli Bolingoli and called on rulebreakers to be hammered by government chiefs." Record'd that up for you nicely 😉
  5. Yes. The Scottish Government have taken a very cautious approach to Covid, and aren't afraid to make a big decision - putting health before wealth if you will. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see football put on hold if there is a spike in cases or someone else gets caught making a secret trip to Spain. Although how Celtic didn't notice they were missing a player is beyond me, but there you go... Our return is different. You can't have part-time players in a bubble akin to full-time pros. If we end up in a situation where we have to wait until there is a vaccine for all but elite sport to return though then we can wave goodbye to the Sons, every other smaller club in the country and, presumably, every smaller rugby, hockey and whatever else club going. On the restart of the English Premier League they said you need to be in close proximity to someone for more than 15 minutes to be at risk of the virus. I reckon smaller matchday squads (totally the opposite of what the Premiership voted for...) and sensible precautions should see us be able to restart in October - hopefully with a capacity limited support. I can't see any reason why you are able to go to Braehead and mill about stores with thousands of others, but not sit - socially distant - in a football stadium like the Rock with 400 or 500 others. Especially when a lot of the people we go with will either live with us, or be in our bubbles. For the bigger clubs it's more of an issue, I understand that, but I'm really hopeful that we will see football (and fans) back before the turn of the year. I'm an optimist with a countdown on my phone to that day though...
  6. Rico Quitongo and Ruaridh Langan feature in this week's Lennox, both come across really well - but I reckon everyone's love for Rico will grow a wee bit more. Get out immediately and buy yourself a copy so you don't have to read it on the awful website later in the week!
  7. Cheers for that. Where are the Cove fans at? They get decent attendances - is their support mainly made up of Aberdeen/OF fans who just pop along when their own team isn't playing?
  8. I'm really pleased for Mikey Miller getting another good full-time gig. He really was excellent for us when he was very young in an outstanding Dumbarton team, including putting in an top class performance at Pittodrie after Mark McLaughlin dislocated his shoulder a week earlier. I was surprised he didn't really kick on at Morton, and then assumed he'd been lost to the game for good before he surfaced at Brechin City a couple of seasons ago. Fitness seems to be a real issue, but keep him firing and with the right management I reckon you could have a very solid player on your hands. Tom Walsh can be as good as he wants to be. But you'll know him well enough from his time with ICT.
  9. Aye, I'm with Moonster on that one; it seems bizarre that websites which seek viewers then piss them right off. I recently scrawled 'Jan's The Man' in felt pen on a trolley shelter at Milngavie's M & S - will that help ? Get those thoughts put into an email and fired at the Record. It's a nightmare, and it surely shouldn't be difficult to have a user friendly website when that is where the future of your business lies. Anyway, I appreciate that and I'm sure it'll make all the difference 😉
  10. That website is the biggest pain going. Considering how important we're always being told digital is to the industry's future, the amount of adverts on there makes it borderline unusable on my wee laptop. Anyway, I appreciate that. And I won't go off on a rant about the website on here 😂
  11. Worry no more friends, my interview with Denny Johnstone is online now too. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumbarton-new-boy-denny-johnstone-22475164 I really would appreciate it if you could drop as many clicks, likes, shares and whatevers onto any Lennox related DFC stuff. Ideally it's how I want to spend most of my time, but obviously that needs to be justified to my editor by it performing well - and online is the only real way we can gauge that. Some of it performs very well (especially on Twitter) and others totally flop - so give my figures a nice wee boost and I will be forever grateful.
  12. Sam Wardrop signs for Dumbarton on a permanent deal.
  13. ????? Sam Wardrop Ryan McGeever Morgyn Neill Rico Quitongo Ross Forbes Stuart Carswell Ruaridh Langan ????? Denny Johnstone PJ Crossan I dare say we looked a lot worse than that nine weeks before the start of the Betfred last season...
  14. And so we add a student lawyer to our team that also includes a student teacher (Ryan McGeever), a student accountant (Ruaridh Langan) and a law graduate who specialises in tax (Robert Jones). Intelligence FC.
  15. Cheers. I'll put the three of them in, really should've remembered Ruaridh seen as him and his brother were pals with my brother at school!
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