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  1. What machine is it? That’s the Sage Duo Temp Pro and I also got the smart grinder by Sage to go with it.
  2. Do you have recommendations for a really good machine costing over 50 pounds? I have a feeling you might
  3. I’ve gotten really into coffee the pst few years, especially living away and travelling. Nothing beats sitting in an Italian piazza in the sun with a nice doppio espresso. Moved back to Scotland recently and decided to invest a bit in some decent enough entry level coffee kit. It doesn’t quite match the entire experience elsewhere, but gives me at least really good coffee. What I enjoy is how deep you can get into it. My girlfriend can pour a perfectly acceptable shot without thinking, or you can get down to the chemistry and weighing out grounds/shots (w****r). Currently using beans from https://www.kickbackcoffee.co.uk. Getting beans so fresh after roast makes a massive difference.
  4. Finally got round to listening to that, really good series. Like you, couldn't stop listening, ended up doing the whole series in 1 day. Quite a few disturbing moments, and pretty fucked up stuff but really interesting to hear it all from that perspective. I've also listened to "Wind of Change" recently, another one I couldn't stop listening to. Whole thing available on Spotify, or coming out week by week elsewhere. The premise of the story is that the presenter of the podcast and his mate, who is a well connected Washington type/New Yorker, have heard a rumour about the song "Wind of Change" being written by the CIA. Fascinating story, I'm not a conspiracy type but found it a really good listen.
  5. One of my goals was to get my 5k time under 25 mins this year, not a great time compared to a lot of people here, but today managed a 24min28s 5K. Annoyed with myself because the last km was slower (and I got confused by distance on my watch and thought I had further to run than I did so didn't open up until pretty much the last 100m). Absolutely buzzing though, and already trying to work out how to get closer to 20 mins....
  6. Agree with the above. Python is a very good first language, quite plain English and applicable to a lot of fields. Also a lot of room to grow, we use it at work in a wide number of use cases. I’ve just bought a beast of a book on Python, “Fluent Python”, to deepen my understanding of it as a language. Didn’t expect it to be 750 pages however....
  7. Stansted. We had no interaction with anyone in the airport, automated passport gate also. Seemed bizarre.
  8. As a side note, I had to travel back to the UK this week (fantastic timing to move countries), and we did not receive any guidance or advice other than the pilot telling us to follow UK guidance when we land. There was no information given at the airport other than the “stay home save lives” campaign. We are allowed to do everything other people are here, despite travelling through international airports etc. We’ve decided to follow the German model of self isolate for 14 days, however the fact this is a choice baffles me. Edit: I do get the point above, we’ve come from Germany where things are more relaxed now and therefore quite possibly less risk of infection than those in the UK, but still seems odd.
  9. It will be interesting to see how they deal with transit passengers in this case. If you’re based in Europe and trying to get back to Scotland, your two choices are really fly to London or Dublin. Surely the government won’t allow people who transit through Dublin to not quarantine.
  10. Lockdown has been good for my running, gave me the motivation to move to running almost every day, and I’ve never felt better for it. Seems my body prefers a bit more consistency with the runs being slightly easier. I’ve also managed my fastest 5k for a while at a bawhair over 25 mins. Looking to get that to below 25 as my next goal.
  11. I thought his point was more about the fact that some folk looked like they were cheating with their times. The 5k challenge is the only one I’ve thought was reasonable in recent times. Raises money (for charities that money shouldn’t have to be raised for admittedly) and gets people out doing some form of exercise. I can see why folk would disagree.
  12. Those episodes are hilarious. I had to stop listening to them while running, because of the amount of choking I was doing.
  13. Salaries fair point, however I do not believe that most people in the UK would be happy to move to the German system. You pay significantly more tax, social security and you pay health insurance. The German system is very good, and the social security benefits are amazing (70% of your last pay as unemployment benefit/long term sickness), however with the UK attitude of “I’m alright Jack”, I don’t think people would be pleased to pay the price.
  14. Just rewatched “Dundee the road to Europe” on DeeTV. We had some fantastic players then, watching them in full flow was a joy to behold. Also, that Speroni save against Aberdeen has aged like a fine wine, what a thing of beauty.
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