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  1. Craig Beatties finally left us. His constant grumping on twitter and claims about being fit were shattered when he failed a medical at Notts County. He's now finally been told to f**k off and waste someone elses money. Total waster Means we're likely to get one or two loan players in this window and should help tie up some more contracts for next season
  2. I agreed with you? I cringe when players start shouting at the ref instead of preparing to defend the free kick as no matter how you complain he won't change his mind. But it's to put pressure on the referee about the next decision to try and help your team, I'd say its more gamesmanship than outright cheating
  3. I sort of agree with you here. I don't think there's another sport where referee's get so much abuse from players than football, but I think the referee's need some communication with the players, possibly it should only be with the Captain though
  4. I only blow her up at nights and weekends so it would have to be a late date
  5. I'd recommend asking the boss guy to give you shots. He makes them himself, with a mix of sambuca and ice cream, easily the best drink I've ever had. Good luck on your date anyway, I'll be sure not to burst in that cafe and try and sabotage it, not at all. Especially since I live just along the road from it....
  6. I'd almost forgotten about your obsession! And yes, the curry! Tried Balajee yet?
  7. He probably is. As I said the boy who saw him never saw the face. Just had a vague description and with Jason being released, our links to him and the fact we need a lazy poaching c**t people just flew into the belief it was him.
  8. Seemingly its Cafeville now, girlfriends random rants about not having enough time to complete quests alerts me to this
  9. is it? Think HMV's deed aswell, bad times It's a proper Romeo and Juliet story! I just find it funny that this time last year he was telling me to stop posting as I was a terrible poster and done nothing but insult me Think the day we outed Granny Danger as a paedophile was a moment that brought us together though
  10. All thats been said is there's a black player training with us and he has dreadlocks, was spotted by an eagle eyed supporter but his face wasn't seen. Would love it to be Jason but Dundee are seemingly after him too, we can't compete sadly
  11. If we acknowledge their greatest achievements it would read Milsom - 11 minutes against Manchester United at Old Trafford in a Premiership game Griffiths - 15 odd minutes against Luxembourg in Luxembourg in a Friendly
  12. Premiership game at Old Trafford. I decided to leave out the League Cup games down there too
  13. I know! To be fair you are an aggressive cunto of a man the majority of the time. Can't believe it got this bad though!
  14. To be fair he only played 11 minutes of that appearance, although it was at Old Trafford
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