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  1. With the absolute shambles he created at Hearts you would think Levein would be too embarrassed to even talk about Hearts. Someday a pundit will hopefully ask him if he feels any responsibility for their situation.
  2. Pretty sure that's my theatre of dreams named after the trees - Fir Park.
  3. Why has the game with St Johnstone been cancelled? Aberdeen must have 11 or 12 players at some level who are covid free. Youth and reserve players usually train separated from the first team. Let all these rookies play in the game and punish the players who went out on the town and the club. Would serve as a warning to others. We would also see the players who were missing and therefore be able to identify the idiots.
  4. Has anyone on Sportsound ever tried to explain why 14-10-10-10 was rejected. I'm not in the know but surely someone could make the following points 1 The crumbs that fall after the big two have taken the bulk of the money will now be divided twelve ways instead of ten. 2 Middle and lower ranking clubs could find themselves in what in effect would be an spl b from mid January onwards. Missing out on a third game against bigger clubs would be another financial hit. 3 The chances of relegation would be greater. Ignoring the playoffs, 2 from 14 is a bigger percentage than 1 from 10 and two from the bottom eight is higher than 1 from a bottom six. A discussion programme should be balanced and explain both sides of the argument. I have not heard anyone say that Hearts action is damaging every club in Scotland and their claim for 8-10 million is ridiculous.
  5. The ground where the bus was allegedly buried was Glenhead in nearby Duntocher. It was where Duntocher Hibs played. When they folded it was taken over by Drumchapel Amateurs who then resurrected the Duntocher name for a few seasons. When Clydebank reformed as a Junior club they played there before moving to Yoker.
  6. Falkirk must have made some money from the junior cup in those days. In 1976 Bo'ness played Lanark there. They gave the crowd a s12000 yet I knew people who were locked out and couldn't get in. It was absolutely packed.
  7. I do not understand why the BBC continue to cover Sevco games. The hierarchy at Ibrox refuse to speak to BBC journalists and pundits. We get Billy Dodds or Chick Young holed up in a cupboard reporting on games from Ipox. Then they read out a quote lifted from Sky or BT from SlippyG. It is like the spotty guy in school running after some lassie who ignores him. The free publicity they give this horrible institution is an insult to licence payers.
  8. Some comments on St Mirren's newish stadium here, If that is the road we ever go down when and if we move from Fir Park then lets hope we don't have anything like that. The shallow rake of the stand meant that I had no idea what was happening at the other end, St Mirren hit the post but from where I was it could have been a save or a block. I was unaware of any hand balls until I saw the highlights. I had no notion of how close O'Hara came to score in the second half. I rarely go to away games now and if that is what is on offer at these new parks I don't see me increasing my attendance. I seem to remember going to Falkirk a few years ago and having a much better view from behind the goals because their stand was steeper. Yet they get criticised for not completing their park. Maybe two steep stands either side rather than four shallow stands is the way to go. Viewing a game from behind the goal is not for me.
  9. So you think singing about a dead hunger striker and being up to their knees in blood is impeccable behaviour. Songs that were clearly being sung on Sunday and are totally irrelevant to football. The club that promotes sectarianism in order to increase their revenue so they do nothing about it. And what are the orange training tops all about? Oh wait a minute I just worked it out.
  10. There is a disused line even closer to Moor Park than the current line from Glasgow. It ran out to a station that served the race course. The remnant of the line can be seen by the dismantled bridge when you enter Lanark from the Biggar side. If you park at Lanark Loch you can walk along the old line and get a good view of the ground.
  11. I often think if you are a defender at one of the smaller clubs, Well, Killie St Johnstone etc then your job is harder than a defender at Celtic. One of the most bizarre call ups recently was the boy Hendry of Celtic. He had played almost every game in a Dundee side getting battered every week, got transferred to Celtic in January and after being in and out of Celtics team got capped. Now Celtic are trying to punt him. With Declan in the side I have taken an interest again on how Scotland get on.
  12. This thread makes depresses me . Celtic fans with their balaclavas to make them look like IRA men and Rangers with their red hand of Ulster flags. There are only two clubs in Scotland who rely on bigotry to promote themselves. I have not been to Parkhead or Ibrox for 15years and have no intention of ever going again. I hope we pump them tomorrow but if we lose 8-0 it won't bother me. These two clubs are irrelevant to me. I have no interest in this game unless we win hopefully with goal that should have been disallowed .
  13. Tried to listen to the Saturday Supplement this afternoon while doing some DIY and got a whole load of people talking about golf. Was the 5.30 show not on on Saturday evening?
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