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  1. I understand they have to choose a reasonable cut off for the data etc. to allow them to publish, but this just looks totally disingenuous. To use the original data to draw the conclusion that schools are safe, while undoubtedly knowing the next set would at best call your conclusions into question is very poor from the government.
  2. As far as I understand you’ll still be allowed to travel to play golf? Although if you live in Angus you probably can’t travel to Fife but in Dundee you could, unclear. From the Scot gov website: local outdoor informal exercise such as walking, cycling, golf, or running (in groups of up to 6 people from no more than 2 households) that starts and finishes at the same place travel locally (within around 5 miles of your local authority area) to reach a place to take exercise outdoors
  3. Hopefully this new keeper isn’t an uber diddy and this is the last time we see Hamilton in a Dundee kit.
  4. That was absolutely shite, 3-0 more than flatters us. Charlie Adam walking like the tin man to take that penalty.
  5. Nice to see Hamilton has used his time out the first team to improve.
  6. That should’ve been a penalty to Cove.
  7. True, the if is doing a bit of heavy lifting! Just can’t see past him from his practice rounds, but time will tell.
  8. Can’t see past DeChambeau for this weekend. It’s not as if distance is his only strength to his game. During his practice rounds the longest he left himself was something like 185 yards on a Par 5. I think if he keeps his accuracy up he will cruise it.
  9. Hopefully we only have to pay Sow if he plays over 45 mins.
  10. This is useless, McPake is shocking. Almost as bad as the suggestions for John Hughes and McInally as manager....
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