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  1. SJFA page has Renfrew v Meadow as 4-1 so this should be fixed and league table adjusted to reflect correct score
  2. Glencairn 5/2 that's not bad as we're at home
  3. Anybody got a link to see it live
  4. If you see the slow mo on the highlights it was a tackle high up on Tony's shin.
  5. I don't specifcally look for their results and don't care how they or any other team get on unless it directly affects us
  6. That's disappointing if true. I have no ill will to them
  7. It'll more likely be the Monday before the ties are due to be played
  8. To be fair to him it was tongue in cheek
  9. I knew that. Alan just phoned me it's aff
  10. Barca can f**k off if they think that they're getting any money for him
  11. colinmcn


    Blantyre v Glencairn off
  12. Are there any games on Saturday 31st in the West
  13. this wasn't a football card I definitely saw raffle tickets
  14. your team tonight, don't know if it's a regular thing just never seen any other team do it before
  15. Is it OK for a team to sell their own raffle tickets at an away match, reducing the money the home team make from selling their own?
  16. That will be the official score then. It's on the SJFA site so it's true
  17. was Jamie McGowan in goals for cumbernauld?
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