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  1. Falkirk Dunfermline Athletic SPFL League One 2022/23
  2. Unfortunately you’re absolutely right. There’s no way he’s getting punted after today, even if we go on to lose by 3 or 4.
  3. I’d say poor judgement, the wind doesn’t seem to be holding up our long balls over the top.
  4. Maggie Thatcher’s ashes. Hopefully.
  5. Quick way to find out Robbie Muirheard is Faroese.
  6. Currently watching Marge vs the Monorail. I’ve laughed so much more with “loanee flops” and “Thomas Meggle” in my head than the original song ever has.
  7. Fucking raging that I took the time to make this before reading the rest of the thread.
  8. The transparency from the Club used to be admirable in recent years. How has that openness fucked off so quickly? How has the Club suddenly turned just as arrogant as Peter Grant himself?
  9. The statement is horrendous enough as it is. But to get a wee dig at the fans in the last paragraph makes it utterly laughable. Shameless arrogance from the board there. Jesus wept.
  10. That’s a fucking astonishing statement. The Club have effectively spent/lost out on thousands in that one statement.
  11. It’s a shame Crawford had simply burnt out rather than just wanting to pass it on to someone else and no more. Would have been good to keep him on in the manner you’ve described.
  12. Charged already? CPS weren’t hanging around with that one.
  13. Just a depressing, drastic decline in attendances. Folk are fed up and aren’t turning up to the games but it’s been dwindling enough for a couple of months already that a ‘boycott’ wouldn’t look that dramatic.
  14. Destined for a 1-1, O’Hara will score.
  15. The centre halves have been our least pish players. Gaspuitis does his job (most of the time) and Connolly just needs to stop thinking he can just dink it over their back line. We’ve played approximately 83 balls “over the top” and none of those, I can confirm, have actually gone over the top of any Rovers defender. We’re utter garbage.
  16. Fucking hilarious that he’s going to have 5 defenders again today.
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