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  1. Don’t know if it’s the big fucking baldy napper or the comically shit performance but he stood out like a sore thumb in that first half.
  2. I mind Danny Rogers being a pathetic, seething wee mess for Falkirk at EEP a couple of seasons back. That was over encroachment at a penalty as well so no surprises he’s got a booking over that today.
  3. I only noticed last night that Morton had lost all 7 of their away games so far this season. If that doesn’t indicate a 1-1 draw then I don’t know what does.
  4. Also a tad unjust that one team got pelters for their spelling mistakes while the other team’s “breath in the scent” tag line went unnoticed.
  5. Quite entertaining to watch everyone visibly fucking despise Lottie. Agree with 19QOS19 that it’ll be very fun watching her being torn to shreds next week over what will undoubtedly be a business plan and CV crammed full of nonsense and cliched shite.
  6. Looks like Turner had a decent game, one moment in particular on the highlights where he picked up a loose ball/ 50/50, and drives at the defenders with pace before picking out a pass to Nisbet. Pretty much exactly what he thrives on by the looks of things.
  7. IIRC, he had a really slow start with us and wasn’t well liked by many fans at first. By 2009/10 and then into our title winning season he was outstanding, got a horrible injury at Cappielow before Christmas though. He must really hurt thinking about where his career could have gone if it wasn’t for that injury, I’m sure a move to an SPL side would have been on the cards by the end of 2010/11, if not in the January window.
  8. Steven Bell had potential to go on and be a massive player for us going into the SPL, and maybe back in the First Division. Even though our squad was utter shit, Bell’s availability might have meant we didn’t need to bring in shite like Paul fucking Burns.
  9. A smart move would be to get another 2 years added on. If any club wants him they better pay the f**k up. Never going to happen though.
  10. Well played that man. What a fucking result. We love shitfesting our way to a massive win at Somerset.
  11. Also surprised at the lack of mentions of Chris Kane, simply for his rather infamous performance at Firhill in 2012.
  12. We had a goalkeeper, by the name of Michal Hrivnak, who did the same. He was a semi-regular feature in our post-administration squad, and his performance in a 3-0 defeat to Alloa in the relegation playoffs in 2013 still occupies some of my most distressing nightmares. The mere reminder of him flapping at a comfortably catchable strike from Callum Elliot makes me piss my knickers in a state of crippling trauma. The last I heard of him was a couple of years ago when he posted a more than vain selfie, with a sly dig at Dunfermline/football as the caption. It was like something wee lassies post after a breakup with a guy who shagged her best pal.
  13. Oaft, Thistles’ collective arseholes have been spread wide, wide open here and we’re going in dry, sare yin.
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