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  1. Good news that. Although cases are still at high levels, the positivity rate looks to be dropping.
  2. The people on my Facebook who are posting about they aren't having it are also the same people who support Trump/the Far Right and share posts like "THEIRE'S A MUCH BIGGER PANDEMIC THAN COVID. PEDOPHILES. COVID IS A GOVERNMENT COVER UP TO SAVE THE CHILD ABUSERS. LIKE THIS TO JAIL A PAEDO". The people who are posting on my Facebook about getting it tend to work in the health service. So I think I'll probably trust them. If I die or grow a tail as a result then that just adds to the fun.
  3. Agreed. It says a lot about the standard of opposition the Tories face from Labour that a 23-year-old footballer is one of the only people to have publicly highlighted just how horrific this Government has been at attempting to handle the social issues around a pandemic.
  4. There will be Tory MPs praying that Marcus Rashford bags an injury time winner for Man United today just so they can hammer him for the celebrations.
  5. We could do with a bit of width...Or indeed anything attacking at all. So he'll do!
  6. It's rubbish being a sports report for a paper with no live sport to cover too. Brutal! Here's hoping we can see him back at the Rock later in the season. Although, to be honest, I'd be equally as delighted to see him get (and take) his chance to be Hibs' number one*. Have you got any other players we could have on-loan btw? I formed really deep attachments to Kevin and wee Sam Stanton () so anyone else would be great.
  7. Rory Loy banging in goals for the Bairns and then saving you money on your Sky renewal. What a guy. I hope he gets involved in football again. I remember his podcast with Craig Telfer well and he came across as an intelligent and thoroughly decent guy. I could see him being an asset to clubs, be that as a coach or maybe working on the psychological side of sport.
  8. I spoke to Robert Glen about Kevin Dabrowski last week, and I thought that those of you who aren't in the Lennox's circulation area so can't pick up a paper copy might want to have a wee read of what he had to say. Obviously in normal times I'd be expecting you all to travel from the various parts of the country you all live in, but that apparently isn't classed as "essential travel" these days for some reason. So it's online instead. Clicky
  9. The league will probably be decided on alphabetical order. Or Premiership clubs will get to vote for who they'd like to see promoted and relegated. That would be a good laugh.
  10. Yeah I agree. He's far too good to be the third choice at a club, especially given he'll be 23 this year. It's not like we're talking about a 19-year-old. He's obviously still young for a goalkeeper, but he'll not be wanting to copy Danny Rogers' route after his loan spells where he spends a few years wasting away on the bench/reserves. I can imagine if you were looking to loan him out again then there would be quite a queue of clubs in the Championship (and maybe even in the Premiership) who would be keen to take him on. The optimistic in me is hoping that, if (and it's a big if) League One gets back up and running and Marciano and Macey are both fit then we might see Kev back at the Rock. Jim Duffy was delighted with him, he was playing every week and enjoying his football and Jack Ross seemed pleased with his progress, so it might suit everyone. But I'm not getting my hopes up too much about that.
  11. I hear you. But, imo, it would be crazy to promote and relegate teams based on 11 completed games out of 27. Especially in a league where one team have only played eight times. There's no reason why the league shouldn't be able to finish. The final round of fixtures are scheduled for May 1 and with a vaccine being rolled out and the seasonal decline in Covid cases as we get into spring, calling this early would be a decision that would create far more issues than it would solve. Things have been done safely for the most part and clubs (certainly from the games I've been to) are following the protocols very carefully. Am I optimistic that we'll be back in February? Not really. No. But I can't see any reason not to bump on the final day of the season for a fortnight and play a few weeks of Saturday/Tuesday in April and May. It might compress things down for the playoffs and so require some organisation, but there's definitely a way that it can be done to avoid a farcical situation where teams are relegated/promoted or denied promotion. Last year it was a total shock for everyone which excuses the handling of it. Clubs won't be as understanding if that happens again.
  12. Hi guys. Know that Matt Macey appears to have beaten him to the number one jersey, but I spoke to Sons' goalkeeping coach Robert Glen last week about Kevin Dabrowski - and I thought it might be of some interest to my HiberniSons pals. Clicky
  13. Yeah it was his back. He picked up an injury in September (I think) of his first season with us and just couldn't shake it off. I can't remember the exact details, but I think he had some surgery and it didn't have much of an impact. I think he now works for Sky or someone and has packed in playing totally. A real shame
  14. My Granda found out yesterday he's getting his first dose at the weekend. 77-years-old and with no underlying conditions. NHS Highland obviously have themselves in order. My 82-year-old Papa with COPD, Bronchitis, Asthma and Diabetes who lives in GGC still hasn't heard a peep though.
  15. Given how little I've been out over the past 10 months, I'd find the opportunity of a 2am vaccine quite exciting.
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