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  1. St Anthony park near Ibrox was exactly like this right until they moved. Perthshire had black ash well into the seventies. St Rochs and I believe Thorniewood had ash parks in the sixties.
  2. back row-dk, dk, Brian Osborne ,dk, Connaghan, David Prentice, dk, Borland middle- dk, dk, Hugh McLaughlin, Ken Brown, dk, McQueen, Cammy Murray Willie Fulton, dk Front- dk, do, Bobby McKean, McLeod , Munro, Ian Lister, Connell
  3. All this talk of long contracts for youth players is bollocks. If a player's contract runs out after a certain birthday then he becomes a free agent and can leave for nothing. If the contract expires before that birthday we are due development compensation. Hutchesons contract ran out after that birthday and he left for nothing. Murphy and Reynolds were all older when they left and we got washers for them. Short term contracts to a youth team players 21or22 birthday will be the norm to protect our investment.
  4. If the number of games played is a factor then it might make sense to play him in the next four games even if it's only for a few minutes . What I still don't understand is that if things are set down clearly why could Aberdeen think they could get away with a derisory offer of 80k?
  5. Does anyone know the rules regarding compensation between two Scottish clubs? Aberdeen tried to negotiate down the fee for Lewis Ferguson from Accies and it went to a tribunal. How near did the fee eventually get to Accies valuation? It is certain that Sevco will do everything possible to get the compensation down as low as possible and I wouldn't trust any SPL/SFA body to come down on our side.
  6. What in God's name is celebrating the clubs Ulster connection that's mentioned in that Daily Record article. Oh forgot its to promote sectarianism and keep the morons happy.
  7. If you didn't hear the Billy boys today you are either in the media, the SFA compliance officer or a police superintendent. It was as plain as day at least three times, most loudly after the lighter throwing.
  8. Sing the national anthem if you like but 5000 singing the Billy boys is sectarian singing at its worst. But your media friends will concentrate on two cretins who threw missiles (and who should be identified and banned) but completely ignore your moronic support that spreads it's poison throughout the country every weekend.
  9. One of the funniest things I have ever seen on Pie And Bovril is the Pope waving out the window at the protestors. What I have never understood is why the beeb spends so much time talking about Sevco . Yesterday they had Chick Young in the studio watching the game. If they don't allow you in then don't report on them. Unless of course they are reporting on sectarian singing from the people. It reminds me of a sad b*****dy dumped by his girlfriend and he keeps stalking her. Please just ignore them BBC.
  10. I mind him scoring against the **** when we beat them 3-0 just before the cup final and they thought they had lost the league
  11. The 1960 Scotland England game at Hampton had the opposing centre forwards who went to two schools that were 300 yards apart. Ian St John went to Calder Primary and Joe Baker went to Park Street later Cathedral Primary in Motherwell.
  12. We had a back four all game Started with Donnelly at rb Alfred and Hartley and Tait at lb Then McHugh for Hartley Then Tait to rb with Livingstone lb Then Grimshaw rb and Tait lb All those changes and Gillespie had only one save, the penalty
  13. If he didn't get picked when he played for newco then he has no chance of ever getting a cap.
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