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  1. What’s your favourite band/artist

    David Bowie or the Libertines.
  2. Where’s the nearest sea to this stadium? That’s where VAR can go.
  3. Keatings has just come back from a horrible injury so that would be a huge gamble on someone who wouldn't exactly be on cheap wages, and I wasn't too impressed by McMullan last season.
  4. Quite interesting how Froxy has gone from being the sexiest, most skilful player in Scottish football to being a fat c**t. The players will be rusty and with several new signings coming in, a bit of incoherence is going to show. Doubt you have much to worry about tbh.
  5. It’s almost as if football fans don’t like players that play for other teams, and want them to do well when they play for their team. Good player for League One. He was useful as a winger, especially if he can form an attacking partnership with a fullback. We played him as a central midfielder a few times, and I got the impression that he felt like he could ‘dictate’ the play by holding onto the ball and distributing it all over the park, which he can do as he has great vision and ability to pick a pass, but he can be overrun by bigger, nastier boys. He’s quite a tricky wee player as well, so his slight lack of pace is excused by sharp turns and clever movements.
  6. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    That is a genuinely bizarre signing for a top 6 Premiership team. If Steve Clarke can turn him into competent top 6 player then he really is the genius he’s made out to be. Good luck to Ross though.
  7. Is Faiss’ contract up this time next year? He’s thanking Dundee and wishing them all the best for the future in his Instagram story. I think it needs to be said that nobody is expecting anything near he goalscoring record that he had in League One. I can see opposition fans pouncing on this thread like flies to shite when Faiss doesn’t score a hat trick within his first 4 games. I’m really excited for him to be here again, but realistically I don’t think he’ll do much better than Clark when it comes to his goalscoring record in the Championship.
  8. Even describing it as an ‘average’ career is flattering. Genuinely looks like Nat.
  9. Still Game & Best Bits

    I vaguely remember being told that they did actually go. It was a good excuse to film whilst Greg Hemphill could visit family, isn’t it GH’s brother acting as tour guide in the CN tower? That all could be complete and utter bollocks tbf. Could be any stadium that is half the size of Firhill IMO. “BZZZZZ. JARVIS. CRAIGLANG. LEG.” Probably in the top 10 episodes that.
  10. Still think my #AFamiliarFaiss was better tbf.
  11. Oasis/Noel Gallagher/Beady Eye songs...

    Listened to both new albums a few times by now, Noel by far superior. As Calderon says, the NGHFB lineup is quality with some genuinely very good musicians. I saw NGHFB in Aberdeen a couple of months ago and his musicians were fantastic, it was nice to see him giving them all a fair amount of credit for the performance too. My only gripe with Noel is that, whilst his song writing is fantastic, he never really seems to write about anything in particular, he just has a knack for writing some tremendous lyrics. That’s where Liam scores a brownie point over Noel; he has a bash at writing something meaningful and personal to him, even though his lyrics are awful That might seem like a bit of a snobby opinion to have, but I seem to enjoy somebody’s songwriting more of it has a personal feel to it, there might be plenty folk out there who couldn’t give a f**k if the lyrics are personal or not.
  12. Genuinely delighted to hear that we’ve got someone capable of lashing out/getting sent off in friendlies.
  13. You've just described approximately 23% of the Fife population tbf.
  14. @RiGI'm sure I read/saw that Esson is now a part of the coaching team at ICT. Really can't be arsed to check if it's true or not, though.
  15. Tbf that gif was ruined a long, long time ago by the Footy Banter Lad™ community, along with the 'Homer appearing and disappearing from a hedge' gif.