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  1. Wordle 212 4/6 Frustrating.
  2. Just finished Ant Middleton's first attempt at a fiction novel, 'Cold Justice'. Decent enough action/thriller, main character seems to be partly based on Ant himself. Some of the storyline line seemed a bit farfetched but a good, simple read nonetheless.
  3. Kash Farooq has been forced to retire due to "unforeseen circumstances" Real shame for him, would have loved to see a rematch with Lee McGregor at some stage.
  4. Duffy_


    Completely unrelated to your question, but what skin are you using?
  5. Agreed, must be incredibly difficult to keep a level-head with this sort of case. When the guy was being a smart arse at the end with wanting somebody to help him into the car etc while showing absolutely no remorse I don't think I'd have the restraint not to tip him out the wheelchair and on to the kerb.
  6. Come on Snakebite, get in to these “Scotland get battered” Ally Pally wankers
  7. Duffy_


    Can't remember when I was able to get him, but Tyler Smith has been brilliant for my Kilmarnock side. Originally signed him on loan and then got him on a free transfer.
  8. Tickets for the Edinburgh Derby just dropped through the letterbox as Sturgeon was talking. Talk about timing...
  9. Duffy_


    Into my 4th season with Kilmarnock. Season 1: Won the league with relative ease Season 2: Finished 7th after a shaky start went on a decent run towards the end of the year. Won the Scottish Cup and qualified for the Europa League playoff. Season 3: Finished 4th, won the Scottish Cup and had good fun in the Europa League making it to the Last 32 narrowly losing to Porto Finances are in a good space and Charlie McArthur has just gone to Newcastle for £8m most of which is now in my transfer kitty and I've no idea what to do with it!
  10. Caley off the Xmas card list for me too. Let me down in a fourfold with Arbroath, Rotherham & Blackburn.
  11. Duffy_


    Started as Kilmarnock. Callum Hendry tore his knee ligaments in training after the first game of the season, brought in Jamie Gullan on loan from Hibs to provide a bit of cover and he's done his cruciate in his first game...
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