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  1. I enjoyed it with the conclusion of so many story lines. So it wasn't all big drama but I found it quite effective with the opportunity to continue if needed. Loved them jumping out the prison van on the OCG and the finding of the evidence box that the OCG used as leverage, linking to previous storylines as well as demise of Ryan. Loved the occ health engagement being about support rather than demonisation and that it had been instigated by Ted in a positive way. Liked the honesty of Ted and the conclusion of the John Corbett/his mum/ Ted triangle Liked it was Buckles hiding in plain site and that none of the suggested plot outcomes I'd seen suggested him. Do i think he's the final part... Nah, he kept saying he passed on the messages so who is directing him?? Liked that Jimmy Nesbitt wasn't parachuted in and had no additional presence. Liked the happy ending for Jo and Terry Boyle who had horrible life experiences through no fault of their own. Liked Kate's return to AC12 and the resolution of differences between the three amigos. Liked the prison guards getting their come uppance. Liked that Chris and Chloe are good guys.. (so far..) Liked that it's now in Carmichaels hands to decide how she progresses with the info Ted gave her - love her character. Leaves open the institutionalised corruption aspects which can be found in so many organisations and liked the fact it unfortunately reflects current UK government shenanigans. So all in all, not bad for 60mins entertainment and plenty openings for another series though equally happy if it stops there.
  2. Was on tonight too. Think it was "Scotland's big night out" from memory
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