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  1. I see we have an exciting 12.15 briefing today. I imagine, as part of the 'adult conversation', this will be warning us all to be on our best behaviour tonight. #Scenes when she decides to shut the fan-zone.
  2. Yes, hopefully he & Ben Armour don't come back to haunt us Ben Armour is really quite good at returning to haunt his former club I've heard...
  3. That really got to me. It was pathetic. People die. People will die of Covid. More people will die of heart disease and cancer. I'll die one day. Not sure how or when. It could be today for all I know. Is it nice to think about and talk about? Not really. But there's no point hitting out with wishy-washy language about a fact of life. Sturgeon is clearly trying to appease the Lovejoys and 'LoNg cOViD KilLLs 2' brigade with wording like that. The other thing that gets me is 'the race between vaccination and the virus'. Well, yesterday, Scotland did 26k vaccinations (apparently an undercount) and reported just under 1000 Covid cases. Even taking into account the fact not all Covid cases will be reported, I'd like to put a solid fiver on the vaccination winning that particular 'race'. The 'adult conversation' she spoke about last summer feels like a very distant memory.
  4. Hearing Clyde have also beaten us to the signing of Bobby Barr. Can you confirm?
  5. That would spoil the fun. If it's who I think it is, he scored against Sons last season and his partner has recently had a wean (I believe. Rico Quitongo told me that).
  6. I suspect that England's 'removal of most restrictions' as Michael Gove said this morning will be very similar to our level 0.
  7. Three weeks from June 28 would take us to the same timetable as England. Who saw that one coming?
  8. Orsi was a winger at Brechin, but I think Morton tried to turn him into a hardworking handful of a centre-forward during his time there. One of their fans who frequent this thread will be able to confirm that though. I reckon that's the role he'll play for us too. I wasn't sure who to stick there between Hopkirk and Stokes, but plumped for Stokes. From his highlights reel on YouTube he looks comfortable taking players on from wide positions and seems to be decent with both feet. So he seemed the more natural option. It shows that the left-side is somewhere that needs strengthened though.
  9. I've got all six lads. Although I needed a message on Twitter from another P&Ber who was also doing it to crack mystery man #14. Ironic given we were talking about him on our thread the other week. Can you do this with all your signings @LeodhasXD? Ideally on a Tuesday when I'm quiet at work and easily distracted!
  10. I imagine our first team will look something like this: Sam Ramsbottom Andy Geggan Ryan McGeever Gregor Buchanan Paddy Boyle Paul Paton Stuart Carswell Ross MacLean Joe McKee Eoghan Stokes Kalvin Orsi That gives us a bench of Erskine (GK), Lynch, Duthie and Hopkirk. I was doing a wee bit of faffing with our squad yesterday to work out where we needed more depth: Faz has spoke about wanting a squad of about 19. I'd like to see the four new additions include a left-sided defender (I'm not 100 sold on Paddy Boyle as our first choice LB fwiw), a left-sided attacking player and two natural strikers.
  11. That's a cracking teaser to be fair. I'm going to spend the rest of my day on your website. Number three was an easy one. Got that already. 5/6 in the bag. Another former Sons player ticked off. Number 14 proving troublesome here.
  12. There are a lot of team who I would consider a similar size with (I'd imagine) similar budgets this year. Take out Falkirk (even though they'll potentially be a shambles once again), Cove with their big money and Queen's Park and you're left with Airdrie, Alloa, Clyde, ourselves, East Fife, Montrose and Peterhead. All clubs with similar fanbases, recent histories and not dissimilar budgets. Obviously Cove have plenty of cash and were a good team last season. But they aren't like 2012/13 Queen of the South. You'd expect Falkirk to be a lot stronger than last season - but equally they could easily have a disaster of a season. And Queen's Park? Well they've got a decent squad and plenty of money. But equally it's not a squad that blows you away - and they have a rookie gaffer. Airdrie have the full-time element too I suppose, but at this moment in time they don't look stronger than last season. I'm looking forward to it. I don't think there will be much at all between the teams in 4th and 5th and those in 9th 10th. But for the first time in a wee while I'm genuinely optimistic about what we can do.
  13. That 10 weeks chat has had two impacts on me. Firstly it's put the lingering feeling of misery that followed me about for most of the past year back into the back of my mind. The feeling of dread waiting on an update from the Government on what you can't do now. And that's exhausting. But secondly it's made me feel far more determined to just live my life and ignore the rules. To be perfectly honest, at the moment, I've no idea what the rules even are. Other than restricted crowds at sporting events and masks in supermarkets. They became ridiculous contradictory nonsense a long time ago. With almost everyone in vulnerable groups vaccinated, four deaths of people for any reason at all who have tested positive within 28 days reported last week and hospital numbers lower than a small junior game I fail to see the point in any of this. It's panic led dithering from a government paralysed by fear and too scared to make a decision listening to oddballs determined to further their own time in the limelight. Furlough ending will be the only thing that takes Scotland out of lockdown. I honestly believe that.
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