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  1. Jack Stainrod scored twice for East Kilbride today. That's 3 goals in his first 2 starts. Does the former Sheffield United youngster have a famous dad?
  2. If Krasniqi is miles from the first team, why was he signed? From the limited time he has been given he certainly looks better than Hetherington. Part of our failing on the pitch is the lack of a captain who can organise the team. Even the commentator on Alloa TV said he could not believe that Hetherington was captain having watched him for several seasons.
  3. Leitch has scored three goals to Nesbitts one. Sure he's not as creative but they are above us in the league. Williamson could be the best right back in the world but he's never fit.
  4. Has anyone questioned why four bulbs on the new floodlights were ǹot working on Saturday?
  5. Unbelievable. All that investment over the summer. The time spent building something new. The promise of improved performance. And today, what did we see? Four bulbs out in the new floodlights!!! Was there a game on?
  6. With 10 minutes to go we were one goal from 2nd bottom and a six pointer with East Fife next week
  7. I've a feeling that last minute goal saved him. 1. Too slow. Insisting on the passing game. Making Perry triangles is fine but but goes nowhere. The slowness allows the opposition to organise. 2. Forward passes go to a player with his back to goal and a defender up his back. Should be passing into space, keeping the opposition moving. 3. Lack of mobility. A static player is easy to mark. More movement into space needed. 4. Single 'Striker' does not work for us. Sheerins comments that he wants to see goals come from all areas off the park, and the fact that our combined strike force have scored one league goal, indicates he wants to play a false 9. That's fine but, other than Nesbitt, there is no contribution from the midfield. Out with Morrison, our top scorer is Dixon! 5. It was noticeable that we began to get into more attacking positions and came back from behind when Two went up top. One up top is bread and butter for two centre halves. Going one in one with them asks questions. 6. We were promised attacking football. Two holding midfielders is not attacking football. Krasniqi playing as the single holding midfielder is what we needs. He can break up the play and do the simple pass. With him sitting in front of the two centre backs, he drops in to form a three when we are defending and steps forward when attacking. Like Fernandinho at Man City, not comparing Krasniqi to him but you get the idea. 7. The single, and capabke, holding midfielder allows Telfer to move further foward. Before the meltdown last seas on he was one if our most effective attacking options from deep. It allows the full backs to become proper wing backs. Krasniqi sitting allows Dixon and McKay to cover the full back areas when they drive forward. 8. Learn how to counter the deep lying opposing midfield and defence. If they are sitting deep, drop back into your own half and force them to come forward. Then go over the top into space behind. It's long ball football but it works when a team wants to play 10 behind the ball and let you pass yourselves to death. 9. Mutch. You can kick the ball long from hand. A pass to your full back does retain possession but it allows the opposition to get back and reorganize. Try a bit of variety. 10. STOP the constant back Passing. Yes, you retain possession but it goes nowhere. Try gambling more with forward passes. Yes you will lose possession more but possession does not win games. Getting in the box breeds goals. Drive forward, lose possession and then press to get it back further up the field. Passing it across the back four is rubbish to watch and does not win games. Bit of a rant but it's honestly getting boring to watch and each week of this makes the garden centre seem more appealing
  8. Odds of 9/2 on Dumbarton this Saturday. Decent odds.
  9. Last season after 6 games we were unbeaten with 14 points, 12 scored and 4 conceded. This season, lost 2 already with 10 points, scored 8 and conceded 6. Where is the improvement?
  10. We are looking at this all wrong. We simply need to move with the times and adjust our expectations. We are now a mid table league one club. If we can succeed at finishing 5 or 6 this season then we can consider it a success. Anything else is a bonus. I feel better already
  11. Akeel Francis scored for Bradford Park Avenue today.
  12. When Cove can start McAllister, Megginson and MacIntosh today and Queens can field Murray and McHugh we are done for in this league
  13. Our 'Strikers' just lack any basic football skills. The rest of the teamare forced to work harder to compensate for their failings. It's as if we start the game short handed. Keena is no goal machine but does give something. His injury history suggests he will miss games. When that happens, we are done for.
  14. https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/19448624.ex-st-johnstone-striker-guy-melamed-return-scotland-turning-two-israeli-offers/ Interest from League One clubs. 5 goals in 16 games for St Johnstone last season
  15. Jamie Gullan could have been an option for us but looks like he is Going to Killie. If he does, it could free up Innes Cameron at Killie
  16. Cillian Sheridan, Jason Cummings and now Leigh Griffiths signed. Danny Mullen's injury though probably scuppers Jakubiak coming out on loan now. Would fit into the forward dropping deep model we currently play though
  17. Perhaps related to the Longstaff brothers at Newcastle who are both midfielders. Apparent Liverpool signed him from Newcastle
  18. Apparently we enquired about a championship forward. Couldn't see anyone who would improve us.
  19. The same rule that applied to us. If they have 13 available players, of which one must be a keeper, then the game goes ahead.
  20. Covid outbreak at The Rangers. Let's see if they are forced to play their games or will the league allow them a postponement
  21. Something about fans stuck outside and the Wi-Fi being needed for the ticketing system. Wi-Fi is cheaper and easier to install than cable. False economy when you've now got to pay to host the game again
  22. it was abandoned due to the Wi-Fi failing apparently
  23. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/celtic/latest-celtic-news/spl-approves-celtic-match-against-real-madrid-1624828
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