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  1. An Edinburgh treble for me today: Hibs v St Mirren St Johnstone v Hearts Edinburgh City v Stirling Paying around 6/1
  2. Dunfermline, Inverness, Dumbarton & Edin City pays around 5/1. Surely?
  3. You clearly haven't witnessed just how bad we are, my friend.
  4. Hearts have won 1 of their last 15, so I'd say a home win is pretty unlikely.
  5. Judging by the time of your post I'm assuming (and hoping!) you got on when it was around 16s? Well played!
  6. Blackpool, Coventry, Rotherham and Airdrie for me
  7. Terrible game. Uche should've scored in the first half, I've no idea what the red card was for- athough Berra looked to be holding his upper arm rather than face as others have suggested. Other than that nothing much really happened.
  8. Partially made up for a dreadful day watching Hearts in Livingston
  9. Marieta for me, based on total guess work.
  10. Duffy_

    FIFA 20

    Going through the same journey that I go through every year. Get excited to play it, play online, get pumped in every game because I can't seem to defend, never play it again. f**k sake
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