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  1. How fucking class is that btw. Fantastic signing.
  2. My exile is to a foreign land unfortunately, one where the supply of T is very limited (although available). However, within an hour of landing I had this beauty in my hands and all is right with the world again.
  3. Well broThers, the time has come. A return from my self imposed exile to the glorious homeland of Tennents. Multiple jars of nectar will be imbibed over these next few days and I for one cannot wait.
  4. Currently reading A short history of Europe by Simon Jenkins which is good. Also, the shortest history of Germany is really good. Gives a nice insight to the history of the country. Particularly nice since you live here (if I’m not mistaken).
  5. x = (5y - 23)/4 no? y = 1/5 (4x+23) 5y = 4x + 23 5y - 23 = 4x
  6. I work with a lot of people who keep all their vested stocks. It seems to click with most people when they realise they have a double exposure to their job, but I think the information just isn’t thought about for most. We get RSU bonuses and the common financial advice with them, if you do research, is sell them as soon as they vest, as you say. The only small benefit to holding is on tax (depending on country) but even then the risks outweigh the upsides in my opinion.
  7. I quite like this McPake policy so far, targeting players that are relatively young but with a lot of experience. Byrne seems like a very good signing on the face of it. Hopefully he gets time from the fans, I don’t think we’ll win the league but as long as we are competitive and reach the playoffs that’s a success in my book. He needs time to learn his trade. Don’t quote this when I’m calling for the sack after a midweek defeat in Alloa in January.
  8. I am undecided. Think the sponsor is too much for me.
  9. Shite being a Dundee fan. This has to be one of the least interesting close seasons I can remember, barely even any rumours going around.
  10. What absolute mentalists are going to make the journey through for this? Dundee to undoubtedly win and Nelms to see a nice boost in the data, McIntyre to stay.
  11. I think it was a penalty on replay. Doesn’t look like he gets the ball. Daft c**t. Get McIntyre to f**k at the final whistle.
  12. If it’s anything like Carnival sure it will be good. My girlfriend has been dragged back to Scotland that weekend as well
  13. We're about to book a long weekend in June before I head to Brussels for the Scotland game. There's some sort of festival on. Can't say I know too much but I think it's a culture festival type thing, have heard people at work mention it. Will undoubtedly be a good weekend with something like that going on though! Have you been before?
  14. If you want a better experience of the wall/life in the east would strongly recommend visiting Bernauer Strasse. It's around 1km long section of the wall with a lot of explanation and a free museum around half way. It's the number 1 thing I would recommend as a tourist thing in Berlin, but weirdly doesn't seem as popular. For reference, I've lived here for 7 months and have been 4 or 5 times at least (with visitors + for a walk). Get off at Nordbahnhof and walk round the corner and it's there. There's genuinely so much to do here that 5 nights will barely scratch the surface. Happy to give recommendations for anything.
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