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  1. F*** Off. Try telling that to Santa !
  2. Her leg is in the way. Do you have software that can see her feathers?
  3. Funny. I was on one of them this morning. They usually feel 'tick box' but, for some reason, we were inundated with people wanting to tell their story and share their experiences. It was quite a powerful and humbling experience. Maybe the message is getting through - at my work at least. The only concern I had was the ones that didn't dial in. But I am a worrier, so...maybe that's ok.
  4. I know a linesman and his least favourite ground is Fir Park, in particular, in front of the East Stand. Well done @Swello
  5. Surely most of the Government speak is 'The science, at the moment, says we're doomed and maybe die by June' . The same Government can then say 'Well, it's now June and you can watch the Scotland game in the pub simply because WE overcame the science, Please vote for me'
  6. You left the seat up, you're at it. ?
  7. Nail. Head. Agree with me 100%, because if you dare question me and you're obviously a Facist/Bigot/Nazi.
  8. Aye, but with Aberdeen's three hundred games in hand, surely they'll move up?
  9. No doubt he'll build an oval shaped office at his home and sit behind a big desk.
  10. Good luck to him. I hope he gets his message across and support from everyone.
  11. Make a late new year resolution to ignore these type of [email protected] It will help make you a better person.
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