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  1. We can run with one keeper can’t we. It’s not like we’ve had bad luck in the past with keepers is it [emoji848]
  2. According to Matt Elder expected business tomorrow and Friday
  3. Toshney a no for me. We can’t afford another injury prone player
  4. On another note. Brian Potter rushed to hospital with chest pains at today’s game. Hope he’s ok
  5. Robbie Thomson. Ruptured Achilles. Horrible injury
  6. Yip. If our youth players can’t get in front of the loan players they must be pretty piss poor
  7. Left back is more of a problem for me. Crane has been a big disappointment for me. Lost count of the number of goals that have come from him not defending his area of the pitch or him misplacing passes
  8. Board aren’t giving him any more money so we are stuck with what we’ve got.
  9. So Brechin only list 3 subs. One a goalie. Sounds familiar. Sounds a bit like us from earlier in the season when Smith was naming a short bench. Has to be something to do with his training methods.
  10. Davo played well. Bene had his best game for a long time.
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