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  1. Over the years in the old EOS forum and the new LL forum many a player committee and manager have been slated so for you to come on and say please dont mention DS is laughable... hes is in what is considered one of the top jobs in Scottish semi pro football so it comes with the territory. His team was one of the pre season favourites and thus far have flopped!!! i for one dont think he gives up his time to manage Spartans for nowt so please get real Mr Impartial..
  2. JellyBelly


    Aye shoosh Wullie ffs
  3. Teams who should be pressing for top spot are Spartans East Kilbride Gretna Edinburgh City BSC Stirling uni and Dalbeatie Star All the rest are either in transition or simply not good enough at this moment in time
  4. Only using DS as an example same could be said about any of the top club managers who fail to deliver. Pick your bottom lip up now NB and relax
  5. Ok thread closed because you don't like it? It's a Valid question and topic so do yourself a favour and don't view it NB... Little wasn't pushed he left of his own accord
  6. After 2 games in DS must be on a shooglie peg if he doesn't get a run of wins under his belt, high expectations at Spartans and they want that SFL slot sooner rather than later
  7. So Mike Bruce has signed for WW again ? Have the other 2 clubs ripped up the contract that he signed with them? Could get messy IMO
  8. If that is true then it just confirms what ive been saying about the league since the start of the LL league, the EOS league is a shambles and no better than an average amateur league
  9. The EOS league is poor now and will only get worse in time. 4 decent teams at most and the rest are no better than an average amateur team.. Maybe time for clubs in the borders to merge?
  10. Gretna are and have always been a gang when Rome has been the gaffer
  11. It will take more than a couple of seasons for ww to come back again, get used to mid table positions for a while and no trophies in the rosewell cabinet... Is Carnie the man to turn it around ? Time will tell I suppose
  12. Mr Carnie is renowned for being a tad sneeky....
  13. Its the weakest 1st division in EOS history
  14. He's talking total pish because the BSC lads are on £175 per week and a £50 clean sheet bonus. If they win the big cup Kingy is taking the whole squad to las vegas for 2 weeks!!!! you heard it here first
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