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    eeh whats one of these????
  1. hilarious that tedi thinks the non football staff wage costs could only be one million....the average 12 screen cinema with 35 staff on min wage n 5 mgrs on salaries under 30k come in at £450000...newco has roughly a hundred non playing staff outside of board, many of which are qualified professionals in fields like it, marketing, law, h&s, accountancy etc....the idea that ibrox n mp are run by a cpl of volunteers n amateur gardeners n tea ladies is laughable. oldco couldnt cover operational costs from tickets n sponsorship revnue with spl n eufa games....of course its worse now the newco has less revenue but overspent on playrs. moaning about 'spivs' is just ignorance about costs of ibrox n mp
  2. just say dave king isnt a lying crook trying to get the fans to finance his takeover of newco and he did throw millions at the team....wouldnt uefa object to this as a breach of the financial fair play rules?? as i understand it clubs are supposed to operate at break even from season tickets, sponsorship etc. newco has shown it cant do this (as did oldco). im sure uefa would be happier blocking a king funded newco from europe rather than take on the lawyers from man city, barcelona or real madrid
  3. newco membership of sfa wax conditional upon a sustainable business plan so if the inevitable insolvency event happens either they lied to the sfa n membership should be revoked or regan must resign for signing off on an unsustainable plan (and admit thats why him n doncaster tried to force newco into top tier)
  4. very hypothetical this but if all the assets eg mp and ibrox as well as car parks were used as collateral in emergency loans, and defaulted to easdales.. how would that affect an insolency event eg administration. admins would not be able to sell assets off to pay creditors, or would there be consequences for directors offering loans to an insolvent company?? is this a way of signing away assets in event of liquidation?
  5. £1.5 million doesnt even cover one months operating costs tho it may cover one months payroll run for football n non football staff, or perhaps vat...but any newco fans who think an emergency loan which couldnt be sourced from a reputable source is to be celebrated are utterly idiotic
  6. Not been on P&B since the last debacle...got sick of the bluenoses shouting at me for saying that the business plan was completely unsustainable.....all told you so aside...there are some major questions which need to be answered by Regan 1. if the newco licence was dependant on them having the business plan approved by the SFA, who at the SFA signed off on this?? Why did they sign off on plan which saw such a huge discrepancy between outgoings and income ( I mean outside of player spend as it was clear that MP and Ibrox running costs would outstrip operational income ) Either a fake plan was submitted, or the SFA employee responsible should be removed from office. 2. when they saw the player payroll rising so high on top of running costs, why was no action taken ? I maybe wrong but they were on conditional temp licence so they sfa could surely have stepped in 3. was the sign off on business plan done in the hope that they could finagle newco into top league early via restructuring despite the way that the clubs voted when newco first applied to join league? In addition the spfl needs to address how it could allow the possibility of a promotion in the event of the next admin event...it would be clear financial doping given that spending £14 million on players when you cant afford it is nothing other than cheating. Newco should have been kept on a very short leash indeed but have been allowed to splurge money to keep the glory hunting fans happy...well attendng anyway. Crikey Paul Hartley got a a part time squad promoted twice with a budget smaller than allys salad allowance !
  7. Leeds fans are one if the several scummy groups of fans from the seventies and eighties that have hillsborough blood on their hands because they made fences and riot policing seem like a reasonable response. Read lots of preachy stuff on hillsborough thread about how police policy was to treat football fans like animals ....but an easy strategy would have been not to behave like animals. Talksport had debate few weeks ago about how hooliganism was dead now and footy fans should be treated like Olympic or rugby fans but that simply isn't the case sadly.even when its prevented in stadia it still occurs around towns n cities
  8. Couple of ray mears boxsets piece of piss...not bear grylls total rip off merchant.
  9. The annual running costs for MP and ibrox are something like twelve million a year not inclusive of wages and green has claimed that the wage bill is six million. Even if you take these to be the only outgoings ie ignore transfers interest on green five n half million bank fees etc they are spending eighteen odd million with st sales only generating roughly nine n half million. Despite the naivety of the newco fans here bullishly claiming, there is no overspend its clear to anyone neutral that they're in dire trouble hence the desperation of a flotation
  10. He's a lot older than Rhodes and even at a lower level than he is currently at he's never been near the goal a game average that Rhodes has.
  11. And in addition to the fences and policing it allowed the police and press to cone up with disgraceful lies which seemed feasible to the public at large.
  12. Hype or not with Rhodes we have plenty of evidence that Miller when presented with a vital chance in a vital game tends not to score. Rhodes had so far scored everytime he has been asked to take a step up and frankly I dont think its overhyping to point out his goal scoring record...its just well stating facts! Does anyone really think Miller would have the same record at the same level? Much as Miller has grafted for the team I'd rather see us playing the guy who might well score ahead of the guy who probably wont. Tbf to Rhodes despite leveins frankly disgraceful comments he seems like the guy least likely to worry about pressure or hype in the entire squad apart from Darren Fletcher.
  13. Heard one last year talking anonymously and from the emotion in his voice he seemed kosher..was on talksport I think. He essentially said the police officers were only trained to deal with disorder and violence ...preparation for something like a crush didn't happen and when it started going wrong at hillsborough large numbers of police at all ranks just froze. He sounded truly haunted by it....the problem is assume most of us have with the police was that once it had gone wrong the reaction was to instigate arse covering rather than allowing ambulances in and taking the necessary steps to provide treatment. The subsequent behavior re taking blood alcohol readings looking on criminal databases leaking false stories in press and altering statements is sort of stuff you would expecting in a Stalinist state not a democracy
  14. One that stuck in my mind was an idiot blaming the Greek coppers cos it was entirely reasonable to try to charge into the stadium without a ticket. He was genuinely quite proud of his behavior!! It only takes a moron or two like that to make the syp cover up seem feasible to the masses.imo scumbags like that have helped besmirch the hillsborough victims and yet will happily join in the vigils with no sense of irony or shame
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