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  1. I've been having a wee think about things from yesterday, and I reckon we need a bit of a shakeup. Call me radical, but if I was Duffy I'd be tempted to throw something like this out next week. Conor Brennan Jordan McMillan Ryan McGeever Morgyn Neill Rico Quitongo Reghan Tumilty Joe McKee Ruaridh Langan Adam Frizzell Isaac Layne Matthew Shiels "Have you totally lost your mind, Jan" I hear you all ask. And the answer is most probably. But, let me explain my thinking here. Tumilty has been poor defensively for a wee while now, but makes up for it with his energy and skill going forward - and the fact he's a fantastic crosser of a ball. I'm fairly certain he's played on the wing/at wing-back in his early career, and he's going to be more effective out there than Stefan McCluskey or the current PJ Crossan. That also allows us to bring McMillan back in after his outstanding showing against Forfar a few weeks ago. With Tumilty in front of him he'll have a bit of defensive protection and won't need to burst a gut up and down the line. Aside from that McGeever and Neill are fine together, they have excellent games (such as at Broadwood) and poorer games (East Fife at home) but I think they're decent enough, Quitongo is fine too. Not fantastic, but he has a big heart and is a fighter. I like that. Further forward I've solved the Hutton/Carswell problem by dropping them both. Now that's harsh on Hutton who has been good this season, but we saw yesterday that neither him nor McKee can really play together in a midfield two, and there's no chance I'd be dropping McKee who is one of few players we have with the quality on the ball to win games. Langan has been impressive when he's played, is more mobile than Hutton and McKee and will do a great job of the ugly stuff allowing McKee to spray some aesthetically pleasing passes around. Frizzell on the other side is a natural choice given he's a smashing wee player. Up top our options are restricted, but I've plumped with Matty Shiels. The left-back/left-winger and now striker. I'll be honest. I've seen very little positive from him so far, aside from two big moments. His driving run against East Fife, and the way he burst in on goal (before making a mess of the finish) yesterday. He's very quick, strong, good in the air and would be a handful for defenders...If he doesn't hide. Imo it's clear that he doesn't have the skill to be a winger (a la Frizzell) nor does he have the defensive capabilities to be a left-back. But he started off as a striker, and I think given a run up there we might see why. He would also give Isaac Layne a bit of support - which he's been seriously lacking almost all season. Layne has moments where he doesn't look like a footballer, when he stumbles over his legs and concedes endless fouls...but he also has moments where he looks like a real bustling handful, and he has the knack of being in the right place at the right time. Him and Shiels could cause issues. Now I know there's A) No chance of any of the above happening and B) That it's totally wild, but yesterday we looked stale and predictable. Tumilty getting beaten defensively, a one-paced central midfield, Frizzell really our only threat and Layne coming up against three players every time he touched the ball. A radical rethink might just help to freshen things up a bit. As wild as I know my team is. I would also hand the armband to one of McMillan, McGeever or Neill. Just in case anyone was wondering. McMillan has captained the Pars and is undoubtedly a big character and leader on the pitch, McGeever has captained Queen's Park and I like the way he acts on the park (even if it was a communication breakdown that caused the second goal yesterday), and big Morgyn is all passion. He'll captain someone one day. Tear me to shreds and make me feel as clueless as we all know I am.
  2. That double save from Mark McCallum in the first half is absolutely sensational. For such a big guy to get down at that angle that quickly is nothing short of remarkable. Wow.
  3. Don't mean to burst that bubble, but you guys were the Angus Azzurri in my eyes last season too. I absolutely love the way Petrie has you playing - it's brilliantly frustrating for opposition fans.
  4. He was there, but watched the second-half (I think) from the stand. Nipped off bang on full-time and Hagi did his media stuff. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/dumbarton-0-2-montrose-mcpherson-21047580 Crossan was miles off it today by the way. There's a player in there, but he needs to realise that you cannot attempt to skin a defender every single time you touch the ball. Lost count of the amount of times he lost possession.
  5. Hagi said just that post-match. Credit to Montrose. They were the far, far better team and thoroughly deserved the three points. Right from 1 to 11 we didn't perform - but a lot of that was down to how well the Angus Azzurri were set up.
  6. Carsy out through injury with Crossan in - which is an attacking switch. Crossan and McCluskey wide with Frizzell at #10 and Hutton and McKee in the middle I'm guessing? Also #FreeLangan
  7. Big ups for putting the Tumilty corner call in 🤣 Our second goal is a lovely move. McKee drawing in about four players, lovely ball from Carsy, gorgeous ball from Tumilty and Layne in the right position to knock it home. Glorious.
  8. Goal cam features a lovely double nutmeg finish from Joe McKee, and Layne smacking the camera. And my report is here, because am I heck promoting Jan Junior's work and not my own... https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/clyde-1-2-dumbarton-big-20998915
  9. Pleased to see Ian Murray doing so well at you lads. Should help to quieten those in our support who were so quick to play down a great escape, playoff chasing campaign in the Championship and comfortable survival as major achievements for him.
  10. That was a really weird game all in. There's little doubt that Clyde are a much better footballing team than us, they showed that when they played us off the park at the Rock in September and again for a good 25 minutes yesterday, but as soon as we started to make the game a battle then they resorted to hoofball and did little but whack crosses into the area which Brennan, McGeever and Neill dealt with superbly. It wasn't that we were fantastic, but realistically we should've came away with more than a 2-1 win. Frizzell, McCluskey and Crossan all had chances that you would expect them to take, albeit David Mitchell deserves credit for saving two of them - even when he shouldn't have been given a chance. Games like that are fast becoming our trademark this season though, we don't relish a side taking us on at football - but if we can draw them into a physical game, defend aggressively and then hit them on the break then it suits our players down to the ground, and fair play to Jim Duffy for that. He nailed the tactical switch. It was an excellent bit of management - not for the first time this season. Having Joe McKee back was a massive boost, and once Duffy shifted the shape around to get him on the ball more the difference was remarkable. I don't think there's a better passer of the ball in the lower leagues, I really don't, he's so efficient in possession, he opens up space for himself where there isn't any, he takes the right option 99% of the time and I think he maybe misplaced two passes all afternoon. His goal was a lovely finish too. Keeping him fit is going to be vital to how well we do this season. After a typically uncomfortable looking start together, Hutton and Carsy grew into the game with McKee in front of them. Hutton especially flicked from a dire first half-hour where he looked unfit and lazy to bossing the midfield from that point onwards. Defensively Reghan Tumilty had an awful first-half. He was continually beaten in the air by Michael McMullin until Duffy got Carsy to just deal with it, his positioning was poor, he looked furious and was jumping into challenges and the way he booted the ball away after conceding a corner (which, for some reason was given as a goal kick...) made him look like a walking red card. Clearly Duffy had a go at him at half-time, and he came out as a different player. Got a gorgeous assist for the second goal and strolled it. Rico Quitongo had the hardest shift of the day dealing with Johnston, but he stuck to it and did well enough. Hooking him for McMillan late on was the right call though and he did equally well. McGeever and Neill dealt with Goodwillie expertly, so much so as another reporter after the game said it was the quietest he's seen Goodwillie be for Clyde. Conor Brennan had few saves to make, but commanded his area really well - and, as mentioned earlier, his distribution was decent too. Further forward Frizzell looked good when he got on the ball, but was a fair bit quieter than last week, big Isaac Layne made himself a nuisance and got a good striker's goal. His form is nothing short of unbelievable. Nine goals by November...Seriously who on earth saw that coming when we signed him? I bet even Duffy is surprised by his return - and fair play to him for that. He's definitely proving me (and a lot of others) wrong. The only real negative was Stefan McCluskey. His touch and end product are really, really poor. He loses the ball very easily and he has a nasty habit of just fouling people as soon as he goes near them. Duffy absolutely had to get him off when he did because there was no doubt at all that he was being sent off for his next foul, whilst he'd missed an absolutely glorious chance to finally break his duck for us. I know he puts a shift in, and I know he was a good player for Morton, but I really think two seasons in Juniors have finished him off at this level. No point ending on a negative though. It's a third positive performance in as many weeks and, incredibly, we're only four points behind East Fife. The league is going to be ridiculously tight this season imo, and getting results like that against a Clyde team who will 100% pick up could make a massive difference come May.
  11. DT got 11 assists last season so his statistics will be sublime.
  12. That was unexpectedly decent. I was expecting Forfar to have something of a new manager bounce about them, but not even a whimper. We weren't great today but more than deserved the victory - a few decent performances in there too. It's the best Adam Frizzell has played since we last took on the Loons, and Jordan McMillan, the madman that he is, was absolutely outstanding. Delighted to see us returning to the tried and tested tactic of landing balls on Ryan McGeever's massive head, and the third goal was an absolutely gorgeous bit of route one football. Eight for the season now for Isaac Layne. Who saw that coming?
  13. McMillan, Shiels and McCluskey in for Tumilty, Quitongo and McKee. 0-4.
  14. Lewis Crawford and Mati Zata punted out on loan to Rossvale til January. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4206
  15. Routledge was one of Aitken's best signings imo. He was a fantastic player. Having to choose between Forbes and Stanton was absolutely brutal there. Might just vote for the other one on one of my different accounts to stop me feeling like I've chosen a favourite son. Aggy will win it today though. And rightly so.
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