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  1. I remember that happening the last time. People remembered, and it closed down a few months later.
  2. #EveryLiveMatters

  3. BBC Scotland reports on something happening in Scotland without mentioning England! Scum. Sub human scum.
  4. Ahhh Lefty racists. The best kind. Surely they'll bring back Alf Garnett for 'balance'.
  5. Tell the centre halfs not to tackle in the box and KVV not to tackle at any time.
  6. Yes. The likes of Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and a multitude of smaller island nations will be supportive.
  7. Douglas Lumsden MSP should be told to feck up and get involved in serious matters involving the country. Janey Godley should never be employed in any sphere that uses the word 'entertainment'.
  8. My sister has a lovely high hedge running the length of my garden. Her neighbour benefits from the privacy it affords. She likes to keep it neat. Recently, a few weeks after a noisy party ( she don't mind this, live and let live), and whilst she was sunbathing, the neighbour launched a pile of cuttings over hedge into her garden. This was obviously very frightening for her. Should I tell her to set her dog on him?
  9. Sometimes war is an intelligence and numbers game. 'Do we destroy this target and possibly kill an estimated ten innocents. Or leave the target alone and they'll possibly kill an estimated one hundred.' Spending millions on a sword/missle shows the US 'care' a bit.
  10. His maw produced at least one banger tae!
  11. Yeah*. Once. To wash and dry a big heavy quilt. *Well, my wife used it.
  12. How many countries would want to protect their people from a right wing dictator? Quite a few I would imagine. Do you really think Maggie sent a task force just to make her husband a few bob? Deary me. And 'no', I am not defending the cow. Of course we diminished from ruling a quarter of the globe, but only to one of about 3 or 4 countries who could have re-taken the Falkands. Taking ships up from trade is, was, and will always be standard practice. There is no need for dedicated troops ships. Again, the most powerful armed forces the world has ever seen, is currently taking aircraft up from trade just now. Yes. A fantastic organised and delivered sortie, I am sure you'd agree. You need to take risks to win a war. Apart from the intelligence and weapons to be used against an ally. Depends on your definition of 'Special' I suppose
  13. How many other countries could have carried it out? Two? Standard practice. The USA is doing it just now with aircraft. Standard practise. H&S is relaxed in war. Great ingenuity I say. We used missiles that were not originally cleared as well. Apart from the intelligence and weapons. If ever there was a recent Special Relationship, it was when Maggie and Ronald were in power.
  14. Decent performance, nice touch on 34 minutes. RIP. Ref was poor. Football is back
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