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  1. Feel Cameron has been hung out to dry a bit by McPake here but he has been dreadful. This Dundee team is just so slow and one dimensional, don't see any bright spots. McPake gtf.
  2. I’ve never heard of anyone else with this. Even reading this post makes me feel like being sick. The thought is terrible.
  3. It’ll go to Long since the shot was on target I think
  4. Imagine paying (allegedly) 100k for Jack Hamilton
  5. Off work until mid January and off to Australia tomorrow. Happy days.
  6. I've now got audio, with the score and clock in the top right, but no video. What a joke.
  7. Aberdeen looking fantastically shite. Inviting Rangers to pile the pressure on to them.
  8. In honour of St Andrews day, I tracked down the finest meal in all of Germany. The T was, naturally, the star of the show.
  9. I'd be careful with NordVPN, I have a membership (they fucked up and gave me 3 years for the price of 1 month), but they have had a bit of negative PR recently. They were hacked and withheld it from the public for 18 months which is a bit of a poor show. Less of a concern if you're using it to get round a geo block, maybe not ideal to use if you're trying to get round the great firewall. https://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2019/10/23/hacker-breached-servers-used-by-nordvpn/ Just saw the above post, as it says ^
  10. That was an unbelievable achievement today, what a feat of human endurance. I’ve seen quite a few folk who do no running get pretty excited, hope it gets more people into it. Had my first run after the Berlin marathon today. Just 10km but my god it felt so easy after that. The marathon for me was a slog, definitely undertrained and the German beers all summer did me no favours. Finished with the immortal “I’m never doing that again”, of course already thinking about the next one and taking the training a bit more serious!
  11. What’s the point. We are very poor for the players we have.
  12. Byrne for McPake seems like the right choice. McPake has been poor tonight.
  13. I love watching Cammy Kerr stop the ball dead, look up and then hump the ball up the park. We’re not good enough, got away with the penalty shout.
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