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  1. Somebody is definitely missing the point... and we cant use trialists. If any of the boys signed to help us want to play elsewhere they are released pretty much right away.
  2. Agree with this. We have 30ish registered. A few coaches, quite a few former players who'll help out occasionally. 8 games in i dont think we've had 16 stripped very often and if we have it's usually including coaches.
  3. Oir 1st year in we got drawn in 1b with Bannockburn, Wellhouse, Drum Ams, Eastfeild, Camby Talbot plus a more than decent Stirling City... Bannockburn won the premier shortly after. Wellhouse won the Scottish the next year. Luck of the league draw is massive
  4. Think it may have been 2009 or 2010 Aikenhead lost out to Bannockburn in the final. St Pats were still there when we won the SAFL in 2007 and pipped Inverclyde the year after for the league before moving on. Yes is a shame about Gourock, in truth there is just a lack of players down this way just now to go round the teams we have at Junior, Saturday afternoon amateur and the ever increasing popularity of Saturday morning football. As.well as the Sunday League down here is a welfare league so boys can't play both Sat and Sunday. I wouldn't rule out seeing Gourock going again by the start of next season, we all have bad years...
  5. They left in 2008... think they won the West in 2007 when still part of the SAFL and won the Premier again in the 2007/08 Season
  6. We were left idle due to the rest of the league being off... Probably a blessing in disguise due similar issues as Chris. Would also never take a free purely for an old firm game. Boys can watch / go to old firm games when they're finished playing.
  7. We'll that's no going to be shared with a public forum.
  8. Sound like your sources like a bit of embellishment... Just like said Striker.
  9. GHSFP 21s are on the lookout for opposition for this midweek, can get a park down here or they're willing to travel. DM if interested.
  10. GHSFP 21s are on their lookout for opposition for this midweek, can get a park down here or are willing to travel.
  11. We asked for a game as we are out in the sticks, least in comparison to everyone else it feels that way... And it's one less midweeker end of the season (hopefully) and nearly all of them are a pain in the arse.
  12. 3 games I believe.... Or at least it was a few years back.
  13. Some excellent points Dougie. The large portion of the generation playing now is very different to what it was when we started out, the priorities are very different, I planned my life around my football as best I could, Weekends away were from Saturday tea time onwards. Friday night functions were a show of face a can of juice and duking away early. It's the opposite now Football is fitted in around these. But I remember the same things being said when I first went amateur about us..... Players will come and go, as they look after No.1 in the main. We done the same as players. The amount of teams in proportion to committed players is probably too high on the team side. Some teams coming together wouldn't be the worst thing in the world but unlikely. There's so many 1 or 2 man committees out there which is hard to maintain over the long term. Financially it's very difficult also.
  14. It's definitely to do with the amount of money they received at Junior or senior over the a certain period of time and not just playing at that level.
  15. Never heard anything of it. Suppose if they didn't merge with Waterside they would have most likely folded too. Also suspect the league can't go on the assumption that teams will fold befire the season begins, Although it's unfortunately a very common occurrence these days.
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