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  1. One for any lurking Dundee fans on here....were the fans still quite positive about their squad/team after the 1st quarter or could you start to see what was about to happen? I'm certain we won't go down and I've said this before on here....maybe I'm kidding myself on a bit but I feel weirdly really positive about this group of players.
  2. That was an definite improvement...the first few cup/league games were as bad a run of games as I've seen us play for many many years. Just nothing there at all. For me, there is a bit of that about May....great, we've got him...christ, what the hell do we do with him. We'll get someone closer to him at home and that will help but he might get a bit isolated away from home which won't help him. He won't get to play wider as we've got about 5-6 players that Tommy will use before him. The only bit I probably disagree with is the last bit....Aberdeen were easily the better team in the first half so a draw was about right. .
  3. I also picked up on this and thought exactly the same as you at the time....you're right, he was clearly angry and passionate about the point he was making, and I couldn't get my head round it at the time. On reflection though, if you are passionate about your faith then you will feel that this is a bit of personal attack...hence the "anger". ((having said all that, my comments come from a position of ignorance as I have no interest in the topic......just an observation more than anything else)) As an overall summary of the meeting, I thought it was good and more open than I thought it would be. Steve (the board) never dodged a question, apart from the Foster one (fair enough) and the slides/content were clear and pitched at the right level. Paulo's summary is spot on re content. It would have helped having Tommy there to field some of the team selection questions....."why does Danny not get a game|" etc. If I took away a one thing from the meeting, it would be that Steve Brown is fed up with the whole thing and can't leave quickly enough.....I thought he got more and more negative as the meeting went on.
  4. That's probably the 3 that I hope will happen this week...only change would be a "rightfield" signing instead of a leftfield one....
  5. I am. Emailed Bev, and she replied saying I was successful. No agenda, just a bloke with a season ticket.
  6. I'm going. Season Ticket holder for 25 years. No agenda and generally interested in what the board have to say. I was lucky enough to see the email while I was a work, sent an email to Bev (maybe an hour after I got the invite email) and got a reply to say I was in.
  7. 3 for me, but I agree with your point about the deal still happening. Funnily enough, I get a bit more hopeful when another day goes by (and he's still not signed for anyone else!!).
  8. I’ve heard similar. It’s all in the contract detail. 😬
  9. Hopefully get some detachment then....this late this week, maybe next.
  10. It'll be Callachan, Danny tomorrow probably.
  11. Callachan holding the midfield instead of a defender and we're there.
  12. Are there any specific players who you wouldn't want to come on loan? I don't remember anyone specifically disrupting those teams.
  13. I have a bet on number of runs scored in the India/Pakistan one day cricket international today. If the overs have been reduced from 50 to 48 (rain), does my run predcition bet reduce as well?
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