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  1. Wouldn't be surprised if they were either plus hes from montrose area i think and im sure he singed a contract until 2022 a might be wrong
  2. Ouch that sounds a sore one hopefully recovers quickly and no other complications all the best to him
  3. Looks like an ok tackle tbh slid in and got the ball first think the pitch might of been a bit damp aswell so probably didnt help with the contact on the cowden player and hope the guys ok looked bad but hope its not as bad as it looks
  4. Matchday program for tomorrow https://online.fliphtml5.com/lamol/hbmn/#p=1
  5. Program for todays game https://online.fliphtml5.com/lamol/pgao/#p=1
  6. Nice watch its good seeing some lower league stuff on screen for once keep it up guys
  7. A good first performance and looks like another good performance from russell dingwall again
  8. https://www.northern-scot.co.uk/sport/oh-brother-tony-dingwall-could-join-younger-sibling-russell-at-elgin-city-if-he-signs-the-borough-briggs-club-215235/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  9. Great seeing some of the younger lads signing up I seen owen loveland resigning aswell but would be even greater seeing them getting some chances of a match at some point
  10. https://www.northern-scot.co.uk/sport/a-released-aberdeen-player-and-a-former-thorn-in-elgin-citys-side-will-be-on-trial-at-the-borough-briggs-club-when-pre-season-training-returns-next-week-210359/ 2 players and a possibility of archie back on loan to us from formartine
  11. Russell dingwall signed a contract extension now
  12. Another experienced defender i thought of was richard foster and hes from elgin dunno if he'd take that much of a step down though
  13. Good to get some business done early on in these times
  14. Was thinking the same would probably get a better offer elsewhere but his age is nipping on aswell a bit
  15. This could be a load of bull but seen on the ict fans forum some are saying carl tremarco is rumoured to be taking a player/coach position with us if true i think it would be great but could be them speaking a load of poop
  16. https://www.facebook.com/106061874434164/posts/128934498813568/ A wee video of tatters on the current situation of covid19 and some more bits *sorry dont know if the links working but its Moray films on facebook*
  17. Back in the days when citys kit supplier was kappa and big technology sponsors
  18. Looks a decent crowd back then doubt i'd remember it i was 2months old
  19. We have a new kit supplier for next season its joma i personally like this template of black and white kit
  20. Right who minds these legends back in the day in their city strips
  21. Ah not so good remember good few times when he played and as you say one of the best strikers we've had also think he played for cove afterwards. Disgusting disease it is as all of us probably know from fernando ricksens story which got to everybody even opposite old firm fans
  22. Shane sutherland Kane hester Brian cameron Russell dingwall Rabin omar
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