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  1. Should be able to get a space around Kings Park, leaving a 15 minute(ish) walk. Parking won’t be permitted if you’re too close to Hampden so you might find a place around Mennock Road.
  2. The fattest arse in world fitba strikes again.
  3. Incredible determination from SJM. How many players can still create a chance after that first touch?
  4. That’s a shocker. Adams’ hold-up play has been fantastic tonight.
  5. I’ll be looking for a boozer with a decent mix of fans, does anyone know of any in the southside where you’d expect a mix of both Scotland and Ireland fans? Church on the Hill? The Granary?
  6. How many do you have ya big shagger?
  7. Aye, selling out what’s available to them of course. Great effort considering how shite they’ve been for a few years. Hope there’s a decent atmosphere in both ends.
  8. About 30 seats away from selling out the Cowden end. Some effort. Looks like the middle of the Norrie will be full enough but some sparse areas in others, Main Stand looks like it’ll be busy enough.
  9. The seethe at no getting a penalty whilst 3-0 down on 94 minutes [emoji23][emoji23]
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