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  1. Easyjet just cancelled my flights. At least I now get a refund. At this rate I'd settle for day trips to Dundee and Stirling...!
  2. Just realised I've got a ticket for this. Absolutely F*****g buzzing 🤩. Hampden will be bouncing.
  3. Apparently I'm really old. As my son asked if recently. Dad when you were young, was everything black and white? He's lucky I didn't take the belt to the young whipper snapper and send him to clean the chimney!
  4. Had booked to go to Denmark and Sweden in early September. But cancelled it and rebooked it for the end of January. Having a feeling I may have been over optimistic. Flights only cost £90 return. Even with the rebooking. So if I don't go it's no problem. Not even thinking about booking anything else. Even in the UK.
  5. The one in the meadows isn't there anymore. Think it's been taking away for conservation. The old Flodden wall that runs around Edinburgh still exists and continues under the Museum of Scotland and the architects who designed the new part of the museum incorporated a design into one of the galleries that runs along the line of the Flodden wall.
  6. What a brilliant signing for my wee English Team 😍. Welcome Ross
  7. 1FSV. Mainz 05. What is going on with those sleeves...?! I thought they would have left the creative part until they brought out their Karneval kit?
  8. Lubomir Moravcik needed just two or three games. His debut against Dundee in a 6-1 win was the warm up for his performance against Rangers two weeks later when he scored two in a 5-1 win. Though I can't recall if he played in the 2-1 loss to St Johnstone in-between. But we'll gloss over that one..
  9. Quick Question. Are there any shops in Glasgow that sell football Programmes? New or preferably old. I know of Almondvale programmes in Edinburgh and Bathgate programmes. I know Missing under Central station did sell in store (now only online) I'm in Glasgow today (Saturday 25th) Thanks
  10. This is what my English team Aldershot Town did. Season ticket is for 23 games and 23 games is what you'll get. Even if it's next season. Then news came out that there was possibility of letting fans in on a restricted capacity. Which will be more than enough to cover all season ticket holders and still have some capacity left over to sell tickets as first come first served online.
  11. Though I hate it that he's taken the p**s out of my team. On another level you got to respect the fact that the more the opposition kick him. He just gets back up and takes the free kick and goes at his opponent again. He doesn't hide and won't be intimidated. I remember seeing videos and interviews of players in the past that had that type of attitude.
  12. I'd pick the Celtic Centenary top.
  13. Celtic have Willie Maley Jimmy McStay Jimmy McGrory Jock Stein Sean Fallon (acting Manager after Stein's accident) Billy McNeill Frank Connor (four game stint after Liam Brady's sacking) David Hay Lou Macari Tommy Burns Billy Stark (three games stint after Tommy Burns sacking) Kenny Dalglish Tony Mowbray Neil Lennon. Seven Celtic managers in our history never played for the club. Win Jansen Jozef Venglos John Barnes Martin O'Neill Gordon Strachan Ronny Deila Brendan Rodgers
  14. You think World War one was mental...? It was just a training ground exercise in how to kill millions more Men, Women and Children (whether military or civilian) more efficiently and remotely.
  15. Mohamed Elyounoussi is Celtic's first signing of the new season
  16. What the actual...?! Linking the timeline of Liverpool's title wins with the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings from a pandemic and two illegal wars.
  17. I always get a Dark Roast bean from Starbucks. Usually Sumatra but I also like the Verona coffee that they do. Both coffees have a full bodied taste and low acidity to them. I used to have instant coffee until I worked for Starbucks. But now wouldn't go anywhere near instant coffee. Not really a tea drinker.
  18. New Aldershot Town kits. Already pre ordered the home top 😍
  19. James Forrest apparently had the choice of a career in Tennis. Kevin Moran (ex Manchester United player) won two All Ireland's with Dublin. Niall Quinn was also a decent Gaelic footballer.
  20. I was going to post this one. Though the kits we have now with Dafabet on the front and Magners on the back look s****e. I think that was during the time we couldn't get a sponsor for the shirts so they just decided to ruin a decent kit completely and embarrassingly put Umbro on the front for a few extra quid rather than just leave it blank! I'm not a fan of having sponsors emblazoned across the shirt, but I loved this one, where we had Tennents keep it small and in the corner. Super kit that season.
  21. I'm in desperate need of a larger new book case. I've an eye on one in the British Heat foundation store on Dairly road when it opens. I usually give novels away to charity shops when I'm finished with them. The ones I keep are museum and Historical building guidebooks.
  22. Just really the lack of match programmes is the thing that annoys me. I know they don't sell particularly well these days. But ive been collecting since my first game in 1988. And had one for all my games until I started going to European away games in the late 90s Some countries just don't do them. Some are sporadic, like In Spain. Got one at Real Betis but none at Sevilla. Now some clubs in Scotland seem to be fazing them out. Went to Hibernian Ladies V Glasgow City last year, They had a programme but only online. And unable to download it. Queens Park is only online to, but at least you can download and print it off. Would be nice is available at the stadium I'd happily pay for one.
  23. When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. some French footballer back in the 90s. Have no idea what he was going on about..
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