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  1. National Library of Scotland is similar. I like the 'overview current' option. You can see what your house is built on and where Hamilton Palace was.
  2. Is it the realy old Billy Connolly - Getifa ya bassa - sketch ? Or Billy explaining the use of the word 'f**k'? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5wAOvZCBI9Y PS. Still the funniest man alive.
  3. You can refurlough some people who have been furloughed for 3 weeks or more and some other conditions.
  4. Sorry, but the way you structure a sentence is very poor indeed.
  5. If that is the best 2 people to run ths worlds most powerful country, then gawd help us.
  6. My last comment on this is a quote from Stephen Fry, "A grand canyon has opened up in our world and the crack grows wider every day. As it widens, the armies on each side shriek more and more incontinently at their perceived enemies across the divide, their gestures and insults growing ever huger, cruder and louder. But as the fissure widens and the distance between the two sides increases, the chances of either group hearing or interpreting the other – even if they wanted to, which they don't – decreases daily. The hatred, contempt, distrust, fear and abhorrence each feels for the other is absolute, immovable, implacable, visceral. I, and millions like me, do not have a place on either side. You can find us cowering down in the ravine below, while the armies clash, clatter and screech above."
  7. You can try to get a pile on by changing the subject if you want, but you know you did an unpleasant thing. I am not peddling right wing theories about the purpose of BLM. I am quoting the founders of BLM in USA, Canada and BLM UK who have all voiced extreme opinions. Their dwindling supporters may not, but the founders - the people who are getting the donations - do. Because the founders and leaders say extreme things that I do not agree with. Fair enough. It should. I didn't hunt, I was sent a load of stuff to help with my job. It's not the extremists attaching themselves, it is 'founders and leaders' - the people who get the donations. And unless they've withdrawn these statements, I think it does matter. I am sure people voted for Brexit because the NHS would get millions. What people think they are getting and what they are actually getting are two different things. I don't know anyone glossing over racism. I don't casually fling about the word 'facist' (I'd you do, it loses its meaning), Farage is a grade A clown. The majority of people I know, who have expressed an opinion are 'exceptions'.
  8. Well, that's not me on the the video but I did post that video of a speaker at a BLM event being a twat. You'll also find posts of mine showing the founders of BLM making racist comments. I have an opinion that the founders of the BLM are not my cup of tea. Just to clarify, you may want to get a grown-up to explain this, Show Racism the Red Card, along with other anti racist / anti bigotry organisations have my full support, BLM do not. What is your point? What I have not done is take the reputaution dots from one post, imply that they come from a different post and state that I want to 'put cameras in 17 year olds accommodation without their consent. Very worrying .' What are you (using false evidence) - trying to imply?
  9. Quite acceptable I thought, considering your erroneous use of a screenshot to try and point score against someone, or some people, by flinging an accusation more suited to be discusse on the 'When is it Acceptable to Physical Assault Someone' thread. I think it shows just what an unpleasant individual you are.
  10. Are you are not very bright or a vindictive narcissist?
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