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  1. You boys were interested in taking a look at Jaime Wilson over the summer I believe. Don't know if it was ever anything more than "We'd like you to come along to pre-season" - but when we took him on trial I was told that ourselves, Airdrie and Elgin were all sniffing about him. Certainly based on today he looks like he could be a really useful player, but it's still early days for him - especially as he's a bit of an unknown for defenders. Hopefully he can keep it up over the next 20 odd games mind you, we've been lacking his sort of player since Bryan Prunty left.
  2. Jones 100% needs to work on his positional play, but I genuinely think there are similarities there - especially in the way they are treated by fans who see huge lads and expect them to win plenty in the air, which neither of them do. The way Jones set up the first goal was excellent though, drifting into a bit of space and then playing an excellent ball to his more mobile strikepartner. As the season progresses and he gets gametime under his belt at this level (and with more Duffy coaching) we'll know if he's good enough for this level, but there's definitely something there imo. Not someone who is going to bag 15 goals or whatever, but a useful League One player nonetheless.
  3. He's not pretty to watch, but he was effective at times today. The Nish comparison is based on two factors; the way he flicks between looking like some sort of complete League One targetman capable of pulling off some really neat skill for such a big guy, only to fall over his own legs and be beaten in the air 14 times in a row by a full-back half his size, and the fact that his ungainly appearance makes him an easy target - especially when things aren't going well. Assuming Denny is fit then I'd imagine he'll pair with Wilson, and based on what I've seen of him so far I'd be pleased with that. But I do think Jones gets a bit of a hard time, imo if he was about 6"1 or something and not just all arms and legs he wouldn't get anywhere near as much stick.
  4. I thought we were really good today and thoroughly deserved the victory. Not one bad player put in a performance below a 7/10 - and a special mention to big PC Wallace Christopher Smith. I had the fear when Polish Kev went down in the warmup, but the big man came in and was superb. Two outstanding saves at key moments in the game and played on when it looked like his leg had fallen off. Right from the start we had a bit of tempo and pace about us, and that's not something I've seen all season - and feared we'd lack. Wilson was buzzing about and reminds me of a prime Mark Stewart, not just in hairline, but in the way he plays. He harried defenders, played on the shoulder, didn't stop working for the full 87 minutes he was on - and of course took his goals really nicely. Just a shame Leon McCann has nicked the credit for his wild second. Looking forward to seeing it again, but at the time I couldn't believe how many times he turned the defenders inside and out. Fair play to the much maligned Robert Jones too. He really is just Colin Nish again. His set-up play and through ball for the first goal was excellent and he caused Airdrie issues. He looked done after 75 minutes or so mind you, so we really do need more options up there and could do with Denny being back fit pronto. In midfield, and as has been mentioned, Wedderburn cruised through the game. He's just such a classy player and - whilst I accept his clumsy fouls can be frustrating - I'm a big fan. His touch is something else and he proved this afternoon he has a great eye for a pass. Alongside him Carsy put in a good shift cracking into the challenges, and wee Chris Hamilton continues to impress. I cannot believe he is a centre-back by trade - he looks the most natural winger we've had in ages! Defensively we were fairly solid and protected big Wallace well. McGeever and Neill were fairly untroubled, Wardrop was a threat going forward and decent defensively (although did almost get caught out a few times) and Rico Quitongo looks back to his old self. That was an incredible run he went on just after the second goal too, I thought he was finally going to score! As for Airdrie, well they didn't look a patch on the Diamonds teams who battered us last season. Last year I was blown away by the intensity that they played up and how well organised they were, but there was none of that today. They looked absolutely bog standard right across the park and really lacked the intensity and pace that they played at last season. That's not to say they were slow, but they looked easier to play against and didn't pin us in. I was excited to see Thomas Robert, and he certainly looked more lively than Craig Thomson when he came on, but I didn't see anything to suggest he was one of the hottest young talents in European football. Strange that he ended up on the bench though, because he still had a but of drive and creativity about him. A final word goes to the kits on display today. A crime to have Airdrie not playing in their home kit at home, and I had to double take when they took to the park looking (and indeed playing) like Albion Rovers. On our front that new kit looks absolutely smashing, the sponsors all compliment it well and it was worth the wait to see in the flesh. Looking forward to the one I ordered about 14 years ago being delivered. Tl;dr version. Sons - surprisingly good. Airdrie - surprisingly bad.
  5. Give me 15 minutes... Or just click here for my Lennox one. Typed in a freezing car in the car park and uploaded via a dial-up esque personal hotspot...
  6. Kevin will go back to Hibs tomorrow to be assessed. I reckon he probably could've played today, but we didn't want to risk aggravating it. I'd be very surprised to see big Waldo fit for then, so I'd imagine we'll try and bring in an emergency keeper. Out for Tuesday. Duffy didn't say why. PJ will be too. He spent the game a few rows in front of me in the stand, so I'm guessing he picked up a knock too. Any further questions or can I go and read the match thread now?
  7. We have owners who have not invested one single penny in the club since they invested over a decade ago and have been pushing for a pie in the sky move to a stadium on a floodplain. Their ideal scenario now would be if Sons folded and they could sell the current stadium for housing. So in short, yes.
  8. Ehm. I really don't know, it's not my place to really comment on these things - and it doesn't impact me because I'm not on commentary on Tuesday night anyway because I'm away. I think the forecast yellow warning of rain combined with work only being done on the pitch today was the reason for tomorrow's match being moved. I'd certainly like to think that, by Tuesday, and assuming there isn't constant rain in the build up - the pitch will be fine by then. In saying that it will be the first home league game I'll have missed since April 2011. So another postponement would suit me down to the ground.
  9. Adam Frizzell is back at Dumbarton, this time on a permanent deal.
  10. Nope. It's officially our away game now and the January match will be our home game, so it's treated just like a standard Airdrie home fixture. If the Diamonds want a commentary team and have two mics available then they're very welcome to give me and Chris a shout though.
  11. Yeah. I remember he missed the Falkirk game at the start of January and Duffy saying post-match that he wanted to extend his loan deal - but that it would depend on his injury situation. Quite pleased with how the squad looks all things considered now. We've got an excellent goalkeeper; a good young back four, a couple of decent defensive midfielders, a few options out wide and a few creative midfielders. There's a decent bit of depth there too. The only concern is where the goals are going to come from.
  12. Pleasing, although I agree with BBPF about it only being until January. Would've been nice to have him for the campaign - unless there are still doubts about his fitness. A 19 man squad. Woah. Feels like we're a big club.
  13. Posts I didn't ever imagine making. I see that Michael Paton and Gerry McCabe are the new interim management team at Brechin City. There's a popular duo with Sons fans...
  14. I actually wouldn't be against this. Especially if, come Friday night, it isn't looking likely. I can imagine the players are just desperate for a game too - so doubt there would be any issues from their side. In fact New Broomfield is probably easier for most of our squad to get to given the strong Lanarkshire contingent we have. I guess the only problem would be if your stadium was already booked for Saturday afternoon?
  15. Looking at the forecast, and given last week's call off, I'd give this game approximately no chance of going ahead.
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