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  1. Mental that this has been made a Friday 7:05pm kick-off, considering the distance between the two towns. Ayr fans being made to leave at about 5pm to drive (or before 4 for public transport) for a midweek fixture is poor. None of the Friday night games on the new BBC channel have seemed practical.
  2. 24 Hours in Police Custody

    Aye something like that. Mental that it happened for real, it was the kind of plot twist that would have been great in a fictional drama.
  3. So away fans are paying for the possibility of Alloa maybe having a new stand in the future?
  4. It’s a dump but it’s a cracking ground at the same time, the price they charge to get in is ridiculous though.
  5. Probably not going to make it but there could be a cracking atmosphere here. Another win and clean sheet would, ironically, lead to me no longer having clean sheets. 1-0, Craigen.
  6. The new St Mirren stadium is pish. Glebe, Gayfield, Somerset and Cappielow etc are far superior grounds.
  7. I’m counting 17 passes in the buildup to the goal. Lovely team effort.
  8. Do you have a beard and were you asked to provide some sort of card? Another good win, some decent football played in there despite the shitey wind and narrow pitch. Nice wee passage of play leading up to the goal.
  9. Champions League 2018-2019 Thread

    Pathetic decision
  10. Still Game & Best Bits

    Join us at the GFT, run by a p***k, who’s spotty and speckee.
  11. Still Game & Best Bits

    No slander for Chewin the Fat on this thread, please.
  12. El Collsico

    “Oh it’s an arm that’s just offside there” says Billy Dodds, about a part of the body that can’t be in an offside position.
  13. Still Game & Best Bits

    That was John Logie Baird, he says you’re an arsehole!
  14. Pars vs Queens

    Fucking ridiculous that we’re in a playoff spot. We were relegation-bound about 3 weeks ago.
  15. Pars vs Queens

    This has built up nicely to a 0-1. Dykes with the winner.