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  1. It's great news. Any ideas on price and quality of features etc?
  2. I'm sure I've just seen a Twitter notification from the club on my phone saying something along the lines of "glad to have him on board" and the name Craig mentioned in it. When I clicked on it the tweet is no longer there. Wonder if this relates to Sibbald and he has signed and the tweet was a bit premature?!?
  3. According to flashscore the Dumbarton kick off tomorrow is 1pm
  4. Yay, the match programme is making a comeback!
  5. Any signing news in the Ayrshire Post this week?
  6. Any news on if there will be a friendly against Sheffield Wednesday?
  7. Bullen has been down here in Sheffield recently, played in a few charity games.
  8. Looks like we paid a fee for Dempsey, according to Charlton.
  9. A 2 year old template will be crappy if that's what it is
  10. How the hell are we unbeaten against Arbroath so far this season?
  11. Reynolds had a short spell at Wednesday. Not sure if Bullen was there at the same time
  12. Being a Wednesday and an Ayr fan this is ideal for me. Seen load of Wednesday folk on twitter saying that they will be taking an interest in Ayr from now on. Ayr need to take advantage of that if possible in some way.
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