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  1. Can't believe we've reached 4 pages of this thread and no one has mentioned....Elaine C Smith
  2. Just thought I'd put your mind at rest, he is very much alive and well(as can be expected!). He lives (way too)near me in the Southside and has calmed down a wee bit, both in terms of his behaviour and dress sense. He's put on a bit of weight and now favours an array of multi coloured bandanna's matched up with bright Green or Orange body warmer that's a size too big for him, with white trousers/jeans and those slip on Tan Work Boots you see guys on building sites wearing. Often to complete the look he has a laptop bag slung over his shoulder.
  3. The long haired glaikit mute in the Scouse/German house is by far the star of this series. I agree with the general consensus that too many of the old school are now playing up to the cameras and therefore becoming caricatures.
  4. Monayr


    That is a brilliantly perceptive post.
  5. Im just heading out to buy a Kangaroo, so that I can have my eggs pouched too!
  6. I know Stewart Lee divides opinion generally, but he's really pulled off an unusual one with me as he's managed to Divide Mine! I actually love and hate him in roughly equal measure He is without doubt a self satisfied smug pseudo w**k, but at the same time I do find him funny at times. I must say that I've found this series better than the first' although I thought the other nights episode (Identity), was really quite poor.
  7. Just seeing if this posting malarkey works!
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