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  1. Rumours of a falling out between him and Peter Grant. He hasn’t started the last few games and the other day Grant, trying to defuse the situation, says that Thomas doesn’t work hard enough and that’s why he’s been dropped. Rumours that Thomas handed in a request to leave the club immediately and he didn’t come on at all at the weekend against Ayr. Grant has literally singled out about 4 or 5 players already this season without taking any accountability himself.
  2. A traffic cone wouldn’t have been shoved off the ball as easily by Adeloye for their third.
  3. 1574 in February 2015 against Brechin. We lost, obviously, 1-0. That was a Tuesday night right enough, and by far the worst we got. Lowest after that was 1951 against Stranraer on 11 April 2015.
  4. I’d have serious, serious concerns if the board were reluctant to sack Grant because he *might* win us the Champions League in 15 years.
  5. Looking back on this thread around the 28th May, when Grant was appointed, and we aren’t at all surprised at how it’s turned out. How can a group of guys on the internet know he’s going be a total disaster, but the people making the most important decisions at this football club be completely unaware. The one thing that did make me laugh was Rob1885 getting sticky knickers at the sight of Grant wearing a Pars tie and jacket.
  6. Nope. I can’t think of any circumstances where any team in the league would be happy with the start we’ve had, regardless of ambitions before the start of the season. 2-2 away to Morton 0-3 at home to Thistle 0-3 at hone to Arbroath 1-3 away to Ary That’s not acceptable for anyone.
  7. He mutters, “he’s a great lad, Dom, shame it didnae work oot for him here.”
  8. Go to 1:12 in our highlights against Ayr. While you’re at it, watch all 3 goals.
  9. Tbh I think it was expected that he’d be a weak link in a decent squad but he’s just been a below average player, in amongst some shite players, in amongst decent players who are out of position and can’t be arsed to play for a total w**k of a manager. In short, Pybus hasn’t been the worst but there’s been nothing to suggest that he is any better than we expected.
  10. Never even thought of checking the date. You’d like to think by then we have a new manager and have hopefully seen a couple of wins at the very least.
  11. Convinced myself this is the final, undeniable nail in Mr Grant’s coffin. An embarrassing defeat which has shades of an early stage Scottish Cup round than a league game competed by two ‘title challengers.’ Dunfermline 0-5 Inverness (0-4 HT)
  12. The club are doing themselves out a few quid there. I’m sure they’d take a good crowd through if we’re still a mess by the time that game comes round.
  13. “I left him out because I didn’t think he was working hard enough when he lost possession of the ball. He lost it and everyone else was running back to get it for him. “I can’t have folk running back 40 or 50 yards, speeding past someone who is walking. Maybe Lionel Messi can get away with it — but not many others.” I’m in fucking bits at this quote from PG. He doesn’t have a Scooby.
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