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  1. Will that be Falkirk the only team in the division to have not signed a player.
  2. Said the same thing to Hartley last season..........
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48473238 12th biggest average attendance in Scotland during a shit season and, unlike St Johnstone, Livingston and Hamilton, no four visits from The Rangers or Celtic each season. Some poorly supported teams in the top division existing purely on tv money
  4. Feel the existing board are staying. If they were on the way out would they be bothered about relieving someone of their job? If your leaving, take the money and let the newbies deal with his severance deal.
  5. My 10p worth from today's announcement. 1. If season tickets are to drop through letterbox this week, then a price has been set. If I was the current BOD and I was setting the price of a primary income source, I would either be convinced that I was remaining in charge for the foreseeable or, if I was leaving to be replaced by new owners, then a deal would need to be far enough ahead so that they had input as to what the price should be. Maintaining last season's price, we would still be around £50 above the average for the rest of the league. 2. Strips to be revealed on the 20th June. We must be confident that shirt sponsors are in place for next season. Again, from a commercial perspective, prospective new owners would potentially want input here. 3. If there are two closed doors friendlies before the 9th July, the we have approximately 1 month to sign 15 players. We currently have 4 players as Laverty likely to miss most of the season with his knee injury.
  6. Some numbers from last season to bring it home the hole we are in. League one squad sizes. The average squad size was 29. From that 29, 24 actually played in a game and 21 played in at least 10 games. That being so, and just to get to a squad size able to meet the average playing more than 10 games, we would need an additional 16 players. That's 16 players that need signing and we are 4 weeks into post season and 26 days before pre season training commences. Our rivals are building squads for next season, we are conducting a review while giving no feedback to its customers. The club's primary source of income is the fans. More income may come from sponsorship, advertising and other commercial funds but that money will not come in if there is no fans to see the products being advertised. You have to tell the fans something or risk losing them
  7. Heard it from a man who is ITK that the signings of Kevin Drinkell and Maurice Johnson are imminent
  8. Unlikely to be any signings until after the board and management structure review has completed. Most contracts do not expire until 1at June and the longer you leave signing a player, the quality available reduced but so does the wages. Perhaps we will know more about the 'interested investors ' when the planning application for the hotel goes in.
  9. So what i said was true. Said best left back in the division. While Rhuaridh may be the best left back in the fk area, he didn't play in the championship. Before something is called drivel, at least understand what is written first
  10. Falkirk have only 5 players signed up for next season despite having signed 50 players in 2 years. Those signed for next year are: Mutch - young but potential. Been on loan at Deveronvale so who knows what recent form is. McShane - was raved about by St Mirren but lacks consistency. Paton - hard as nails. Started poor but now a fans favourite. Petravicius - being a full Lithuanian international, unlikely he will stay on but is under contract. McKinnon seems to prefer playing him out of position up front rather than on the wing. McLean - his debut and last Saturday were his best. Other than that...meh. Those out of contract, and if we can afford them, I'd keep: Robson - probably the best left back in the championship. Just don't think his face fit. Mitchell - would be a solid league 1 keeper. McGhee - every club needs a utility player Rudden - contract runs out at The Rangers at the end of the month. Would love him back but likely to be at championship team The rest, not much fussed about.
  11. In Patrick Thistle Whatsapp style. Burgoyne McKenna. McGhee. Dixon McShane. Paton Petravicius Rudden. Robson Jarvis. Todorov
  12. I hear all the calls for the current board of management to be replaced. I'm sure there are some people out there who know who the replacements are. It's all fair and we'll removing an underperforming board, but you cannot do that without leaving an abyss at the top. We need a footballing head in there. Someone qualified to judge the merits of any managerial appointments. A director of football if you will. Other than that, what qualifications, and experience, should a potential board member possess? Any names in the frame?
  13. You can't make statements like that without backing it up with solid evidence. Where does a club with reduced income fund the money to fulfil their liabilities? What players remain are under contract so ending those deals mean the contract must be paid up. By mutual agreement. A club needs 11 players to fulfil its fixtures but could do without the person who helps out in the office. So, why am I talking shite?
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