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  1. The way this was put forward really irked me. Clubs in the lower leagues are on their knees, so let's try and get this despicable idea of playing youth teams in the senior leagues through again. Presumably we'd all be offered a cash "incentive" (bribe...) To go along with this too. If any moves are taken by people more relevant than Gordon Smith then it's the definition of those in power taking advantage of a horrible situation to appease the only two clubs they are bothered about keeping happy.
  2. https://www.dumbartonfootballclub.com/news/?mode=view&id=4219
  3. There's a reason that this didn't go up on the Lennox website (yet). It's nothing serious, and I'm not wanting to be a cryptic ITK weirdo. But we won't know for sure if that's gone ahead until today. The Beeb jumped the gun.
  4. Right guys, as you can imagine sport being totally wiped out isn't a situation I was hoping I'd ever encounter as a sports reporter at a local paper... I'm actually quite enjoying coming up with bigger ideas for features and the like though, and with it being 20 years since we moved in to the Rock I thought that could be something half decent to write about. I'll put an appeal out on the Lennox Facebook and Twitter pages next week - but I'm thinking I might do something looking back on its opening, and then a piece around iconic moments and games (so feel free to fire me suggestions and we'll come up with a top five or something). We've got a few old pictures - including Paddy Flannery in a full-kit on the site of the stadium before it was built - on the system but I'd love it if you guys could fire some my way too. I can't promise they'd all be used or anything like that - but I love old photos from memorable times, so fire them my way. If you've got any memories, key games, basically anything from the past 20 years at the stadium then drop me a wee email and I'll try to include it. My work address is [email protected] I've got a bit of time to work on this because I'm kind of covered feature wise for a few weeks with ones I kept for emergencies - but given time I think we could do something really nice.
  5. I fear for DFC at the moment. Contracts due to be paid until the end of May, but with no income and only a handful of home games already this year - two of which have been midweek. Unless there is some help given to a lot of smaller clubs like us then then an extended break or the season being ended looks like it could have very bleak consequences.
  6. I can confirm that I had a fairly major crisis today when, with just about 10 working hours to go until my deadline and with every page planned out, content in where needed, and spaces left for the content due in over the weekend - allowing for call offs and cancellations, I suddenly lost about three pages of sport and payment for covering the game tomorrow for the Sunday Mail. It's easier for me working at a weekly, but I'll be working over the weekend on it - and there will be a lot more features until this all blows over. The daily papers will have it tough. The daily locals will have it extra tough.
  7. The coronavirus would be preferable to Brabco imho.
  8. Is Jordan Kirkpatrick nursing an injury or something? I can't understand why the heck he spends so much time on your bench.
  9. Arguably my favourite post of the thread. Trumping even Microdave's response. I mean I'd understand it if there was some rivalry going on here...but there really isn't. I doubt any Sons fans give a single hoot about Clyde and vice versa.
  10. I think I might be furious if we'd had something to play for. But we don't. We were never going to make the promotion playoffs and should be safe from ninth now. It's a straight out battle between us and Clyde for sixth. As others have said the Bully Wee thoroughly deserved to win today. We lacked a bit of sharpness and the players looked pretty fatigued. Combine that with losing Rico, who has been outstanding in recent weeks, and then Carsy and it's no real surprise that Clyde won routinely. Take two players like them out of most sides in this league and they'll struggle. Fair play to Conor Brennan though. I've criticised him a bit this season but he pulled off one of the best saves I think I've ever seen irl today. Maybe it won't look quite as good in the highlights given we were at the other end of the park, but he had no right to deny Goodwillie from about three yards. It looked out of this world.
  11. Jai and Rico out, Crawford and Layne in. Maybe hang off that 3/1 @Silverton End
  12. I'd agree with all that. I'd keep Langan though. He's versatile and has been decent this season. Doubt he's on a huge whack either and he's really only in his first season of senior football. Suspect McKee and J.Quitongo will be in high demand. I'd like to think that we could keep Rico, Neill, McGeever, Carsy, Hutton, Layne and Crossan though.
  13. Should just make this a high scoring draw in a festival of football that pays tribute to our fine, historic footballing institutions who will once again be lighting up Scottish League One next season. 3-3.
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