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  1. Just been on his account there. Apart from being utterly nauseating, I think he's deleted said post.
  2. Mind when Michal Hrivnak has a dig at the club via Instagram by announcing his career change, wasn’t it modelling?
  3. Didn’t see the game either and I haven’t a clue how good Boreham Wood are, but keeping a clean sheet is certainly an improvement on recent results. Hope everyone who made the trip has a fucking quality night x
  4. What kind of shape are we playing here? From the lineup, I'm guessing it's something like this; Robinson Craigen - Ashcroft - Durnan - Longridge Higgy - Vincent - Thomson Longridge Faiss - Muirhead I'd be happy with that if that's the case, got a feeling L. Longridge could be on the left wing in a midfield 4 but Falkirk fans seem to think he's a wasted player out there.
  5. Dunfermline v ICT

    I’ve been stopped at the door a couple of times by stewards asking to see your ticket, but I’ve also wandered in plenty times with no colours showing and they haven’t cared at all. Unless it was the bigot brothers, I have serious doubts about there ever being any trouble between home and away fans, with the odd exception maybe for Raith or Falkirk games when the Neanderthals appear from the dark ages.
  6. Saw a couple of tweets with that kind of tone.
  7. Dunfermline v ICT

    Depends on the opposition/expected number of away fans. Looks like you took a much bigger crowd to EEP than in our most recent games so they must have decide it would be ‘safer’ for it to be home fans only.
  8. People seem to believe our full first team got an absolute hiding from Kilmarnock’s under 16s.
  9. Tbf Killie had Rory McKenzie, Greg Kiltie and Dom Thomas starting, Ross Millen also started.
  10. My phone/app is fucked then.
  11. You don’t have any strikers in that post.
  12. Yeah, I’m not fussed about fielding any strikers either.
  13. Dunfermline v ICT

    You’ve said that without even a hint of irony. Incredible.
  14. Dunfermline v ICT

    Dunfermline FC never existed in the first place tbf.
  15. There’s no ‘apparently’ about it. You fucking love it when we lose.