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  1. Over extended himself last week by going live and needs time to recover/heat up ❄❄😉😉
  2. Some of us work when the vampires are out
  3. Re playing on a wider park. I always thought that a team would be more used to playing on surfaces similar to there home park but supporters always seem to say their team prefer a different type of playing surface i.e. wider, longer or non artificial.
  4. I understand that other teams have signed players. But does automatically make them stronger? How many players have gone to clubs but failed to make an impact. Pollock last season for example. Over the years every team have had some players that have under achieved or not cut the mustard as they say including Talbot. I get your point about if you don't freshen thing up with a few players now and again teams can stagnate or fall behind other team due to current players get older or lose a yard of pace. However experience and understanding of your team mates improve. So in short new players doesn't always equate to a stronger team.
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