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  1. Mark Lamont was a smashing loan signing too.
  2. Hopefully Loy leaving (been confirmed now) allows us to bring in a new striker. The hard part is where we find said striker. Anyone got a spare (very long) bed for big Faal? It’s a shame with Loy - really wanted it to work out with him, as I think he did too. Fair play to him for agreeing a settlement. I hope his playing days aren’t completely behind him. It would be great if we were trying to offload a couple of players on loan - Zata/Langan and one of those centre backs would be my preference. There’s not too many players without clubs now, so I’d imagine any arrivals would be on loan.
  3. I think we are a centre back, a right winger and a striker away from having a chance to stay up - f**k knows if they’ll come in. If I was Duffy I’d be working on getting at least one of those donkeys that have played in central defence for us in the last two games punted ASAP - they genuinely don’t seem to have any footballing brain whatsoever. The kits are a fucking disaster too and this whole idea that certain people behind the scenes can just make decisions without proper consultation is a bit scary.
  4. Maybe Crossan on the left wing and Watson on the right wing would bring some balance to the team.
  5. Findlay and Barry had, the vastly experienced, Andy Graham beside them. At the moment our only real ‘experience’ in defence is Jordan McMillan (106 league appearances) and he isn’t a natural centre back. I would have the absolute fear with a 18 year old loanee partnering Neill in central defence.
  6. I imagine the trialists will be told tonight if they are getting signed or not. I imagine that will be the case for other clubs/players as well - so perhaps we’ll end up being the back up option for players on trial with other teams. I’m hoping Duffy has an experienced natural centre back up his sleeve somewhere. It’s bizarre we haven’t had a centre back on trial. The other area we’re clearly lacking is on the wing, only having 1 winger - but I’d be more confident addressing this via the loan market than I would be a centre back, where I feel experience is needed. But aye, hopefully some news tonight after training.
  7. Pettigrew Crawford, ?, Neill, Quitongo McKee, Hutton, Langan McCluskey ? ?
  8. I completely understand someone not getting a season ticket/attending games because of the drum having an adverse effect on a medical condition they have. Choosing not to support the club with sponsorship because of it is odd, however. Strikes me as throwing toys out the pram.
  9. I was also up the castle yesterday - here’s after. Looking smashing.
  10. The idea of not buying a season ticket/getting annoyed that the club are asking us to buy one because the club haven’t worked out their financial position for the season ahead is an odd one. The club would be more capable to judge their financial position if those who intend to buy season tickets do so early, surely.
  11. I think two of them (Aitchison and Allardice) are cup-tied.
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