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  1. I felt terrific watching that sail into the net yesterday to be quite honest. Unfortunate that you didn't enjoy it quite so much.
  2. You're a liar. You heard nothing of the sort. You heard the tune to Sloop John B but you heard nothing about famines. You made that bit up.
  3. Not for the first time in your life, you're spectacularly wrong.
  4. He doesn't have to wait any longer seeing as you just did. Diddy twats the pair of you.
  5. Bashed too many times in the head with sweaty sacks it seems.
  6. I think mines are fairly well developed in all seriousness. You're the expert though. How long you been bawwatchin?
  7. A kiss AND "take care"? You're playing hard to get but I can read between the lines.
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