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  1. Played a lot from the bench last year, looked decent enough but it's a fair step up right enough.
  2. Decent 1-0 win for Braves against Dumbarton this afternoon. Good to see the bulk of the squad from last year signed up again.
  3. Rhys Armstrong has signed for Spartans, he'll be a big loss. Hoping the majority of the squad will be signed up again for next season, had the nucleus of a decent squad.
  4. We have hit the 100 limit or thereabouts the last home games. Could well be streamed on Braves app but not seen anything about that yet, sure the Stirling uni game was streamed. Hopefully be a good game. [emoji106]
  5. Edusport academy is still on the go, just curtailed a bit with Covid, like everything else I guess. Certainly in the past it was the edu academy players who made up the bulk of the SOS team and have to assume that will happen again once things ease up. There are now u19, u16 and u15 Braves teams as well.
  6. Aye, it's mostly the Scottish lads who were in the u19s last year I think. Got a few new age groups now which is good to see.
  7. Hopefully a few in the pipeline. Got a young keeper on loan from Killie there but hopefully a few more in soon. Last two games have been much better!
  8. First half was a pretty poor performance. Was like a different team in the second. Always a tough game but Braves never make it easy!
  9. The Braves needed that performance. Hopefully get a bit of confidence now. What a difference Ross McNeil makes up front. Really missed him when he was injured
  10. Like Shire having Scottish players paid by “international business men” ? Or is that different?
  11. Academy still going and the SOS league team (reserves) will have more french players. Jean Guy Lucas scored on Saturday who is from academy from a few years ago. That would be your 1 player. Would assume that other players would step up throughout the season. But aye, pretty much Scottish players in the first team.
  12. He is getting on really well. Looks a smashing player. Scored a couple so far including a peach against Gretna.
  13. There was a mixture last season of academy players and Scottish lads. Primarily Scottish players signed for the first team this year but will be no doubt supplemented by the academy players. Would assume the south of Scotland (reserve) team will have more of the french academy lads.
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