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  1. That is my season over - having played more games than everyone below me, only time will tell if 7 wins and 11 defeats is enough to survive relegation... Feel free, anyone, to challenge me to a friendly.
  2. Div A defeat to @arab_joe I stupidly gave away a bishop early on, and my opponent didn't make any mistakes from then on in. Well-beaten.
  3. Division A defeat to Aim_Here I would've lost to AH anyway but am gutted at the manner in which I gave the game away. We were online at the same time and I rushed into a blunder I'd never had made if I just thought about it for 30 seconds. As the late, great B.B. King sang, never make your move too soon. Thanks for the game, all the [email protected] Here
  4. I think I'm up-to-date now, if anyone would like a friendly?
  5. Division A win for me against markf268 - a very even game for the first 30 moves or so, until I managed to snatch his queen. As Francis Begbie once said, after that, the game was mine. Thanks for the game @true_rover
  6. Two Division A defeats for me to report, outclassed by both AH13STU and Board_stupid. Thanks for the games @Leicesterlichtieand @Curmudgeon
  7. Division A defeat to PnBMathematics End-to-end stuff in another enjoyable epic with, ability-wise, probably one of my closest rivals in the league. I thought I'd clawed back a winning position after making a very early blunder, but the tide turned again late in the game when I lost the pawn promotion race. Thanks @mathematicsfor another great game, all the best for the season.
  8. Division A defeat to @pleslie99- got absolutely battered by a very good player. Good luck for the rest of the season!
  9. Division A Win for me against Purplekangaroo89 Thanks @craigkilliefor two good games, all the best for the remainder of the season.
  10. You can delay the inevitable for as long as you like in our game! I'm absolute murder at the moment, in rotten form.
  11. I'm all caught up with my fixtures, so if anyone would like a midweek bounce game, feel free to challenge me @AlbinoRov.
  12. Division A Defeat against @Aim Here Pummelled fair and square by a better player. That makes it 5 wins and 5 defeats for me. Will settle for mid-table obscurity this season...
  13. Darvel certainly have more money than that Rovers team who beat Motherwell (and took Rangers to a quarter final replay) This one is the bigger achievement, IMO - not because of the greater gap in tiers, but because Darvel treated it like another day at the office, insisting on playing the tie at their own ground, playing to win from the get-go, and bossing their full-time opposition for 90 minutes. Ours was a bit more of a smash and grab job.
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