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  1. The Peanut Butter Falcon Young Downs Syndrome man escapes the old folks home he's being 'cared' at to pursue his dream of becoming a wrestler. Meets a down on his luck Shia LeBeouf who's on the run from some dodgy Louisiana fishermen. Great road (water) movie which raises the spirits. 9/10
  2. Justice League must be absolutely honking if it's worse than Wonder Woman! Worst film I've seen all year. Saw Ready Player One tonight - was ok I suppose and it mostly reminded me of the alien battle game on Wreck it Ralph. 6/10 Also took the kids to see Peter Rabbit at the weekend. Was expecting it to be awful so was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't. 7/10 for me 9/10 for the kids.
  3. Film should have ended just as the At-Ats lined up to unleash.
  4. Pretty poor I thought. Definitely behind Rogue One and TFA by a distance. As for the Leia bit, FFS!
  5. Tobermory was fond of a bowler hat and an apron so there's maybe something in the rumours of a swap deal.
  6. You might as well pish them. They're still soaking wet from yesterday.
  7. Has he still got a suspended ban from the Morton game? He'll definitely get a long touchline ban. Worth it though
  8. Budge in the back seat and my life would be complete.
  9. The whole John Brown "title deeds" speech was the best. Total car crash stuff.
  10. That's a fair size difference and enough to distinguish it from the rest of the stadium. Most jambos I know are relocating to the new stand and are paying about £100 extra. And as much as Gorgie is a shithole at least it's not out at Hermiston Gait or some god awful brown site with no pubs.
  11. What's the capacity of it compared to the Wheatfield? Looks very similar in terms of steepness but obviously hard to tell without any seats. Reckon it'll be ready for September but there won't be much room for any delays looking at those photos.
  12. I'm just relieved that you can't see a reflection of Gav with his tadger out in the mirror.
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