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  1. Aye, apart from the swearing he was a very decent guy. Couldn’t say a bad word about him.
  2. Not if he was in HMP Blackthorn!
  3. He’s a probation officer who now has his incredibly powerful and experienced boss wrapped round his little finger.
  4. Gareth’s fantasy-stricken face when Brent says that he’s sure Donna isn’t gay is better than his face in the sidecar at the end of the night.
  5. Rumour has it a chilli Dorito finished him off.
  6. Sounds like a former England player from the 80s who’s now a pundit for ITV and has a lot of bland, ‘yer da’ opinions on the modern game.
  7. It’s very obvious that all of our strikers are desperate for goals in justifying their place in the squad/starting XI. Dykes, Adams and McBurnie are all desperate to prove a point/end a goal drought. Christie’s poor form has been well noted and Nisbet will be the same as Adams in proving his place in the squad once he gets a chance in the 73rd minute today.
  8. I don’t see why they didn’t get a right footed player on that free kick Robertson took.
  9. How likely would it be that someone like Ryan who, having been involved in and questioned about some serious offences as a kid, would manage to become a police officer? Someone mentioned a corrupt copper at the top will have fast-tracked him to the position he’s in now, but wouldn’t there be a massive question mark over his head given his past? I suppose it’s not impossible that his record was wiped, or that he couldn’t be discriminated against because he was only questioned and not actually charged/convicted of anything (can’t quite remember the outcome of his part in it all).
  10. I know Turner is on loan, but isn’t he number 8? I didn’t think another player would have been allowed to also take number 8.
  11. Calling it right fucking now we are not winning this. Dundee/draw must be worth a tenner
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