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  1. What I hate most about Rod Stewart at our games is the fact he gets driven up to the front door in a limo and has security usher him into the entrance like he's some sort of member of the Royal family or a world political leader rather than just a pop singer. Man's an utter c**t! Probably never spent a penny on Celtic and everything is handed to him too.
  2. Mrs atfccfc got me three of Celtic's European programmes from 1966-67. What an awesome present 😍 She also got me the Vojvodina game but it's not been delivered yet! I'm only short of two games now of completing all of Celtic's home European games. Nantes from 66-67 and Valencia from 2019
  3. I no longer have a season ticket at Celtic park as I work the majority of weekends. But I used to have a season ticket for the North stand upper tier then moved myself to the Jock Stein upper. I usually try and get my ticket for the same stand when I do go. Again I'm missing going to games so much. Watching on TV isn't the same. It's going to be a long time before we are back in any great numbers
  4. Italian musician Luciano Ligabue. Buonanotte All'Italia and Non e Tempo noi. I've been listening to him for years and seen him live four time. Including the one here in the San Siro. https://youtu.be/u5KqwAT9ZJk https://youtu.be/_bANQ2wWs6g
  5. Another vote for Naples from me. I've lived in Italy (Bologna and Milan) and loved it and Italy is a fantastic country. But the south is a lot different from the north and I found Naples to be just the most vibrant and colourful and authentic city I've visited in that country and in fact anywhere. It's big, it's dirty and it's poor. But the people are fantastic and down to earth. It's not a touristy city but it's a city worth a visit. It's also a cheap city and I found hardly anyone spoke English. So for me who wanted to learn Italian when I first moved there it was Ideal. In other parts of the world I Loved Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia as well Queenstown and Auckland in New Zealand.
  6. Been to Milan a few times and it's a wonderful city with plenty to see and do. Only been to Turin once a few years ago in January to watch Torino V Internazionale on a day trip. I got an early train and the last one back to Milan. I wish I'd given myself longer because it seemed a superb city and quite big too. Though it was absolutely freezing all day. Even colder that Gayfield park and Pittodrie on a winter's day...
  7. I've been doing this for Celtic Programmes during Lockdown. Mainly just European home games and Cup finals. I've pretty much got all of the European home games. And only a few cup finals to go. The Lisbon season is expensive seen them on eBay for £50-100 each.. I'm summoning up the will to pay that. Most I've paid is £18 for one so far.
  8. Steven Pressley is on 5. Celtic, Dundee United, Falkirk, Hearts and Rangers.
  9. Jean-Joel Pierre Doumbe. Winning goal in the 2007 Scottish cup final against Dunfermline. That is his one and only contribution in a Celtic shirt. https://twitter.com/CelticSoccrShow/status/1131620819891712001?s=19
  10. I'm in the support the team my dad and uncles support. He's from Glasgow (my mother is Irish and I was born there) and they all support Celtic. But as I grew up an 'Army Brat' yes Celtic fans do join the army...! I have never lived in the West of Scotland. My uncles all moved away as well (one to England the other to Germany) When I first started going to football I lived in England and started following and supporting my local team where I lived at the time which was Aldershot. I support both teams equally. I have been living back in Scotland since the mid 90s But never in the West. When we moved back my parents made the decision not to move to the west of Scotland or to Northern Ireland but settle in the East of Scotland all because of the bigotry and make sure I wasn't involved in that.
  11. Easyjet just cancelled my flights. At least I now get a refund. At this rate I'd settle for day trips to Dundee and Stirling...!
  12. Just realised I've got a ticket for this. Absolutely F*****g buzzing 🤩. Hampden will be bouncing.
  13. Apparently I'm really old. As my son asked if recently. Dad when you were young, was everything black and white? He's lucky I didn't take the belt to the young whipper snapper and send him to clean the chimney!
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