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  1. Motherwell 1906. Keith Lasley at the back there, I think.
  2. Why? It is because of what they say. Are you being ageist, racist and sexist?
  3. I agree. They should have banned him days before they identified him.
  4. A one hundred year policy of not knowingly signing players of a certain religion?
  5. Absolutly brilliant. If you remember the time, there was a suggestion that Robert Maxwell died because he got scudded on the head and fell overboard. Just saying, like.
  6. Something about Morelous cheating or being assaulted or something. Then Rangers scored and a guy, who was oot his nut, attacked the ball, and the Rangers player should have decked him. Oh, and a hint of a seat chucker.
  7. But what's the issue here Snafu? 'Caused a riot' because one cheek's stewards cannot hide their unbias against the other cheek? Every one of the few times I've attended recent Glasgow games, the stewards are blatently bigots with bibs on. But it's only newsworthy because.....
  8. Not really. It's just an example of what is getting more common - where people, especially your mob, decide on an incident depending on what happened to whom. Somebody halves someone. What do think? It depends who did the halving. Sinclair has cheat. Brown gets away with murder. But no Celtic fan will agree with that, until they play with someone else.
  9. I believe you are mistaken. I do not think allowing the opposition to score is 'usual'. Although many of the media, including Chris Sutton, agree with you. 'Sutton was involved in controversy in the final game of the 1996–97 season against Arsenal. Late in the game with the "Gunners" leading by a single goal, the ball was kicked out of play by Arsenal to allow an injured teammate to receive treatment. Sutton chased the ball instead of allowing it to be thrown back to Arsenal and won a corner from his efforts. Blackburn scored from this corner and as a result Arsenal missed out on a lucrative place in the Champions League to Newcastle United on goal difference. Sutton refused to apologise for his actions'
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