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  1. Although I don't think it was a direct quote, it's definitely in the same styling that I do my Partridge comments in.
  2. Hmm I'd guess at a gay twist then, of some sort.
  3. I think it was a harp solo actually. B)
  4. At one point a solo piano version of 'A Moment Like This' by Leona Lewis was being played, I think.
  5. Get off my profile!

  6. Few questions for LAC: Why do you all support the Old Firm? Why do you wear stupid clothes? and.. Why do you have a Bebo (with pictures from Football Factory)? Thanks.
  7. Your names Ryan Ferguson? Aren't you a Celtic fan, that's what I got told.
  8. I heard the LAC killed a prostitute. They're well hard.
  9. Awesome, didnt know you were manager there. If I come in can we discuss football, beef and the bear, the smiths and indeed pinups?
  10. Hmm... Either they did, or were meant to be playing with us at Soundhaus, Glasgow, on Friday. Was it that gig youre talking about?
  11. Contrary to that post, the nights called tramps with amps, there is 6 bands and doors open about 9:30pm. See you then.
  12. Blitzhoney are playing at that old warehouse that is Soundhaus, Glasgow, tommorow. 7 bands... Soul Circus, My Shotgun Sister, Brady Cole, Lost Generation, Skinflint and Tramps with Amps. £5 before midnight, £8 after ! Id like to think we will be on just before midnight anyhow. Id imagine it sort of starts around 8:30pm... www.blitzhoney.com www.myspace.com/blitzhoney
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