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  1. Where did you get those 40p shades? Do you think they make you suave with a sophisticated look ? More like the bawheid you are.
  2. Well done story by a new recruit to the junior game. Now if you could just recruit another 60,000 who think like you then we could be back to the 1920's.
  3. In all the congrats I don't see the manager mentioned. Surely he must have had a bit to do with the victory. Who is he by the way ?
  4. Just the usual; Full time stand-bye at all West of Scotland A & E Possible murder, but certainly serious injuries and beating ups from both sides. A night in for most people,
  5. Old Armadale fan told us that when they won the cup in 1946 they were unbeaten in 47 games. Any one can confirm?
  6. If Buckfast would sponsor 'Why Not'
  7. Bit confused about reinstatement. Heard that senior clubs can walk in and sign a junior without giving them compensation. They do not have to pay the SFA any fee. Then if the player goes back junior they can demand a fee from the junior club. Is this in any way true. If the SJFA have a six figure bank book, how on earth do they demand this £40 from struggling juniors many who are giving the ex-seniors a chance to play with little or no wage. Time clubs got organised and threw out this disgraceful reinstatement law.
  8. Heard about a Dalkeith supporter who went to his first AGM many years ago, and was delighted to get a complimentary couple of drinks. He said; "They AGM's are great, They should hold one every week"
  9. Free Agent, Your question is confusing. Are you asking specifically who are the biggest clubs today or Historically? If today, then the two outstanding clubs in the past ten years are East Linlithgow Rose and West Auchinleck Talbot. North have never been a force with only one team(?) wining the Scottish. On the other hand if you are referring to the history of clubs from the late19th century then many can lay claim to the title. In the beginning there was only Senior clubs in competition, Then the juniors and amateurs found their level, The Best? Well I think only Vale of Leven can lay claim to having been there from the start actually having won the Scottish cup in the 1880's. Lets say Junior post 1945. Petershill, Irvine Meadow were 'big guns' For a while Cambuslang Rangers dominated the junior game. Quite a few clubs have left the senior grade to play under the SJFA banner. (NAME THEM ?) All things considered I would say Talbot are the biggest club in the junior game. They have never had a sudden influx of cash from a sugar daddy but exist on the consistant support of the village with a mining background.
  10. Is there any truth in the Records claims that Osbourne is about to pounce on all those who benefited by the EBT scandal. It could be just that their editorial is just to entice old and new readers to buy their rag. No other paper even the scurrilous Sun have followed up on the Records exclusive. It's all the fans need at the moment when at long last the future looks a good bit more healthy. "Oh what a tangled web was spun by Murray, when first he practiced to deceive".
  11. Might be losing their manager if subject of tax being reclaimed on EBT's if article in Record is near the mark. Barry was second only to the ex DUPED owner who flogged Rangers for a quid, £6m between them Nice wee tax free bonus Eh!
  12. According to results over the years, Talbot and Linlithgow are two clubs who are run correctly. Talbot have a unique set up. Their village are right behind them, far from 'money men' it is their ordinary fans who contribute what they can afford. Their results over the years show just how good a committee they have. No need for flash Harrys who come and then depart as swift as they arrived. Rose have an excellent run social club, obviously run honestly when dozens of good clubs folded due to incompetence at the least, or hands fishing in the till. Just how many have folded from 20 years ago?
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