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  1. https://twitter.com/officialdafc/status/1662383487083589632?s=46&t=qCdbt9-aDBhCErH3UotPEw Cracking video and lovely version of In a Big Country.
  2. 3 years is remarkable. Going to be extremely bittersweet when Bayern Munich pinch him for £3million this time next year. In all seriousness though, he’ll probably be sold for at least 5x that.
  3. KRH was great this season but he needs to prove himself at a higher level before we can say he’s Premiership quality or not.
  4. The sound when Todd’s goal goes in gets me seriously erect.
  5. Big ‘non league team at the end of a cup run’ vibes from this Ayr performance.
  6. Was it Mehmet that Grant (maybe Hughes) threw under the bus in a post match interview?
  7. IIRC we sold around 400 more season tickets for 2022/23 than we did the previous season. You’ve got to think we’ll shift another 3-400 on top of that. What’s been our highest ST sales total since admin?
  8. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong but I thought that happened before McPake had even been appointed, which made it more impressive that Todd didn’t even know a prospective manager was in the building. I didn’t know until recently however that McPake was interviewed at his own home so maybe he had been appointed when he saw Todd at EEP.
  9. Hope Matty Todd enjoyed his pre-season break, the mental b*****d is probably doing laps of EEP already.
  10. Aye apparently ourselves and Ayr are after McCowan, who did indeed score Dundee’s 5th on Friday.
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