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  1. Russian forces released the motor of a UK made Brimstone missile. It looks like the UK has rushed through a surfaced launched conversion kit. If the Russians thought thought NLAW was frightening !
  2. What! A super state of the art stealth frigate! We'll wait on the Russian denial for confirmation! Poor twitter pictures
  3. A couple of reports that Ukraine has M270 tanks multiple launch rocket systems. One from twitter. That could cause the Russians a few problems.
  4. For anyone interested in the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this YouTube channel looks full-geek informed. Not sure about the accuracy of the details, in particular, the individual named units, but, overall, it looks sound.
  5. It has been reported that, during a town meeting, Rozovka (and a chunk of surrounding territory) "decided to join the Donetz Republic". We should note. 1) Many civilians have fled and left leaving, mostly, the vulnerable and elderly. 2) A town meeting is not really a referendum. 3) The town is already under Russian / rebel control, so is it a question of duress? If true, I think we'll probably see more of this - Russia absorbing more territory by simply gathering a few locals together.
  6. Both. We have, or had, a deal to build ships on the never, never. We are currently giving them weapons to fight Russia.
  7. Sandhurst trained Dr Mike Martin tweeting away on how Ukraine might actually win a major battle in the east.
  8. Dr Erica Anderson claims peer pressure has taken things too far. An interesting one, because she is a physiologist who transitioned a few years ago. I don't know much about her but you'd like to think she knows what she's talking about.
  9. Claims it was hit by two Ukrainian Neptune anti ship missles. We'll probably not find out for months. This might rule out an amphibious attack near Odessa.
  10. A long, but very interesting, read on why Russians think and act the way they do. I got the link from a Russian citizen on a defencen forum He thinks it's very accurate.
  11. An enhanced version. Or is it ? Yes.
  12. If accurate, things like this tweet can affect Zelensky's decision making.
  13. Ha ha. What an eejit. I take it is was a picture like this that started it all ?
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