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  1. No surprise, most of Bushes administration were Bible thumping fuckwits.
  2. I'd love it if the camera followed them into the meeting in Trump Tower and he was wearing this...
  3. Not to mention illegal BRITTISH cluster bombs slaughtering civilians in Yemen this week, that cluster bombs we said we stopped selling 6 years ago. and the US sending 200 special forces to assist the rebels take Raqqa... from 'ISIS', and thousands of ISIS leaving Mosul and rolling into Palmyra unchallenged are we to be outraged again when we see Aleppo take 2 in Raqqa or Palmyra?
  4. Amateurs "Friendly fire" Iraqi Army Base Comes Under US Air Raid Again, 90 Soldiers Killed, Over 100 Woundedhttp://bit.ly/2hpAjdu 1:27 PM - 10 Dec 2016
  5. Yes he did. http://www.politico.com/story/2015/12/barack-obama-revolving-door-lobbying-217042 The Obama administration has hired more than 70 previously registered lobbyists, according to a 2014 POLITICO review,
  6. Not if you are in the Syrian army and you've just took you're country back.
  7. Offffttt some shit on Twitter/periscope now
  8. Aleppo "Falls" Meanwhile Mosul is being "liberated"
  9. Stopped watching this a couple of weeks ago, very boring.
  10. Americans complaining about a State interfering in foreign elections....
  11. How many GS employees were on the Obama team?
  12. Lol @ the blue filth ,tragic apologists.
  13. No trawling mate. No log ins needed . Takes about 5 seconds to see a paranoid victim type post on swallow swallow it the swamp. Eta...here you go, took 20 seconds,the top thread on Swallow swallow ,Child abuse and how Mark Daly's hatred of Rangers stopped him reporting it
  14. Lol Sutton just throws petrol on people then watches them light themselves.
  15. Are there any sane Rangers fans out there
  16. Cheers, ooffft must be an horrific sickener for the blue filth!
  17. What was the score? I missed the last 5 minutes.
  18. It is , read it, it's tinfoil ,area51 material.
  19. Did you read the shit JJ spouted?.. It's hysterical, rent boys, Freemasons,media cover up , fake marriage lol. id laugh if someone wrote that about me , I can't believe people believe he filed a Cease and desist
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