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  1. Shane sutherland Kane hester Brian cameron Russell dingwall Rabin omar
  2. Great result and performance by us today thought annan was a bit to physical with some tackles and the number 8 was falling at any chance when a elgin player was near him and thought we should of won by more than 4. Thought russel dingwall worked all over the pitch well same with rabin omar also think darryl has maybe lost the left back position to euan sparke he done well today
  3. Are you rigging the draw or has it been taken already cause by the sounds of it you think were drawn together already
  4. That was probably because of what was said on here or social media all the bitching comments between each other 😂
  5. Another good cup performance if only we could use that in the league and hopefully the next game in the draw is a home game this time
  6. It'll be a hard one to call i think with cove seeming to score a fair few goals in their games and us being at home i'd go for a draw or just edging it out for a win
  7. Dundee should be winning this one but hopefully we put up a good fight and maybe get something from it
  8. I wouldn't want him back either seems a bit of a big bairn when things doesn't go his way
  9. If sutherland returns a just hope hes not the niggling moaning one of before and hope he just gets on with the game and does what he's meant to as said before hes a great player when hes not the niggly type
  10. Just read it the now god knows whos to blame for that but i think mcinally is trying to find an excuse to why sutherland never performed that well for them Would nah take him back anyway seems a bit of a grump when he doesnt get his way so presume cove may be interested heard rumour of that before
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