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  1. Canny be that bad. Not too many bad players with league winners medals. He impresses me any time I see him.
  2. Michael Wadrope at The Medda is the best for me. Would like to see Adam Strain returning to the junior game,great goalie & organises the defence well. Sitting watching Queens Park every week just now,too good for that.
  3. Do you think that pic was taken at the Gaswork?
  4. That was a very good team. Picture taken mid 70s. The coach Jimmy Murphy was a Jambo when Killie pipped them for the old 1st division title around 1965. He told me to bin his runner up medal.
  5. Thanks for a look through the mags Brig O Lea.
  6. Got the Wee Red Book out Burnbank Swifts won the Scottish in 1888-89 &1889-90. Burnbank Athletic won it in 1900-01,1910-11,&1944-45,they also lost the 1927-28 season. My wife reckons I'm really riveting company. Burnbank is not Hamilton though. Can't think why there 's never been a junior side from there. Possibly too expensive to build a stadium.
  7. It was the juvenile teams I was referring about. Possibly played in the late 50s & 60s. Some players went on to play junior. They had a get together a couple of years ago,it was reported in the Hammy Add.
  8. Burnbank Swifts were a well known club in this area. I never saw them play,but I know a few guys who played for them. They did not play junior football however,but they have a fantastic reputation.
  9. Can't remember a junior club in Hamilton in my time. But there must have been one at some time. Shall enquire and let you know.
  10. Results,bit of match reporting some quotes from managers,transfer news.
  11. The local clubs Bellshlll,Blantyre,Shotts,Lanark,Forth,Wishaw,both Larky clubs,Stonehouse,Gow,&Carluke.
  12. Like Connolly81 I think The Record could do more. They should employ Scott Camm as I have to buy The Sun on Monday & Saturday. Times is ok on a Tuesday. Hamilton Advertiser gives a full page but can be inaccurate.
  13. Jez , Enjoyed your video.Looked a good game smashing goals.Thanks very much.
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