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  1. In the unfortunate event this goes ahead, where is the best bet for parking? I remember being in an industrial estate bit last time but think that was on a supporters bus.
  2. Pretty shite all round tbh, weather wasn't great at all and the pitch is w**k. Didn't think Hearts created much until later on when falkirk seemed to tire a bit. Falkirk pretty unlucky to not score hitting the woodwork 3 times. I think the worrying thing is Falkirk never played well and still created a few chances. I think we are really in danger of going down. Poor turnout from the home crowd, I might be remembering my youth wrongly but I always thought of Falkirk as being a pretty well supported team.
  3. Killie good value for their win, organised and hit shots straight at the fucking Diddy in goals. Hearts really are woeful defensively.
  4. See you guys have punted 3000 tickets so far, is that a good show or not so much? Would've been good to have the ground full but if it were Hearts and the old firm I wouldn't want to be outnumbered, although the financial boost would probably be welcomed. Anyway, from the league table falkirk look similar to Airdrie. I'll go 3-1 hearts
  5. Saints fans really are bunch of greeting faced bitches, only topped by Tommy Wright.
  6. 3-0 Hearts, hopefully put these pikeys to bed nice and early.
  7. Balls challenge is a shocker, he's no chance of winning the ball. I doubt he meant to do so much damage but he k ows he ain't winning that ball.
  8. We couldn't get booked in somewhere early enough so just drank on the good side then travelled through.
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