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  1. No one at Stranraer would disagree about the Coo Shed except perhaps to go back even further to the good old standing days in there. Sadly D&G Council and their intrepid Health and Safety guys condemned the benches. It was change them for individual seats or close it. A sad day indeed.
  2. What was it about today’s performance that prompted your ire?
  3. Statistics don’t take account of any context. It is not competent to rely on them solely to make a case whatever the debate. For example, we went 28 games without a win under Sanny McAnespie and were truly terrible for that period (except a heroic defeat at a Celtic Park). That’s statistically worse but I doubt you’d be saying that Sanny was a poorer appointment or that the club should have made a change in 1988.
  4. Without having the time to check it out I’d be fairly confident that the records of Neil Hood, Gordon Hamilton and Nobby Clark and possibly Davie Sneddon and John Clark are worse than anything we’ve seen in recent years. Even if their records aren’t worse there can be no doubt that the “football” that was served up was more often than not... much worse. Or at least it felt like it. The danger of comparing stats from different eras is that the assume that all the conditions, economics, finances of the club relative to others, league level, etc etc are the same. Which is quite clearly not the case.
  5. Just ten days ago at Station Park, Scott Robertson came as a last minute sub for Forfar against Stranraer for whom Scott Robertson started the match.
  6. Top class. The pedantry is impressive [emoji106]
  7. According to National Rail app There is a 1903 departure on Saturday. Change at Ayr for Glasgow Central.
  8. I’m not sure the adjective “refereed” is the one I would use to describe his contribution to that game
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the game. Two evenly matched teams having a right go at each other and both trying to win the game. I like Montrose and think you guys have an excellent manager. Thought you were physical yesterday but not overly dirty unlike some other opinions. Physical strength and tough tackling is part of the game as are injuries and we were a bit unfortunate yesterday. Only the tackle on Mark Stewart was perhaps a bit rough but I though the booking was correct as were the other three dished out by the ref. Some good stuff from Stranraer particularly in the first half and if we could have managed a second goal it could have been different. When Montrose had their best spell and cashed in with their goals we showed great character to fight back and make sure we got something from the game which we deserved. I see the ref getting pelters. I disagree as I thought he had a very good game. Got all 4 bookings correct. Kept the game flowing and tried to play advantage where possible including a great advantage in the move leading to our first goal. Got the big decisions correct and nothing contentious for me and he didn’t get conned by any of the handball and penalty claiming going on either from both sides. I hate it when they get over fussy and throw cards around and I liked his common sense approach yesterday.
  10. A good reception from us for Belly I would expect
  11. Fear not our Ayrshire friends. Having avoided the journey to Brexitland we will be turning up at Westfield and Somerset with large suitcases to cart away our half of the cash from two massive away games. We’ll be just fine [emoji4]
  12. And you can add Stranraer to the list and after a quick check Stirling Albion are also on list of shame
  13. That’s in the League. We did win a Challenge Cup tie there in August 1997 thanks to a Gordon Young goal. Still no doubt we’re overdue a result though. [emoji4]
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