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  1. Not sure if anyone has said theyre taking over commish duties yet? 🤔
  2. Have a spare spot in a £35 dynasty league if anybody is interested link to team below - not bad, made playoffs last year, could maybe use an injection of youth if anything https://www.fleaflicker.com/nfl/leagues/190419/teams/1291618 drop me a wee email ([email protected])/DM if interested
  3. Should be sorted now. For some reason the seedings didnt set, probably the way Ive set up the calendar or something
  4. Hmmmm Ill take a look tonight and see whats gone on. Normally next week but with it being bigger you may be right
  5. Waivers process first thing tomorrow morning
  6. Added in a sunday waiver run as well for folks needing last minute replacements. Hopefully that sorts it out
  7. Ugh I was under the impression this was fixed last week. Lemme try again
  8. My bad, i fucked up the calendar. Ive sorted now so waivers should process at 8pm tonight then 6am every weds, thurs and satgoing forward
  9. On ipad. Mobile browser is defo better than the app in my experience, but havent really had experience with it scoring wise
  10. http://www75.myfantasyleague.com/2018/ajax_ls?L=31264&W=1 working fine for me...
  11. Nah still need to set your lineups every week
  12. First waivers run tomorrow i believe. Can be accessed through the add/drop tab
  13. All Play just means your lineup faces every other lineup in the league each week, so top scoring team in a week will be 32-0, 2nd higghest scoring will be 31-1, and so on...that stacks each week so its like a persistent ranking table. the lineups are start 1 at each position, then any 4 RB/WR/TE, so 8 players total, with 4 on the bench give me a shout if there were any specifics, but thats the jist of it
  14. No idea what youre talking about. Everyone has had the same 4 hour clock. Hasnt been changed since the start
  15. Thanks No idea why they make it so difficult. Assumed it was just a case of editing roster, no idea why they have to make stuff so difficult
  16. Should clarify - commish could you please cut DeShon Kizer for me so that I can make my pick please Thanks
  17. Cant cut a player to make room for my draft pick Apparently theres a roster limit of 4 QBs?
  18. Click on your team name, then the top line that says setup, click basic and you can put your email address there. That seems to be the common factor of folks not getting email alerts
  19. Yeah I’ll be putting on autopicks for anyone who misses a pick going forward. First few rounds were fine but far far too many timeouts this week already
  20. Aye they should be, Ive ticked all the boxes to notify people when picks are made etc.
  21. Yeah itd have been nice to do a live draft but not a chance we could even get half of the folks online at the same time might need to put folks on autodraft after 1 time out if it keeps up :/
  22. Yeah its pretty frustrating. I get that not everybody has time to check in when theyre on the clock, but like you say its not the end of the world to predraft a pick Should be smooth when all the autodrafts kick in
  23. You have missed the cut off, however I have a no-show team...if you can drop me an email before the original owner you can have that team. Currently has 1 pick made with a 2nd approaching
  24. Theyre also included in the PPR for all positions
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