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  1. Sons' sorrow

    *Allegedly [emoji102]
  2. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    I left at half time. f**k Aitken. f**k this team.
  3. I think two of them (Aitchison and Allardice) are cup-tied.
  4. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    He’s a clear weak link in our team and it’s absolutely no surprise we’ve shipped so many goals down our left. This idea that because we’re in league one we have to accept players being poor at their job needs to get to f**k. It’s obvious that dropping down a level will usually lead to a poorer standard of player... however they are also playing against a poorer standard of player, meaning there should be no excuses for failing to do the basics. Dyer and Adam are the weakest links in our team and this excusing of their poor performances as ‘they are decent league one players’ is just weird.
  5. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    Aitken out. The way I see it, we have 4 major issues in our team: Goalkeeper Centre mid Left back Winger Adam simply isn’t very good - I’d hope McGowan gets a chance, otherwise he’s been pointless signing. I don’t, however see Aitken giving him a chance; a new manager probably would. Our central midfield isn’t working - I don’t think either Carswell or Hutton are out-and-out defensive midfielders in the Kevin Nicol sense and that’s maybe why Aitken likes to double up. However, it doesn’t work. Carswell is the better, smarter and more composed player - it should be him alongside someone else, preferably with more movement (hence not Forbes), Thomson is the obvious choice, and I liked the look of the trialist on Saturday, he was very quick, got forward but also showed a good bit of dig. Again, I don’t see Aitken breaking up Carswell and Hutton; a new manager would. Dyer is just not good enough, I’d be looking to bring in a left back. Aitken won’t. We only have one winger in Bobby Barr - at times against Brechin he was our only out ball and was causing them trouble. On the other side we have a choice between Forbes and Paton, both of which are very, very slow and not out-and-out wingers. It’s leading to a very unbalanced team - which I do think could work with Ballantyne coming back into the team, but it’s certainly not working at the moment. We need a pacey option on the wing - at the moment we don’t any ability to change the game out wide if it’s not working. I find it bizarre that Aitken hasn’t addressed this either by way of a loan or signing one of those young wingers we had on trial in preseason.
  6. Brechin City v Dumbarton

    Rory Loy’s confidence is being done no favours by the constant high balls fired in his direction - you can see his head dropping more and more with each passing minute of each game.
  7. Dumbarton v Arbroath.

    Josh Todd, perhaps. Although I’m not sure how that all worked out and if we ended up having to sign him normally and pay a fee.
  8. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    This is fairly pish. We have a couple of players who aren’t good enough, we have a few more players who aren’t up for it today and some who’s decision-making has been very poor... but we also have two defensive midfielders who, despite being good players, can’t seem to defend people running at them with the ball, or stop long shots (this was a problem all last season, including the play off final).
  9. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    I don’t think we should be looking for a striker at all, we already have 4 - we need a full back, and preferably a predominantly left sided one (ideally comfortable enough to cover RB); I think Dyer could be a weak spot in our side and having competition can only be a good thing. Apart from that, I’d like to see us bringing in an out-and-out winger, we only really have one.
  10. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    It’s just the same trialists as Saturday - the only one that hasn’t been mentioned by name (11 - left mid) is called Dom.
  11. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    Can’t believe JackDFC is being so selfish and not doing them today
  12. Sons Sorrow 2018/19

    Alan Findlay has got us all like puppets on a string... I’m away on holiday where it’s 30 degrees, sun splitting the skies, and I’ve had to come inside to charge my phone in anticipation of a tweet with a picture of two men shaking hands... You just can’t explain it to people who don’t get it; us diddy team fans are irrational beings.