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  1. The Union is dead and he fucking knows it.
  2. 1-0 Coventry at half time.
  3. Joe McKee’s a horrible wee ableist. Wouldn’t want anyone like him near my club.
  4. Cochrane undoubtedly has talent, he has shown that at Hearts and did well with us on loan last season. This can potentially be a terrific signing in League One, however he’s not the most physical player and the game could often pass him by. He is neat and tidy on the ball and on a plastic pitch he might be a very useful player to have in a 3-man midfield.
  5. Dundee 2-2 Raith Dunfermline 2-1 Queens Inverness 1-1 Arbroath Morton 1-3 Ayr
  6. Right you are. The 5-2 was a Saturday as well but they always feel like a Tuesday night, especially the half empty Norrie night.
  7. I’m sure the other game against Queens at EEP that season was a freezing cold Tuesday night. In fact, I’m almost certain 85% of Dunfermline vs QotS games at EEP are cold Tuesday nights. Half of the Norrie and the whole North stand was closed that night, something to do with water/pipes freezing IIRC.
  8. I can’t think of 6-1 vs QotS without thinking of Davie Graham jumping into the net and clinging onto it like fucking Spiderman when the 5th or 6th went in. Nothing but sheer happiness when I think of that. I’m sure there’s a photo of it somewhere.
  9. Nick Phinn and Steven Bell were very promising talents before their injuries. They must be so gutted, I don’t doubt both of them would have had a good go at the top flight had it not been for their injuries. Agree re Williamson/Comrie as well. Williamson had some terrific performances for us but he also had some stinkers. Comrie won’t win matches with performances like Williamson did on occasion, but he is far more consistent and one of our most reliable players. I rate him very highly for this level.
  10. I’ll give you Byrne, but Williamson and Mercer haven’t gone on to play at a higher level, or even play for a team finishing higher than Dunfermline.
  11. Thomas Bragg’s contract has been mutually terminated. Is that a “you’re clearly never getting a shot at the first team so cheerio and good luck” or is there anything more to it?
  12. Livingston vs Motherwell 15/8 Dunfermline vs Queen of the South 8/13 Morton vs Ayr 7/5 Inverness vs Arbroath 21/20 Clyde vs Peterhead 4/5 Albion Rovers vs Brechin City 5/6 Stranraer vs Queens Park 7/5 Got in nice and early for this Saturday's games, some of these prices were too good to ignore. I placed this bet this morning and there must have been a few quid going on Queens Park as they're already 17/20 from 7/5.
  13. I've been getting the same train that roughly 50 school kids get on most mornings, I'd say about 5 of them wear a mask on the train.
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